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132 pages (Spiralbound), published by Magic, Inc.

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Edward Marlo Two Pets - A. First Pet bridged deck
Pasteboard Presto 8
Edward Marlo B. Second Pet bridged deck
Pasteboard Presto 9
Edward Marlo Marlo's Rosini card glimpsed, no break, deck cut and card spelled to, deck crimp during spectator's peek
Pasteboard Presto 10
Edward Marlo The First Miracle spectator looks at any card in table spread while performer looks away
Pasteboard Presto 11
Edward Marlo Another Rosini performer tells how many cards are cut off, crimps in deck
Pasteboard Presto 12
Edward Marlo Everywhere and Nowhere (using a borrowed deck and no duplicates.)
Pasteboard Presto 14
Unknown Instantaneous Double Lift bridged double
Pasteboard Presto 15
Edward Marlo, Hank Nowoc Four Aces Again Aces lost in deck, four packets cut to and dropped, top Ace turns over
Inspired by Pasteboard Presto 17
Unknown Air Pressure Turnover brief
Pasteboard Presto 18
Edward Marlo The Ambitious Card facilitating double lift by bending top cards
Pasteboard Presto 19
Edward Marlo General Ace Trick aces come to top one by one, same ace is shown on top four times as sucker presentation
Pasteboard Presto 19
Edward Marlo, Theodore Annemann Card Counted To spectator counts down, uses this value to count down again, third time selection shows up, impromptu method for "Count Your Card!"
Inspired by Amazing, Isn't It? 24
Edward Marlo, John Scarne Marlo's Think A Card three thought-of cards are predicted on billets, one ahead, based on John Scarne's "Think a Card"
Related to Amazing, Isn't It? 26
Edward Marlo Count Down Force
Amazing, Isn't It? 28
Edward Marlo, Theodore Annemann Simplex Ten to One performer and spectator think of a card, spectator does not find it, performer does, inspired by an effect from Annemann's book "Sh! It's a Secret!"
Related to Amazing, Isn't It? 29
Edward Marlo Billet Switch
Amazing, Isn't It? 30
Edward Marlo No Palm Aces to Pocket featuring bottom placement at coat edge move, lapel load
Related toVariations Amazing, Isn't It? 32
Unknown Simple Packet Switch addition from face
Amazing, Isn't It? 33
Edward Marlo, Jean Hugard Do As I Do - U Can't Unless I Want U 2 eight cards for performer and spectator, basically oil&water effect, two methods, Hugard's and Marlo's
Amazing, Isn't It? 37
Edward Marlo Streamlined Discernment one out of three, OOSOOM
Related toVariationsAlso published here Amazing, Isn't It? 38
Edward Marlo Surprising Transposition card in pocket with card at chosen position
Amazing, Isn't It? 40
Edward Marlo Marlo - Vernon sandwiched card with card at chosen position
Amazing, Isn't It? 42
Edward Marlo Sensitive Fingers Aces are located apparently by sense of touch, using a short card with broken corner
Amazing, Isn't It? 44
Edward Marlo Marlo's Discoveries monster routine in which first single cards are selected and found about ten times, then in pairs and four at a time, then a ten-card multiple selection routine is done
Marlo's Discoveries 47
Edward Marlo The Riffle Pass controlling a card or cards to top with a riffle shuffle
Marlo's Discoveries 48
Nate Leipzig The Slap Change
Marlo's Discoveries 49
Unknown Here I Is
Marlo's Discoveries 49
Unknown Pop Up top half flies to table, selection appears
Variations Marlo's Discoveries 50
Unknown Simple Reverse crude
Marlo's Discoveries 51
Unknown Strike It deck is slapped out of spectator's hand, selection remains
Marlo's Discoveries 51
Unknown Card from Fan card pops out of fan
Marlo's Discoveries 51
Unknown Ootchy Kootchy crude rising
Marlo's Discoveries 51
Unknown Hair Raising card is pulled up via invisible hair
Marlo's Discoveries 52
Unknown Card on Forehead
Marlo's Discoveries 52
Unknown I Nose Yours card sticks to nose
Marlo's Discoveries 52
Unknown Out of the Hat deck placed in hat, bottom flicked, four selections jump out of hat
Marlo's Discoveries 53
Unknown Nu Presentation card shoots out of deck
Marlo's Discoveries 54
Unknown Turn Over Card air pressure turnover
Marlo's Discoveries 55
Edward Marlo Cut the Card performer cuts to selection via slip cut
