Written by Harry Anderson, Jon Racherbaumer
Work of Various
32 pages (Stapled), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with photographs and drawings
Language: English
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Jon Racherbaumer Anything Went on Annemann and the Jinx
Harry Anderson Anything Went on Annemann and the Jinx
Mac King Letter to Harry Anderson on the Jinx
Also published here 3
Barrie Richardson Stripped Ease out-of-hand selection from stripper deck, glimpse in center
Also published here 4
Marvin Miller When Ted Went Postal on Annemann's postcard send when he died, and the marks on his subscription renewal postcard with just a cat
Also published here 5
Bob Farmer Satan is My Buddy to cut-to selections are found with two Jokers that appears face up with helpful messages
Inspired by
  • "Watching the Detectives" (David Regal, Scripting Magic, Pete McCable, 2007)
Also published here
David Ben And the Oscar Goes to... Oscar candidates are divined
Inspired by 8
Billet Switch
Jinx Fun Page jokes, quiz, puzzles
Also published here 10
Stephen Minch Who Do You Thrust? credit information essay on The Magic Thrust
Also published here 11
Robert Cassidy Roswell That Ends Well prediction between two paper plates that are tossed to a spectator, date predicted
Also published here 15
Jon Racherbaumer Christ Almighty and his "Force Majeure" introduction to Christ Force applications
Also published here 16
Edward Marlo Christ Almighty double location, corner-short edge-marked double backer
Also published here 16
Bob Farmer Christ Almighty four selected cards vanish, using quadruple peek-card gaff ("Christ Almighty Card")
Also published here 16
Jon Racherbaumer Christ Almighty cards slid back one by one until spectator stops
Also published here 16
Jon Racherbaumer The Bird is a Word on the name The Jinx and other magazines
Also published here 18
Steve "Banachek" Shaw Banachek and Mate - A Diabolical Duet From the Mental Maestro
  • spectator thinks of a letter in his word, it is divined (see also Psychological Subtleties)
  • ESP cards in envelopes are matched up with small ESP cards that are added to the envelope
Also published here 20
Jonathan Levit Simply the Best on Annemann's torn corner handling
Also published here 21
Michael Weber Dürer Had a Word For It grid with numbers, all writing vanishes when heated except an outline of spectator's lucky numbers, frixion pen
Also published here 22
Eugene Burger When the Cats Hissed on The Jinx
Also published here 24
Thomas Alan Waters Cardblanche off-beat prediction of a birthdate, on a blank card, brainwave
Also published here 25
Eddie Fields Crisscross ESP card thought of, circle divined but it was cross, then circle used to make word CROSS with four tabled ABC cards
Also published here 26
Mike Caveney Unfettered Letters discussion of Theodore Annemann letter
Also published here 27
Derren Brown Pardon My English...
Also published here 28
The Big Day Off unusual photos of Annemann, gag
Also published here 29
Max Maven The Rabbit Hole of No Return on Theodore Annemann as a performer, discussing his public appearances as found in print
Also published here 30
Ricky Jay The Little Theater in the Sky on Theodore Annemann
Also published here 31
Jon Racherbaumer, Harry Anderson Editrivia
Also published here 32
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