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Robert Parrish Introduction
Bob Haskell Psychic Spell six cards on the table, spectator thinks of one, cards are mixed face down and performer touches them one by one as spectator spells his card in his head, selection is touched on last letter
Related to 6
Paul Rosini "Let's See What You've Done" selection is immediately spelled out
Eddie Joseph Mystic Fifteen fifteen cards, dealt into five piles
  • Hiding the Principle
Edward Marlo Double Thought two cards, one freely thought of, one ahead, using two decks
VariationsAlso published here 9
Martin Gardner Five Nine King card chosen, three piles arranged as in Poker Player's Picnic, on top of the piles are then the mates that match the selection
Related to 11
Stewart James A Bridge Trick with full deck
Oscar Weigle Under the Table Coincidence two decks below table, halves are exchanged and placed face-to-face, cards at separation point match
Ken Krenzel Mental Discernment Improved one of nine, Three-spot used to locate it
Inspired by
  • "Mental Discernment" (Ralph W. Hull)
The Reluctant Card same as Last Chance
Related to 17
Betting on a Sure Thing Game of NIM with some rows of cards
The Ten of Diamonds one of nine cards chosen, reversed Ten-spot used to located it
Trick of the Year counting procedure according to some calendar numbers to arrive at selection
Al Leech Double Deuce two Twos are put reversed in different positions, they come together and sandwich a selection
Hindu Shuffle
Bill Simon A Set of Surprises number used to count to a selection which is then lost, selection not found but deck turns over, then selection turns over
Related to 21
Carmen D'Amico Rapid Revelation selection lost, spectator stops the performer's riffle and value at that position is used to count to selection, name spelled "Carmen Da Mico"
Al Baker Two Souls With But a Single Thought coincidence & prediction, two cards
Also published here 24
Paul Rosini The Missing Card spectator pulls out some cards, remembers bottom card and drop cards onto deck, performer fails to locate card behind back, it is found in pocket, pushed up behind back to under arm pit
H. Adrian Smith A Beginner's Miracle deck cut into three piles, two piles shuffled and bottom cards remembered, deck assembled
Sid Lorraine "I Never Touch the Cards" spectator has another spectator choose a card, key card location
C. O. Williams, W. F. "Rufus" Steele The Card in the Pocket
Inspired by 29
Behind Fan Addition fan held in right hand, left hand with deck adjusts it and adds card behind it
Robert Parrish Automatic Assembly cards of same value as a selection are found via dealing
Henry Christ Birds of a Feather dealing to some named numbers to locate four Aces
Aces From the War unusual assembly with four piles of five cards each with Aces on top
Variations 33
Follow Your Card observation test presentation, spectator's card ends up reversed
Alignment Move
Paul Rosini Tap, Tap cards dealt in 4x4 square, spectator removes a bunch of cards and deals other cards in square formation as performer taps on the cards, value on last tap matches number of removed cards
Also published here 36
Stewart Judah Black and Red Prediction red and black cards separated, some cards from one color are used to count to a card in the other color which is predicted
Red and Blue cased blue deck transposes with red deck
Bert Allerton Transcendent Trick biddle trick, stolen card is forced to a second spectator
Also published here 40
Elmer Biddle Biddle Steal
Charles "Chic" Schoke Chic's Parlay bet about the order of the Aces as they show up when dealing through the deck after riffle shuffles
Related to 41
John Scarne The Dixie Double Location two cards from two halves exchanged and located, odd/even divided deck
Ben Berger No Prep card thought from half the deck vanishes and is found under newspaper or table cloth
My Number, Your Card position of card predicted by writing the number on the face of a card in the deck
Identity two coincidences
Bob Hummer The Magic Separation face-up and face-down cards are shuffled, performer separates cards behind back so one pile consists of same amount of face up cards as the other
Also published here 47
False Cut to Table lower half pulled out and placed on table
Bob Hummer Face-Up Prediction spectator and performer turn cards over in the deck, number of reversed cards is predicted
Also published here 48
Charles "Chic" Schoke The "Chic" Trick Again improved handling
Inspired by 49
Audley Walsh Improvisation card signed on back, improvisation to find it from the face
Related toVariations 50
Audley Walsh, Bert Allerton Prepared Improvisation card signed on back, with stack to force card from face via counting, 1-0-1
Inspired by 51
Audley Walsh Calling All Cards half the deck counted, digits added and card remembered, reading off the order
Fair Cuts - Double Force face-to-face cuts to force two cards
Related toVariations 53
John Scarne The Drunken Deal sucker
Also published here 54
The Simple Impossibility card chosen via pile making, two key cards
Related to 54
The Spectator's Location spectator riffles through cards and stops anywhere, performer stabs card (double) into separation and selection is found there
Note on the Double Lift thumb count
A Test of Will two cards chosen from two decks turn out to be the same
The Disappearing Card Trick card vanishes from packet and reappears in deck at chosen number, duplicate
Dai Vernon Judgment spectator peeks himself and remembers a card, performer looks through cards, spectator names card and performer names position
Related toAlso published here 59
Try It Yourself producing thirteen cards in order with down-under deal
Variations 61
Jiffy Speller progressive set-up
The Amazement performer spreads cards between hand and spectator should knock the spread, only selection falls out, spreading with jogged halves
An Alarming Coincidence performer deals through cards, suddenly alarm clock rings right at the selection
Ed Miller The Deck of Cards Story
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