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Roger Smith The Horn Toad Move Effect ... Number One first selection put between sandwich, second selection found in deck turns out to be first selection, in sandwich is now second selection
Also published here 1
Roger Smith Horn Toad Move
Also published here 1
Roger Smith The Horn Toad Move Effect ... Number Two transposition of sandwiched cards
Also published here 1
Roger Smith Another Transposed Ace Miracle
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Roger Smith Stop - A Mental Spell spectator thinks stop during spelling
Also published here 2
Roger Smith The Signed Transposition name of two cards is written on their backs, the faces transpose
Unknown The Flip Over Card two halves made, top card of one half flips over onto the other to reveal selection
Roger Smith The Coin in the Pocket coin to performer's shirt pocket with repeats
Roger Smith Oddly Unexpected odd-backed duplicate of selection is found at cut-off point, value of selection is used to count down and find actual selection
Roger Smith The Cups and Balls Ala Smith "The speed at which the routine is done is incredible.", large loads shown at beginning
Roger Smith The Elevator Five with Ace through Five
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