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217 pages (Paperback), published by Ultra Neat Ltd.
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Alexander Hansford Intro
Alexander Hansford Right Hander Look Here
Alexander Hansford Control The First four cards overhand-shuffled into the deck one by one, breather
Alexander Hansford Control The Second four-of-a-kind inserted in different position, clean square up followed by a riffle shuffle
Slide-Under Switch
Alexander Hansford The Limestone Yearbook spectator selects four cards one by one from in-the-hands spread, each value is used to count down to an Ace
Inspired by 92
Alexander Hansford Faro Multiple Shift with in-the-hands dribble and spread delay
Alexander Hansford Travelling As You Please Aces are on table, another card chosen and lost and the Ace of matching suit vanishes and appears reversed in deck, selection's value is used to count to it from that Ace
Variations 134
Ditch onto Deck as a packet is counted from hand to hand
Alexander Hansford Optical Alignment Vanish to visibly vanish one of four cards
Inspired by 146
Alexander Hansford Snap Double double card in dealing position is turned over into other hand
Alexander Hansford Alternate Endings Travel additional ending ideas like card to pocket, transforming the Aces to match the selection
Inspired by 160
Jinx Change
Justin Higham Alternate Handling for Lay People with clean vanish from packet
Inspired by 172
Alexander Hansford Two Methods For Card To Pocket direct palm methods
Alexander Hansford Tenkai Palm Variation into angly perpendicular cop position from center, overhand shuffle while holding card out
Inspired by 177
Alexander Hansford Back Pocket Subtlety showing hand empty before production from back pocket
Related to 179
Alexander Hansford Card to Pocket Convincer bottom card apparently doesn't change despite palm-off
Alexander Hansford Beige Change And Back "(Jennings + Earick)"
selection lost, the Ace of Spades which is isolated in the hand changes into selection and back
Larry Jennings LJ Angle Steal from center
Alexander Hansford Tenkai Drop Change Tenkai-palmed card dropped onto single card in dealing position
Bottom Palm Change bottom card of double is palmed off
Inspired by 199
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