Written by Jerry K. Hartman
Work of Jerry K. Hartman
670 pages (Hardcover), published by Kaufman and Greenberg
Illustrated with drawings by Joseph K. Schmidt
Language: English
332 entries
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Jerry K. Hartman Buyers Guide
Jerry K. Hartman Readers Guide
Jerry K. Hartman Miscellaneous References
Covering All Basics
Alex Elmsley Elmsley Count
Charles T. Jordan Jordan Count
Double Undercut
Swing Cut
Bob Haskell Reverse Double Undercut
Riffle Force break
Dai Vernon, Edward Marlo Tilt
Dai Vernon Strip-Out Addition
Dai Vernon Thru-the-Fist-Move
Joseph Ovette, Frank Kelly, Jerry K. Hartman Bottom Placement with ideas by J.K. Hartman
Turning Over A New Lift
Jerry K. Hartman Bottom Double Lift drawn out from outer end
Related toAlso published here 34
Jerry K. Hartman Center Double Lift doing Bottom Double Lift on upper half of deck after allowing bottom half to drop (beginning of Charlier Cut)
Also published here 35
Jerry K. Hartman Pull Up Double Lift similar technique as above, used for Double Lift on top of deck, similar to (the reverse actions of) reference
Also published here 36
Cliff Green The Green Lift
Also published here 37
Jerry K. Hartman Under the Top Lift double lift under top card, using Green Lift mechanics
Jerry K. Hartman Push Back Lift triple lift with packet of four cards
Jerry K. Hartman Notes on End-for-End Lifts
Jerry K. Hartman, Edward Marlo Double Fake adding a simulated push off to a strike double lift
Inspired by 40
Jerry K. Hartman Covered Double Fake simulated push off under cover of two cards held in right hand, in combination with a sandwich switch technique
Jerry K. Hartman Uncoupler a Multiple Lift unload, gripped between first and second finger
  • “Book-style” turnover
  • End-for-end turnover
Also published here 43
Jerry K. Hartman Secret Subtraction
  • Flourish Count Handling
  • Variations
  • Instant Sandwich
  • Dingle Handling
  • Applications
Inspired byAlso published here 48
Jerry K. Hartman Multiple Count Change switch all but one card of a packet for other cards, two variants, inspired by "Le Temps Switch", see reference
Related toAlso published here 54
Jerry K. Hartman Pullover Switch
Related to 56
Jerry K. Hartman Peel Peal from the bottom
Related toAlso published here 58
Jerry K. Hartman Topper
Jerry K. Hartman Cull Add-In
VariationsAlso published here 63
Jerry K. Hartman Covered Cop Transfer secretly transfer card(s) between deck-packet, packet-deck, packet-packet
Also published here 66
Jerry K. Hartman Catch Switch Similar to Drop Switch, but you steal the card under the top packet in the action of flipping it over
Also published here 68
Jerry K. Hartman, Edward Marlo Pushover Switch
  • Under-the-Spread Control
  • Selection Switch
Inspired byAlso published here 69
Jerry K. Hartman Select Switch cards loaded on top while card is pushed forward on bottom half
Also published here 71
Natural Forces
Jerry K. Hartman Throw Force Variations on the Riffle Force
Also published here 76
Jerry K. Hartman Push Up Forces with two variations
Also published here 77
Jerry K. Hartman Underturn Force card from top slipped on bottom half
Jerry K. Hartman Fall Force in context of a lie detector routine
Jerry K. Hartman Drop Stop spectator stops on their own card
Also published here 82
Jerry K. Hartman A-D Indicator Force using the light/reft spread ruse
Related to 83
Jerry K. Hartman, Tony Kardyro A-D Revolving Force riffle force, top half rotated onto right hand and top card given to spectator, bold and illogical
Inspired byRelated to 84
Jerry K. Hartman Lift Off Force
Jerry K. Hartman, Father Cyprian Rotary Force variations on the Business Card Prophecy Move
Also published here 86
Pass Mastery