Marlo's Discoveries 55
Unknown Sunrise card rises out of fan, crude
Marlo's Discoveries 55
Unknown Jump Cut self-cutting deck
Marlo's Discoveries 56
Edward Marlo Reverse
Marlo's Discoveries 57
Unknown The Throw friction throw
Marlo's Discoveries 57
Edward Marlo Marlo's Card to Card Case classic palm method
Marlo's Discoveries 58
Unknown Divining Hanky animated handkerchief nods above selection
Marlo's Discoveries 58
Edward Marlo Oddity! named card is only odd-backed card
Related toVariations Oddity & Other Miracles 62
Edward Marlo Roughed Oddity named card is only odd-backed card
Oddity & Other Miracles 65
Edward Marlo Chameleon Deck Routine all-backs and all-faces routine with color changing back kicker
Oddity & Other Miracles 65
Unknown Palm Reverse
Related to Oddity & Other Miracles 68
Edward Marlo, Carmen D'Amico Direct Backs and Faces all-backs and all-faces routine
Oddity & Other Miracles 71
Edward Marlo The Perfect Stop Trick spectator stops at any card, its values is used to count down again and again until selection appears
Related toVariations Oddity & Other Miracles 73
Edward Marlo You Do As I Do three methods
Oddity & Other Miracles 77
Edward Marlo Simplex Card Stabbing two selections with wrapped deck and knife
Also published here Oddity & Other Miracles 82
Edward Marlo The Riffle Pass controlling a card or cards to top with a riffle shuffle
Oddity & Other Miracles 82
Edward Marlo Jab It! knife is stabbed in back of cards, some cards are pierced, bottom one is selection
Oddity & Other Miracles 85
Edward Marlo Setting Bridge during riffle and overhand shuffle combination
Oddity & Other Miracles 86
Edward Marlo A Simple Ace Routine aces lost and found with four times the 10-20 force
Oddity & Other Miracles 90
Unknown Simple Packet Switch
Oddity & Other Miracles 92
Edward Marlo, Peter Warlock Sympathetic Coincidence performer places blue-backed card in case, spectator removes same from red deck
Oddity & Other Miracles 94
Edward Marlo, Theodore Annemann Impromptu Remote Control unknown odd-backed card is marked on back, a card selected via stop procedure with deck in glass is marked on face, turns out to be the same
Inspired by Oddity & Other Miracles 95
Edward Marlo Double Trouble two cards, odd-even divided deck
Oddity & Other Miracles 97
Edward Marlo Yogi Bird Card Trick wind-up toy finds card, two methods (ungaffed and with set of duplicates)
Oddity & Other Miracles 99
Edward Marlo Forcing from a Bank ten force cards
Oddity & Other Miracles 100
Edward Marlo Pip Card to Wallet JS changes to JC, JS is in wallet, with additional jumbo card version
Oddity & Other Miracles 103
Unknown Pip Card using a pip liquid (?) clubs is transformed to spades
Oddity & Other Miracles 103
Edward Marlo, Al Baker Vocalepathy
Inspired by Oddity & Other Miracles 105
Edward Marlo, Jean Hugard Simplex Card Transposition cards at different positions transpose
Inspired by Oddity & Other Miracles 106
Edward Marlo, Walter B. Gibson Double Prediction two cards predicted, two methods, combination of Walter Gibson's "The Mystic Prediction & "The Psychic Card Problem" (Book of Popular Card Tricks)
Oddity & Other Miracles 107
Unknown Center Glimpse at break
Related to Oddity & Other Miracles 110
Edward Marlo Pip Sucker Gag mechanical pip card with threads is explained, then pips are rubbed off and card given out for inspection
Oddity & Other Miracles 110
Unknown Pip Liquid Recipe to draw pips on cards that can be rubbed off
Oddity & Other Miracles 111
Edward Marlo Unknown - Effect No. 1 stop trick as prediction, several methods, some with roughed cards, impromptu double backer
Inspired by Oddity & Other Miracles 112
Edward Marlo Unknown - Effect No. 2 two selections appear at selected numbers up to ten, several methods, some with roughed cards, impromptu double backer
Oddity & Other Miracles 112
Edward Marlo Block Slip Shuffle preserving bottom stock
Oddity & Other Miracles 113
Edward Marlo Cover Up Cut "Cover Up Move"
Oddity & Other Miracles 122
Edward Marlo Ambitious Card Routine roughed duplicate
Oddity & Other Miracles 128
Edward Marlo A Quick Sandwich Cover Up Cut application
Oddity & Other Miracles 130