Written by Reinhard Müller
Work of Reinhard Müller
13 pages (Loose-leave collection), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings
Language: German
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Reinhard Müller Schwindel-Duo story presentation with royal flush climax, jumbo cards
Inspired byVariations 2
Jordan Count with jumbo cards
Reinhard Müller Öl-Party handling without gambling patter, jumbo cards
Inspired by 3
Elmsley Count with jumbo cards
Reinhard Müller Wandern und Wandeln two Aces of Spades and two Aces of Hearts transpose, then change to Kings, with jumbo cards
Inspired by
  • "Beside the Fact" (Phil Goldstein, Magic Info 7, 13, 1985)
Gene Castillon Spirit Count with jumbo cards
Reinhard Müller Falsches Austeilen four Kings put on top of four Aces and two hands of four cards each dealt, one hand contains all Kings, repeated, with jumbo cards
Inspired by 4
Reinhard Müller "Holdout" gambling routine with packet of jumbo cards, holdout and switching presentation
Inspired by
  • "Holding Out" (Father Cyprian, MUM 70, 27, Sep. 1981)
Reinhard Müller Verwandlungsvorhersage "4-Karten-McCombical"
four-card version of McCombical prediction, with jumbo cards
Inspired by
  • "Billy's Triumph Revisited" (Hubbard, S.B.J. 1984, came with New Tops 24, Dec. 1984)
Olram Count with jumbo cards
Reinhard Müller Signierte Karte packet version with jumbo cards
Inspired by 7
Reinhard Müller ICC-Karten-Kuvert-Kapriolen four Queens in four envelopes with holes, chosen Queen turns over twice, chosen Queen vanishes, then reappears in an envelope with odd back, using jumbo cards
Inspired by 9
Reinhard Müller Ass-Wanderung Express center pips of three Aces vanish and appear on fourth Ace, holes remain in other three Aces, jumbo cards
Inspired by
  • "See-Through Aces" (Shigeo Futugawa, MUM 71, 24, Dec. 1981)
Reinhard Müller Elmsleys Asse with jumbo cards
Inspired by 10
Reinhard Müller Nur gedacht! one of four cards selected and found, jumbo cards
Inspired by
  • "Alas-Poor Yorick" (A. Carter, Magigram 12, Oct. 1980)
  • "King's Row" (Larry Becker, MUM 70, 8, Oct. 1981)
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