Jerry K. Hartman Turnoverless Passes three different handlings for the turnover pass
Jerry K. Hartman, Lin Searles Half-Passed Turnover with variations
  • Spread Half-Passed Turnover
Also published here 92
Jerry K. Hartman Cut Cover Pass based on the Roy Walton Cover Pass, with variations
Multiple Shiftiness
Jerry K. Hartman Plunger Top Shift with additional variations
  • Simple Shift Variation
Also published here 100
Jerry K. Hartman Placement Shift adding cards in process
  • Placement Top Shift
The Changing of the Card
Jerry K. Hartman Peek-A-Boo Change face card changes when one handed fan is waved over it
Also published here 108
Jerry K. Hartman Blow Away Change see After Craft reference for more precise explanation
Also published here 109
Jerry K. Hartman Face Lift Change using one hand top palm
Related to 112
Jerry K. Hartman Revolution-ary Change
  • Revolution-ary Vanish
Also published here 113
Dodge Podge
Jerry K. Hartman Riffle Selection Controls intro
Jerry K. Hartman R. S. Switch Extension of the Side Glide
Also published here 116
Jerry K. Hartman R.S. Key Glimpse bubble glimpse, glimpsing key card in context
Jerry K. Hartman R. S. Jog Control
Also published here 118
Jerry K. Hartman R. S. Glimpse Glimpse selected card from center of deck
Also published here 119
Jerry K. Hartman R. S. Bluff Controls Simple procedure to control a selection to either top or bottom
Also published here 120
Jerry K. Hartman Transfer Glimpse Glimpsing bottom card while transferring deck from right to left hand
Also published here 121
Jerry K. Hartman End Around Glimpse
Jerry K. Hartman Underturn kind of wrist-turn second deal turnover as switch/reverse
Also published here 123
Jerry K. Hartman Center Swing Cut
  • Center Swing Table Cut
Also published here 125
Jerry K. Hartman New Price Cut false straight cut from hands onto table, applied in next trick
Inspired byAlso published here 127
Jerry K. Hartman Center of Attention red Aces placed on top and bottom, random card is shown in middle, red Aces move into deck and sandwich it
Also published here 127
Jerry K. Hartman Tilt Cut
Also published here 128
Jerry K. Hartman Slurp Shuffle Control setting jog and overhand shuffle card to top
Jerry K. Hartman Friction Jog Getting a diagonal jog without angling, similar to Diagonal Jog by Jerry Andrus, pressure at upper right corner
Also published here 131
Jerry K. Hartman Knuckle Jog Getting a break above bottom card, alternative to Buckle or Pull Down
Also published here 132
Jerry K. Hartman P. M. Count end-grip, hides bottom
Also published here 133
Jerry K. Hartman Two-Sided Counts turning cards face up and face down in process, hiding surface
  • Over Count
  • Up Count
Jerry K. Hartman Deceiving Appearances
Jerry K. Hartman Uppercut Ace turns up face up after a quick cut/turnover sequence, also as a force
  • Uppercut Force
Also published here 138
Jerry K. Hartman Popover instant appearance of face-up card protruding from deck
Also published here 140
Jerry K. Hartman Over and Out simple production of selection with Popover
Also published here 141
Jerry K. Hartman Vertical Popver Popover variation
Jerry K. Hartman Tripover top card turns over at end of dribble
Inspired by 143
Jerry K. Hartman Rollover Production of single card, card rolled face up between two other packets
Inspired byAlso published here 145
Jerry K. Hartman Cut-Ups Aces produced in different ways
Related toAlso published here 147
Neal Elias A Cutting Discovery
Also published here 147
Bruce Elliott Center Spin Cut
Also published here 148
Jerry K. Hartman Center Swing Cut
Also published here 149
Neal Elias Another Cutting Discovery
Jerry K. Hartman Block Rock sliding production, one by one
Inspired byAlso published here
  • "The Linking Ring" June, 1974. P. 75.
