Written by Ellison Poland
Work of Ellison Poland
191 pages (Hardcover), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Ellison Poland
Language: English
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Bill Spooner Introduction
Ellison Poland Foreword, Acknowledgements, Credits and Apologies
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Ellison Poland Slough-Off Control (SOC) cuts and a faro shuffle, card remains in second position throughout repeated faros
Inspired byRelated to
  • "Faro Slough Offs" (Jimmy Nuzzo, New Tops, Dec. 1965)
Slap Location drop in-jog when two packets are slapped together
Also published here 1
Gene Maze Slough-Off Control to Bottom
Ellison Poland Tabled Slough-Off Control with controlled riffle shuffle
Ellison Poland Slough-Off Mathematics how top few cards move during Slough-Off Control
Ellison Poland Slough-Off Speller
Ellison Poland To Place A Card At Any Position In The Deck using Slough-Off Faro
Ellison Poland Deep Keys using Slough-Off Faro
Ellison Poland Si-Slough divining a selection by glimpsing next card during faro slough-off
Ellison Poland Si Stebbins Set-Up with Faros three faros instead of two
Inspired by 11
Peter Duffie King For A Day Kings lost, named King spelled to, spelling piles have other Kings on top, slough-off faro
Peter Duffie Thought Up Plus spectator cuts, remembers card and replaces, card rises, faro, "is it one of these?"
Inspired by
  • "Thought Up" (Peter Duffie, Ulterior Motifs, 1992)
Ellison Poland A Mental Case cards cut off top and bottom to show no key cards are in use
Inspired by 17
Ellison Poland The "Out" Of Last Resort out for lost card or finding thought-of card, lots of questions "is it one of these?", faro
Inspired by 19
Peter Duffie The Impromptu Imposition suit and value of selection found by cuts, selection is then spelled to
Peter Duffie The Future Packet number of cards cut off by spectator is predicted via the sum in another packet
Inspired byVariations 25
Ellison Poland A Variation of Diaconis' "Les Cartes"
Ellison Poland Grandson of IBGTH out-jogged card is removed from squared deck and switched for top card, or for bottom card
Inspired by 31
Ellison Poland Monte-Finale money card vanishes, suggesting different tabled switches
Rick Johnsson The IBGTH Switch while turning card over on table, brief
Also published here 34
Ellison Poland Sobo - So What??? using special flexible sobo glue to make hinge gaff
Ellison Poland Put And Take card (double) inserted in center, bottom card stolen in Tenkai palm, replacement on top, also as steal of card from bottom of small packet, see p. 40 for different get-into
Inspired byRelated to 37
Ellison Poland Ambitious Aces Aces on table, three cards on each, all packets inserted into deck one by one, Aces are on top
Ellison Poland Idea bringing wanted cards together as hands are collected
Ellison Poland Tenkai Palm of Bottom Card of Deck
Ellison Poland The Garden Path several cards including selection are tabled, selection is later indifferent card and found somewhere else
Ellison Poland A Casual Glimpse during in-the-hands riffle shuffle
Ellison Poland Making Paper on marking cards, with system for Bicycle New Fan Back
Ellison Poland Marked Matcho No. 2 two decks
Related to 49
Ellison Poland, George Vaughn Boisvin A Pitchman's Spiel presentation for card fans, color changes, productions, diminishing cards
Inspired by 51
Ellison Poland Another Solution To Curry's Open Prediction Problem
Inspired by 55
Dan Tong The Final Transposition two quarters and two half dollars transpose one by one, then all coins travel into one hand
Inspired by 58
Ellison Poland In And Out card penetrates another
Related to
  • Will Goldston's stand-up version in 1923
Edward Marlo Miracle Card Change No. 1
Ellison Poland Colors By The Numbers No. 1 six colored chips with numbers turned over by spectator, orientation and number of a hidden chip divined
Inspired byRelated toVariations 64
Ellison Poland Colors By The Numbers No. 2 six colored cards with numbers turned over by spectator and inserted in envelopes, numbers divined
Inspired by 71
Marking by Paper Grain can be differentiated by feel inside envelope
Peter Duffie A Shade Inexplicable cards numbered in red from One to Eight on one side and in black on the other side, total of some numbers divined with remaining cards
