Written by Martin Gardner
Work of Martin Gardner
34 pages (Stapled), published by unknown publisher
Illustrated with drawings by Nelson Hahne
Language: English
25 entries
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Martin Gardner Introduction
Bert Allerton A Close Fit optical illusion in which envelope seems to small to fit a playing card
Variations 5
Martin Gardner The Unconfused Joker Joker put reversed above a selection, Joker moved to different position but selection is still found underneath
Edward Marlo Double Vanish and Recovery two cards vanish from face of two halves when rubbed together, reappear in deck
Also published here 7
Naming the Card Cut performer announces that he can immediately name any card cut to, deck secretly reversed under cover card
Variations 10
Martin Gardner Use Your Head spectator shuffles packet, remembers bottom card ans spells it, packet pressed against performer's forehead where selection sticks
Martin Gardner The Surprised Gambler bottom deal demo, Aces in second phase
Martin Gardner, Bob Hummer Paper Clip Discovery chosen cards found to be paper clipped together with a message on them
Also published here 12
Martin Gardner Vanish and Spell card vanishes and is found via spelling from the top
Related to 14
Martin Gardner Card Vanish Sequence Hide-Out Principle, deck shown in sections, card to vanish is reversed
Related to 14
Martin Gardner Deck Through Handkerchief first selection rises from handkerchief-wrapped deck, whole deck penetrates handkerchief except second selection
Inspired by 16
Martin Gardner The Swizzle Stick Cipher distorted writing can be read through glass stick
Jean Hugard Handkerchief Cut Force deck secretly turned over under handkerchief
Martin Gardner A New False Cut straight swivel cut to table as false cut
Joe Berg A Miracle - Maybe unknown card signed on back, deck spread face up on table and spectator finds card, either directly or via improvisation
Related to 22
Martin Gardner Fan Glimpse card ends up angle-jogged after square up
Joe Berg Face-up Spread Force risky
Martin Gardner A Face to Face Routine
Related to 24
Johnny Paul Tack It cased deck slammed on wall, selection sticks to wall thumb tacked
Martin Gardner For the Man in Uniform back of selection changes to picture of uniformed man, performed for soldier
Hindu Force
Martin Gardner A Curious Card Vanish card vanishes from under handkerchief and reappears reversed in deck
Martin Gardner Card Through Handkerchief single card penetrates handkerchief
Martin Gardner X-Ray Touch deck cut and top card touched with first finger, then it is named, repeated
Related to 32
Top Card Glimpse wrist turned and top card angled
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