Jerry K. Hartman Half Again Four spot is produced and splits in Twos, then in Aces, Las Vegas Split type
Inspired by 152
Swap Exchange
Jerry K. Hartman Short Change quick transpo between tabled card and reversed card in deck
Also published here 156
Jerry K. Hartman Positransition four-phases, two cards transpose three times, for finale they are lost in deck and two other cards are removed, they change into original two cards
Related to 157
Jerry K. Hartman Top Swap three-phase transpo of top two cards
Also published here 159
Jerry K. Hartman Signatour backs transpose using stickers
  • Gaffed Version
Variations 160
Jerry K. Hartman Minimorphasis two versions, using card case, metamorphosis plot
  • Packet version
Inspired by 163
Bert Allerton Allerton Switch
Jerry K. Hartman A Suit With a Future joker transposes with selected value in straight, effect similar to DCD
Also published here 166
Tom Mullica The Future Spread tabled card changes visibly as spread is scooped up, see also Eidetic Change
Jerry K. Hartman Sandswitch transpo in sandwiches
Inspired byAlso published here 169
Jerry K. Hartman Widow Sapping transpo in sandwiches
Inspired by 170
Jerry K. Hartman Trapit Transit sandwich transpo
Also published here 172
Jerry K. Hartman Caught in the Middle sleight improvement to version described in Pallbearer's
Also published here 173
Jerry K. Hartman More or Less(or) Optical card placed between black Aces under close up pad travels to between red Aces in the deck
Inspired byAlso published here 175
Jerry K. Hartman Switch on a Switch card moves from between black to red Jacks, but in the process the Jacks also change places
Also published here 176
Jerry K. Hartman Titraposition three Twos placed between Kings travel to between Aces
Also published here 177
Jerry K. Hartman Betricks and Between card placed between two Jokers turns blank, card placed aside previously is now the card
Also published here 179
Jerry K. Hartman Visiting Card
Jerry K. Hartman Chuck-a-Block Transfer addition of cards from one packet to another
Jerry K. Hartman Trapping of a Miracle
Also published here 184
Jerry K. Hartman Four a Change four Aces turned over one by one on a packet of Kings, then they transpose, more detailed description than in Packet Magic
Also published here 187
Jerry K. Hartman Fourleapover four Kings and four Queens change places, more detailed description than in Card Fare
Also published here 189
Jerry K. Hartman Out of Bounds
Also published here 192
Jerry K. Hartman Band in Boston card jumps from one rubber banded packet to another
Also published here 194
Four Scores
Jerry K. Hartman Speeding Bullets
Inspired by 198
Jerry K. Hartman Four Flasher
Snap-Over Change
Jerry K. Hartman Trading Aces Ace Assembly, three indifferent cards on each Ace, spectator chooses “leader pile”
Inspired by 203
Jerry K. Hartman Fourmidable
Inspired by 205
Jerry K. Hartman Diamond Bar-Recut
Also published here 209
Jerry K. Hartman PersuACEive three Aces lost in deck face down, Ace of Spades left face up in the middle. The other three Aces appear face up near to Ace of Spades
Also published here 212
Jerry K. Hartman Active Aces Aces packet, black Aces shown to be on top and bottom, they transpose with each other twice, for finale they transpose with red Aces
Also published here 213
Jerry K. Hartman An Impact on Impact card placed in envelope with window flips over (four Threes, each placed in envelope)
Also published here 214
Jerry K. Hartman Goings and Comings using Ace to Four of Spades
Tent Vanish
Jerry K. Hartman Travellers' Aid using pockets and wallet
Variations 222
Jerry K. Hartman Fabulaces
Selected Collectors
Jerry K. Hartman For Collectors Only Aces sandwich three selections between them
Also published here 232
Jerry K. Hartman Collectricity with handling variation
Jerry K. Hartman Change Collectors Three selections cut to and lost, three random cards placed between four Kings. Those cards are later shown to be the selections.
Also published here 237
Jerry K. Hartman Caught Red Handed Collectors with four Aces and three selections, then Aces change back color
Also published here 239
Jerry K. Hartman Trek-Kollectors four Jacks placed in one half of the deck travel to the other half to trap three selections
Inspired by 241
Jerry K. Hartman Triple Trap
Also published here 244
Jerry K. Hartman Faro-Fetched three selections lost in deck, Aces inserted into different parts of deck, deck given one shuffle, selections are between Aces
Also published here 246
Jerry K. Hartman Collextra Edition faro, extension of version in Epilogue
Related to 247
Jerry K. Hartman Search Flight Two phases of Collectors: first phase is four Aces find three selections, second phase is three selections placed between Aces vanish and travel to between four Queens in the deck
Inspired byAlso published here 250
Hof Zingers
Jerry K. Hartman Optionzer
Jerry K. Hartman Ringer
Jerry K. Hartman About Face Hofzinser Ace Problem, all four Aces change to match value of selection
Also published here 259
Jerry K. Hartman One Stop Swapping
Center Swing Cut
Jerry K. Hartman Top Transfer adding card from deck while spreading small packet with other hand
Jerry K. Hartman Elastic Ace face of miniature card transposes with face of regular card
Inspired by 266
Jerry K. Hartman Over and Over and Out
All About Faces
Jerry K. Hartman Good Try-Umph method to turnover reversed packet, in the hands
Jerry K. Hartman Front and Center card removed from third, packet is placed reversed in center of rest, all cards turn in same direction but selection
Inspired by 275
Jerry K. Hartman Packet Reverse similar to Tenkai's Optical reverse
