Written by Pavel
Work of Pavel
32 pages (Stapled), published by Pavel-Magic
Illustrated with drawings by Josef Manas
Language: German
15 entries
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Pavel Die Mysteriöse Seide two silks in two glass tubes that are wrapped in paper transpose
Pavel Ringe in der Zündholzschachtel three finger rings are threaded on a thread and put in a match box with both ends of the thread outside, previously chosen ring is the only one that comes loose, or the only one that remains on
Pavel Ultra-Kombination
  • Effekt 1 (letter cards are in a 4x4 grid, one row or column selected and a word chosen from those four letters, it is predicted)
  • Effekt 2 (same with number cards and sum prediction)
Pavel Zweifarbige Schnüre
  • Effekt 1 (rope that is half white and half red, two knots tied in either section, the knots transpose and transpose back, knots untied)
  • Effekt 2 (two ropes that are half white and half red are tied red on white, suddenly they are tied red on red)
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Pavel Das Geheimnisvolle Sehen different-colored needle pins are divined by performer behind back
Pavel Discolora a chip changes from red to white under a silk, the silk ends up with a red circle, featuring a display sequence for the silk
Pavel Viereckige Kreise cards with different-colored circles on them, the circles change to squares
Pavel The Pocket Rings one colored circle chosen, its color is predicted
Pavel Das Paket mit 19 Zigaretten
  • Effekt 1 (cigarette magically removed from sealed pack)
  • Effekt 2 (card rolled up in glass tube transposes with cigarette in sealed pack)
Pavel Die Damen auf der Reise
Pavel The Rings on Rope (Mikromagie Version) three yellow and three red rings are clipped onto string separated by colors, suddenly they are alternating
Pavel Zwei Möglichkeiten five white and one black ball are arranged in a row by spectator, final order predicted
Pavel Dreifarbiges Rätsel order of three colors predicted with three pieces of thread that are tied in that order
Pavel Die Lachende Hasen packet trick with smiling and sad rabbits on cards, also involving two different back colors
Pavel Das Geheimnis des Rings the chosen one of three different-colored rings is magically removed from thread under handkerchief, secretly torn off
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