second edition used, first edition with different ending was published in 1990
1990 /1999
Written by Steve "Banachek" Shaw
Work of Steve "Banachek" Shaw
22 pages (Spiralbound), published by Magic Inspirations
Illustrated with drawings
Language: English
13 entries
Cover photograph
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Steve "Banachek" Shaw Dedications
Richard Hatch Introduction
Steve "Banachek" Shaw Thoughts About My Style "All in all the compliments were very high."
Steve "Banachek" Shaw Magician Theories about mixing mentalism with magic, cards, and other thoughts
Steve "Banachek" Shaw The Roger Klause Theory about having to be old to be a believable mentalist
Steve "Banachek" Shaw Everything You Have Read So Far My Be Wrong!
Steve "Banachek" Shaw The Show detailed effect descriptions of the show
Steve "Banachek" Shaw Be Seated! four chairs and three spectators, prediction of empty chair in envelope
Inspired byRelated toVariations 16
Steve "Banachek" Shaw A Cheap Add-A-Number Effect
Steve "Banachek" Shaw The Alphabet Game prediction of a letter, with nail writer holder/wallet
Making a Boon Writer
Steve "Banachek" Shaw Future Card Thought shuffled deck, packet of card is divined and last card predicted
Inspired byRelated to 21
Steve "Banachek" Shaw Addendum further thoughts on two routines
  • Addition to Chair Effect
  • Future Card Thought
Related to 22
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