Jerry K. Hartman Over-Reaction deck divided into four piles, shuffled together face up and face down, deck rights itself except for selection
Inspired byAlso published here 278
Jerry K. Hartman Top Card Reversal to Bottom sequence of Double Lifts and displays
Jerry K. Hartman One Below Break obtain break one card below out-jog(s)
Also published here 279
Jerry K. Hartman, Bruce Cervon Cervon’s Half Reverse Cut Variation
Paul Swinford Flipover Undercut Braue Reversal application, bringing top card to bottom
Jerry K. Hartman Multiple Turnovers two selections lost in deck, packets are cut into hand, alternating face up and face down throughout deck until all is reassembled, deck is spread and all cards face same way except both selections, updated explanation
Also published here 280
Jerry K. Hartman Every Which Way Mini Packet Triumph (nine cards)
Also published here 283
Cut Half Pass to show cards face up and face down
Jerry K. Hartman Ace de Triomphe Triumph, ending with Aces face up in deck
Also published here 285
Faced Deck Turnover
Also published here 286
Uplifting Elevators
Jerry K. Hartman Bi-Way Ace travels up and down in four-card packet
Also published here 290
Jerry K. Hartman On the Up and Up Aces packet, two times the red Aces travel from below black Aces to above, for finale one red Ace comes to top and spectator makes second one come up, sleight variation from routine published earlier
Also published here 292
Jerry K. Hartman Up, Up, Up, and Away
Also published here 293
Jerry K. Hartman Ups & Downs with Ace, Two and Three, spectator can chose if last card should end up on top or on bottom
Jerry K. Hartman Upsadoozy with Ace to Five, spectator can chose if last card should end up on top or on bottom
Fan Control plunger
Also published here 298
Over Achievers
Jerry K. Hartman Twist Again
Jerry K. Hartman Packet Turnover alternative for through the fist flourish
Jerry K. Hartman Twisterious Four Queens turn face up one by one
Also published here 304
Jerry K. Hartman Reverse Twist named Ace turns over
Jerry K. Hartman Snap Over alternative for through the fist flourish
The Witchcraft of Discoveries
Jerry K. Hartman Flinging Fingers card is tossed into the deck right next to selection
Also published here 312
Jerry K. Hartman, James G. Thompson Jr. Thompson Glide Force Variation Side-Glide variation, in action of removing cards below face-up “tossed” card
Also published here 313
Jerry K. Hartman Free and Easy three or more spectators select cards and receive packets, they all do down-under-deals simultaneously and end up with selections
Also published here 314
Jerry K. Hartman Reprocessed Elimination small packet, down under deal, with extra card
Inspired by
  • "Card Elimination" in Blackstone's "Modern Card Tricks and Secrets of Magic" p. 89.
Jerry K. Hartman Farther Figure card thought of in one to ten range travels to ten to twenty range
Also published here 316
Jerry K. Hartman Snare and Delusion
Inspired byRelated toAlso published here 318
Double Deal
Also published here 319
Jerry K. Hartman Hip Switch two Jacks find three selections - finds first selection, then transposes with the other two selections
Also published here 321
Jerry K. Hartman Finders Leapers two random cards sandwich selection
Also published here 322
Jerry K. Hartman Uprising updated handling
Also published here 324
Jerry K. Hartman Bi-Rise two selections rise out of the deck one by one
Also published here 325
Jerry K. Hartman Rise Guys plunger rise with faro-set-up
Also published here 326
Jerry K. Hartman Thought Over Mental Reverse without the mental part, revised handling
Related to 330
Jerry K. Hartman To Spell the Truth Lie speller, inspired by Martin Gardner
Also published here 332
Jerry K. Hartman Psychic Stopgag different outs for Psychic Stop depending on how many cards the spectator ends up dealing
Inspired byRelated to 335
Jerry K. Hartman Goody Two Choose two selections, divided deck
Also published here 336
Jerry K. Hartman Force of Habit card in center sandwiched, as sandwich is pulled out it is switched for top card
Inspired by 337
Wild and Wily
Jerry K. Hartman Alikely Story Universal Card, with sticker
Inspired by 342
Jerry K. Hartman Imagic Universal Card Plot, Joker changes into Ace, Two and Three of Clubs one by one, refined description
Also published here 344
Jerry K. Hartman Descardes Ace of Spades changes to look like three selections, with variation
  • Descardes Deux
Also published here 349
Jerry K. Hartman Image-ician using diminishing lift sequence
Also published here 352
Jerry K. Hartman, Philip T. Goldstein Masque Backwards joker transforms into Ace, Two and Three, one by one
Inspired byRelated to 354
Quick 3-Way
Jerry K. Hartman Wile Card Four Jokers change to Ten, Jack, Queen, King of Spades to form a Royal Flush with a tabled Ace of Spades
Also published here 356
Jerry K. Hartman Trick Pix Quick 3 Way with color changing deck, extension of Peter Kane's trick
Inspired byAlso published here 359
Brother John Hamman Hamman Count
Jerry K. Hartman Back to Back to Backanal four blank cards become all backs, then become four Aces
Related to 362
Nick Trost Paddle Move Variation
Jerry K. Hartman Turnover for faced packet
Jerry K. Hartman Grandeur of Delusion
Jerry K. Hartman People Game Follow the Leader, 4&4 (minus the leader cards), two phases
Also published here 372
Jerry K. Hartman Fixit Mixer 4x4
Also published here 376
Jerry K. Hartman Color Culler spectator is given pairs of red and black cards, he guesses all colors correctly
Inspired byAlso published here
  • in "The Linking Ring" April 1981. P. 87.