Inspired byAlso published here 78
Tony Econ The Econ Poker Deal Aces apparently stacked for performer in two shuffles, Aces are seen to be dealt to another hand, performer ends up with Straight Flush, faro
Tony Econ Econ's Triple Coincidence card reversed in a deck, card selected in other deck, same card found at same position, cards found to be of the other decks
Also published here 85
Ellison Poland A Gambler's Switch as hand is waved over single tabled card, transposition application
Inspired by 87
Harry Milliken No Seconds Dunbury
Inspired by 90
Fred Robinson Overhand Run Technique running groups of two, three, four cards
Related to 91
Ellison Poland Jack Of Diamonds Joker is supposed to find card, it changes into selection of which there is now a duplicate
Inspired by
  • routine in The Linking Ring, Feb. 1993
Gary Ward Ward's Control
Inspired by 96
Gary Ward Thunk Cards one of four blank cards changes into duplicate of selection and back to blank
Bernard Bilis One Hand Card Spread double pivots out of center of four-card packet
Gene Maze No Cover Aces Number One seven card assembly
Related to 101
John Benzais JB Kard Kop Unit Grip
Gene Maze Maze Basic Switch Benzais Cop as switch
Related toVariations 104
Gene Maze Blackjack Switch Variation
Inspired by 104
Gene Maze Sandwich Aces three Aces are sandwiched between two cards each, they assemble to a leader packet one by one
Gene Maze Maze Basic Switch Variation Benzais Cop as switch
Inspired by 107
Gene Maze Partial Lapping Switch
Gene Maze No Cover Aces Number Two
Related to 111
Gene Maze Overhand Shuffle Palm perpendicular position, cards shuffled to bottom and palmed off
Gene Maze Maze Basic Switch Variation
Inspired by 113
Gene Maze No Name Coincidence spectator and performer deal and stop at one card, they match
Gene Maze Steal into Unit Grip Kelly Bottom Placement type action to get bottom card into Tenkai Palm
Gene Maze The False Kick-Back Cut one-handed, tabled, pulling out bottom half
Gene Maze Optical Illusion Cut straight cut
Related to 121
Gene Maze Jog Conversion in-jog to side-jog
Ellison Poland Ubiquitous Readers performer names cards from their back one by one, consecutive switches
Gene Maze After The Peek card angle-jogged out and deck spread diagonally
Gene Maze No Cover Assembly Number 3 seven card assembly
Related to 130
Gene Maze More Of The Same - With Kicker transformation kicker
Gene Maze Old Wine setting and corner crimping a key card under the spread
Gene Maze Soft Deck softening a deck except the Aces
Steve Pressley New Wave Aces
Dan Tong Pad Vanish card on close-up pad vanishes when covered with both hands, levered up into Tenkai Palm
Dan Tong Pad Vanish Applications
Dan Tong Color Change or Transformation application of Pad Vanish
Dan Tong A Transposition two and two cards, table, application of Pad Vanish
Dan Tong New Way Top Change card in right hand is Tenkai palmed as it is brought to the deck, switched for top card
Dan Tong Swivel Side Steal from center into Tenkai palm
Dan Tong Stealth Whirley-Bird Card one half is spread randomly into a mess on the table, the other half is fanned, the spectator select a card, put back in fan, it travels to tables cards
Inspired by 155
The Psychic Pulse strange animation of two toothpicks in the hand
Peter Duffie Off Your Box three coins travel from box to hand one by one, then all are put in pocket and reappear in box
Inspired byRelated to 161
David Roth Bottom Load coin apparently inserted in box but slid underneath
Also published here 162
Peter Duffie, Jack Gottlob Up And Over Move one coin hidden in lid as coin box is opened
Also published here 164
Gordon Bruce Han Ping Chien Box with coin box
Steve Hook Ortho-Repeatic Jumbo COin jumbo coin vanish an reappears at right knee, in repeat at other knee
Steve Hook Silver Thief coin under playing card transposes with coin in hand twice, then the one from the hand travels to join the one under the card
Inspired by 171
Charles J. Pecor Odd Coin From Birmingham international, four different coins
Inspired byAlso published here
  • Pecor's lecture notes "Off The Wall With The Wizard", 1975
Aaron Black Black's Coin & Silk Routine four coins produced, they vanish, then are tossed invisibly into silk one by one, they vanish again, silk is knotted and coins appear therein
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