Written by Harapan Ong
Work of Harapan Ong, Ryan Goh, Yu Huihang
86 pages (Paperback), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with photographs
Language: English
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Harapan Ong Foreword
Harapan Ong Avi Yap Short artist introduction
Avi Yap Monarch Chink a chink, barehanded coin Matrix, multiple phases
Inspired by 7
Avi Yap Sticky Dislodge Dislodging shell from tabled coin using sticky palm / base of thumb
Avi Yap Three Coin Monte Copper Silver Brass, guess where silver coin is, asymmetrical transposition. Ends with all three becoming silver coins
Harapan Ong Yu Huihang Short artist introduction
Yu Huihang Matrix in China Four silver coins on table, each covered with card. Suddenly all change to Chinese coins. Includes alternate handling with gaffed coins and no servante.
Related to
  • "Impossible Change" (Shoot Ogawa, Cultural Exchange Vol. 2 DVD, 2003)
  • Contagious Transformation (Luis Olmedo, Pigmalion Download Video, 2020)
Al Schneider Schneider Pick Up Move
Also published here 29
Yu Huihang Co-Inky-Dink Spectator and magicians each hold half the deck behind their backs, turn over one card and place in the middle. Both cards are mates
Inspired by 37
Helder Guimarães The Revolve Placement
Also published here 41
Fred Robinson Ambitious Riser
Also published here 42
Michael Close MC Spread Double Lift Double Lift from a spread
Also published here 44
Harapan Ong Ryan Goh Short artist introduction
Ryan Goh Big Brain Brainwave type of effect - spectator remove any card from the deck themselves, card shown to have an odd-back compared to the rest of the deck
Ryan Goh Double Thot spectator finds performer's card and vice versa
Inspired byRelated to 59
Harapan Ong Harapan Ong Short artist introduction
Harapan Ong T.P.B. Production "Triple Packet Benzais", tabled four Ace production, flashy
Related to 71
John Benzais Benzais Spin-Out
Also published here 74
Harapan Ong Solvedzinser Hofzinser Ace Problem, step-by-step divination (color, suit, value). Aces change into Jacks at the end to match the selection.
Frederick Braue Braue Add-On Move strange handling, deck in right hand's dealer's grip, cards are flipped over
Also published here 81
Noel Stanton Pivot Color Change
Also published here
  • Pivot Color Change (Noel Stanton, The Gen Vol. 20 No. 2, Jun 1964)
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