Jerry K. Hartman Hue View using twenty cards
Also published here 381
Jerry K. Hartman Other Worldly forming various piles on the table
Jerry K. Hartman World Class
Guiles and Deals
Jerry K. Hartman Foundation four packets in a row, top cards removed
Variations 390
Jerry K. Hartman Overskill Spectator cuts to Aces, then magician cuts to Aces in different flashy ways, with new handling refinements
Also published here 392
Jerry K. Hartman Half Aced Cuts cards are cut into deck with spectator
Inspired byAlso published here
  • in "Precursor" XXII. P. 8.
Jerry K. Hartman Spectator Upstage with handling refinements
Also published here 397
Jerry K. Hartman Sugar and Spice quartet changes into royal flush as kicker
Inspired by 398
Jerry K. Hartman Rused Card Dealer
Related to 401
Jerry K. Hartman, Karl Fulves Stack Knack plot by Fulves, tabled switch
Also published here 403
Jerry K. Hartman Hip Hop switching poker hand after deal
Jerry K. Hartman Sharks Meet Aces and Kings transpo, with gambling theme, Blackjack kicker
Jerry K. Hartman Cautious Count Jordan style count
Edward Marlo Secret Card Add
Jerry K. Hartman Manual Control slightly elaborated handling, re-dealing
Inspired byAlso published here 413
Jerry K. Hartman Top Draw-er spectator choses card to complete royal flush
Also published here 415
Tom Mullica Mullica Mexican Change Over card is scooped up and turned over on deck (not table)
Jerry K. Hartman Hand Me Down specators switch cards
Inspired byAlso published here 418
Jerry K. Hartman Sum of the Holes poker deal theme, 1002nd Aces
Inspired by 419
Jerry K. Hartman Easy Reader Magician cuts to four Aces one by one, then show that Aces have odd colored backs
Also published here 420
Jerry K. Hartman Marked Men spectator finds four Aces one by one, then show that Aces have odd colored backs
Related to 421
Jerry K. Hartman Tete a Tete
Inspired byRelated toAlso published here 423
Jerry K. Hartman Monkey Business' Uncle Monte theme, two Aces of Hearts and one Ace of Spades become all Aces of Hearts, then all Aces of Spades, then back to original, then both Aces of Hearts change to Jokers to end
Inspired byAlso published here 428
Jerry K. Hartman Quick 3-Way Variation
Jerry K. Hartman, Karl Fulves College for Crooks four indifferent cards stacked to spectator, performer receives Aces
Inspired by 432
Jerry K. Hartman Hokum Poker shuffled deck, hand removed and later mated hand is dealt, featuring impromptu stacking, Dead Man's Hand presentation
Also published here 435
Jerry K. Hartman Best Wishes "highest value force", forced four-of-a-kind ends up in poker hand
Related to 437
Jerry K. Hartman Best Hand Forward
Related toAlso published here 439
Jerry K. Hartman Hand in Hand Blindfold Poker Deal
Also published here 443
Mind Readings
Jerry K. Hartman Figmental one of twelve cards is divined by placing it on the table
Related to 446
Jerry K. Hartman, Tom Mullica Mexican Turnover Variation
Jerry K. Hartman Thought Through packet handling
Inspired byAlso published here 449
Jerry K. Hartman Thought Thrust Toothpick thrust into deck next to thought of card
Also published here 451
Jerry K. Hartman, Dai Vernon Stabbing Force Variation
Also published here 453
Jerry K. Hartman Mentalias II using interesting force, spectator lies at his card
Inspired byRelated toAlso published here 454
Jerry K. Hartman One of a Mind
Also published here 455
Jerry K. Hartman, Joseph K. Schmidt Thinking Spell Spell to two selections, down under deal
Inspired byAlso published here 459
Jerry K. Hartman The Discerning Mentalist one of twelve
Inspired by 461
Jerry K. Hartman Hickory Dickory Deck Clock Trick without maths
Also published here 465
Jerry K. Hartman In Better Order packet is dealt and spectator puts three cards in the pile, cards are in order, similar effect as Curry's Swindle of Sorts
Related toVariationsAlso published here
  • "The Linking Ring" June, 1975. P. 76.
