Written by Nathan Colwell
Work of Nathan Colwell
40 pages (Stapled), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Tris Ogram Buckley
Language: English
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Nathan Colwell Foreword
Nathan Colwell Finish Line Spectator selects a card, mixes deck face up and down. Magician shuffles the deck, gets Triumph ending
Inspired by 6
Nathan Colwell Dav's Transpo Magician and spectator's ID card change places - spectator's ID changes into magician's ID, then spectator's ID is found in magician's wallet.

Includes two methods: one for inside coat pocket, one without coat
Inspired by 10
Edward Marlo Inside Jacket Pocket Used to load ID card into wallet inside coat pocket
Related to 11
Dai Vernon Jumping Jack Switch Tenkai palm switch of two cards
Related to 11
Nathan Colwell Feathers and Bricks Dollar bill splits into 2, then becomes 1 bill, then seems to increase in value before returning to original value
Inspired by 13
Nathan Colwell Picnic Under the Stars Poker's Player's Picnic, spectator gets to choose how many cards to deal off the top at first for each pile
Inspired by 22
Nathan Colwell Oyster Production Bare-handed production of a single card
Inspired by
  • "Credit Card Vanish" (Nathan Kranzo, Boondock Mental, 2011)
Nathan Colwell Tap Top Turnover Variation of Tenkai Optical Revolve
Inspired by 28
Nathan Colwell Convincing Curve Finesse / variation on One Handed Convincing Control, bends the card
Inspired by 29
Nathan Colwell Lateral Ascanio Steal Stealing the hidden cards in an Ascanio Spread, puts them in Lateral Palm
Inspired by 30
Nathan Colwell Elmsley Switch-Ditch Two versions of using Elmsley Count to switch and ditch cards on top of deck
Nathan Colwell Rolling Count Weird count to hide some cards, flips cards over repeatedly
Nathan Colwell Pullman Lift Snappy double lift, card is snapped forwards. Can be done with break or no break
Inspired by 34
Nathan Colwell Credits
Nathan Colwell Afterword
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