Written by Reinhard Müller
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13 pages (Loose-leave collection), published by Selfpublished
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Reinhard Müller Warum Riesenkarten? on the use of jumbo cards
Reinhard Müller Der Zwei-Karten-Trick mit Drei Karten three cards shown, one put away, one of the other two cards named, it changes its back, then both cards are the same and the missing card is the tabled one, with jumbo cards
Inspired by 3
Reinhard Müller Jumbo Ascanio as three cards, with jumbo cards
Reinhard Müller Wanderung Zweier Karten two-card transposition with jumbo cards
Inspired by 5
Reinhard Müller Das Ganze Kehrt with jumbo cards
Reinhard Müller Des Teufels Fahrstuhl apparent second, third, fourth, fifth deals with small packet, with jumbo cards
Inspired by 8
Reinhard Müller Öl und Wasser in Zeitlupe 3&3, with jumbo cards
Inspired by 10
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