Written by Bruce Cervon

Work of Bruce Cervon

254 pages (Hardcover), published by Magical Publications
Illustrated with drawings by Julia A. Laughlin.
Language: English

(86 entries)


Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
William Larsen Introduction 7
Bruce Cervon Preface to the Preface, Ten Years After 9
Bruce Cervon Preface 10
Mike Caveney Publisher's Note 11
Unknown About Bruce Cervon 13
Bruce Cervon Zauberkunste Triumph! 17
Dai Vernon, Bruce Cervon The Vietnam Trick Card and number are predicted by two cards 19
Bruce Cervon Optic Delusion slop shuffleAlso published here 22
Bruce Cervon Quantum Jump more jumping than rising 26
Bruce Cervon Outside Case Load as deck is inserted in case 27
Bruce Cervon Perfect Speller featuring Cervon's lie detector strategie 29
Dai Vernon Faro Slough-Off cascade 33
Bruce Cervon Face Up Flyers 35
Bruce Cervon Face Up Tent Vanish 36
Bruce Cervon Aerodynamic Aces 41
Unknown Double Card Snap-Over 44
Bruce Cervon Half Cut Reverse Also published here 47
Bruce Cervon Simple Triumph 49
Bruce Cervon Three-Packet Triumph 49
Bruce Cervon "Kellie" Displacement tabled deck turns over except selection 50
Theodore Annemann, Henry Christ Alignment Move 51
Edward Marlo Flat Palm Steal tabled deck 51
Bruce Cervon Simple Reverse One Card immediately reverses 52
Bruce Cervon The Universal Card three Methods, also gaffed (divided card, flap gimmick)Also published here 57
Bruce Cervon Universal Vanish one of the Selections vanishes cleanly 71
Bruce Cervon Vanishing Universal Universal Card vanishes 75
Bruce Cervon Dual Affinity Spectator pushes two Cards next to their Mates 81
Bruce Cervon, Frank Kelly Kelly Bottom Placement Scoop Up 82
Bruce Cervon Two Card Reverse I two Cards immediately reverse 84
Bruce Cervon Two Card Reverse II two Cards immediately reverse 87
Bruce Cervon Finding the Aces spelling, reversed, catching out of the pack 90
Bruce Cervon Uncertainty 95
Bruce Cervon Mental Uncertainty 98
Bruce Cervon Diminishing Poker Deal spectator gets always five cards, you each time one card less 101
Bruce Cervon Really Wild ungaffed 105
Bruce Cervon Rosecrans Reverse named Ace reverses 113
Bruce Cervon Hofzinser All-Backed three card packet, two methods:
- Easy as One-Two-Three
- All for One
Bruce Cervon Easy as One-Two-Three all alike display 116
Bruce Cervon Unwind usfull Billfold for Coin Effects 123
Bruce Cervon Rewind - Phase 1 using Dollar Bill 127
Bruce Cervon Rewind - Phase 2 using Dollar Bill 129
Bruce Cervon Rewind - Phase 3 with Dollar Bill 129
Bruce Cervon Off A Rope Slow Motion PenetrationAlso published here 132
Bruce Cervon Pocket Slate Routine "Prediction" appears 138
Bruce Cervon Puncture using Business Cards 141
Bruce Cervon Cervon's Invisible Reverse Card is reversed in Center as Deck is turned over 149
Bruce Cervon Touched touched Card reverses next to Selection 155
Bruce Cervon Retouched touched Card reverses between two Selections 156
Bruce Cervon Touched Again two Phases 158
Henry Christ Spread Reverse as a card is turned over again in spread à la Larreverse 158
Bruce Cervon Quite a Coincidence Spectator reverses Selection behind back 160
Bruce Cervon Surprise Reverse II reversed Card changes into Selection 161
Bruce Cervon Four of a Kind card finds its mates 162
Bruce Cervon The Two-Fold Individual vanished Card reappears between two Cards 164
Unknown Rub Away Vanish 165
Karl Fulves Side by Side selection turns over in similar place in another deck 167
Bruce Cervon Remember and Forget one Spectator 168
Bruce Cervon The Three-Way Eliminator one spectator with 3 Cards 170
Bruce Cervon Visibility Zero OOS - OOM Variation 171
Bruce Cervon Invisible Reverse/Impossible one from five 173
Bruce Cervon Forethought Spectator & Magician choose same Card in two decks 175
Bruce Cervon The Tabled Top Change 181
Bruce Cervon Paralyzed almost bend in half 185
Bruce Cervon Culling the Paralyzed Palm card is spreadculled and palmed 188
Bruce Cervon Running Cut While Holding a Break 191
Bruce Cervon Flip Over Force slip type, one handed 193
Bruce Cervon Flip Over Aces fast cutting 196
Bruce Cervon Three Way Split Duplicate 201
Bruce Cervon Three Way Split (Method 2) Duplicate 204
Bruce Cervon Three Way Split (Method 3) Duplicate 206
Bruce Cervon Three Way Color Changing Deck prelude effect for CC Deck Routine 208
Bruce Cervon Three the Hard Way half/half gaff 211
Bruce Cervon Print Out three blank cards are printed to match selection 215
Ellis Stanyon Stanyon Count five as four, hiding 2 218
Bruce Cervon Open Prediction double facerAlso published here 220
Bruce Cervon Readers cards are apparently marked, but all the sameAlso published here 223
Bruce Cervon The Trap cards at top & bottom trap peeked selection 227
Bruce Cervon The Peek that isn't red black divided deck, with riffle-by glimpse of odd colored selection 230
Arthur H. Buckley Red-Black Riffle Shuffle 230
Bruce Cervon Devil's Elevator apparent second, third, fourth deals 232
Bruce Cervon The Pineapple Twist Ace to Four with partial Suit Change 234
Bruce Cervon Cervon's Ambush odd backed Collectors 238
Bruce Cervon All Shook Up Color Changing Triumph 242
Bruce Cervon All Shook Up - ungaffed Color Changing Triumph 247
Bruce Cervon "LLL" Transpo 249
Bruce Cervon Cut Prediction two Methods 252