Jerry K. Hartman Suit-de-Suits different method without bluff-switch
Inspired byAlso published here 470
Jerry K. Hartman Across Purposes three chosen cards, envelopes
Inspired by 473
Jerry K. Hartman Transmental sort of "Twisted Sisters" ungaffed
Inspired byAlso published here 477
Jerry K. Hartman Odditease two cards from two packets are exchanged, complete four-of-a-kinds are found in each packet
Jerry K. Hartman Delight Switch Variation
Jerry K. Hartman Poker Face-Off
Also published here 483
Jerry K. Hartman Ex-Specter Writing appears on paper card, revealing two selections
Inspired byAlso published here 485
Jerry K. Hartman There's More than One Way to Spin a Cut two decks in reverse order
Also published here 488
Jerry K. Hartman Out of Control two key cards
Jerry Andrus Double Lift Change top card starts out-jogged and is dragged back over inner end for unload
Also published here 491
Jerry K. Hartman Devil Incardnate
Also published here 492
Jerry K. Hartman Memorease ten cards with letters, spectator is able to memorize their order
Also published here 496
Jerry K. Hartman, Sid Lorraine Taste Test packet with liquors printed on them, selection divined
Inspired by 497
Future Shockers
Jerry K. Hartman The Foresight Saga
Also published here 502
Jerry K. Hartman Divines Right
Inspired by 503
Jerry K. Hartman Let's Portend one card is reversed, second deck with same card reversed
Jerry K. Hartman Brainwave Dactet ten-card brainwave
Also published here 508
Jerry K. Hartman Foretell-a-Vision three Royal Flushs removed for two spectators and performer, spectators do as many down-under deals as they like, last card each are shown, they are reversed in performer's packet
VariationsAlso published here 511
Jerry K. Hartman Black and Blue with 14-15 force variation two packets with different colored backs
Also published here
  • in "Precursor" Nr. XXII. P. 11.
Jerry K. Hartman Show Stopper with odd-backed card,
Variations 517
Jerry K. Hartman Re-Prefiguration impromptu
Inspired byVariationsAlso published here
  • "The Linking Ring" September 1976. P. 82.
Jerry K. Hartman Exception Selection packet of cards is shuffled, spectator says stop as they are dealt through and stopped-at card is dealt face down, all cards are shown to be Diamonds and spectator’s card is a Spade
Also published here 522
Jerry K. Hartman Compulsive Thinker Spectator selects only black card in a group of red cards
Also published here 524
Jerry K. Hartman Irresistible Force packet of cards are dealt through face up singly and spectator says stop when he wants and his card is dealt facedown, spectator sees they are the Diamonds in order, his card is turned up and it is the Joker
Also published here 526
Jerry K. Hartman Headspinner card is selected using an arrow on a board which can be spun
Jerry K. Hartman Dupe-licates
Also published here 534
Jerry K. Hartman Match Point spectator and magician each stops on each other's card
Inspired byAlso published here
  • in "The Linking Ring" September 1983. P. 83.
Jerry K. Hartman Striking Matches three pairs of mates
Ronald B. Edwards Group Shuffle Transfer deck is shuffled first half, then second half, cards are transferred
Also published here 537
Jerry K. Hartman Random Tandem packet of cards, pairs are drawn off Klondike fashion, spectator says stop and stopped-at pair is the only pair of mates
Also published here 538
Jerry K. Hartman Transcendental Mate-itation spectator selects only pair of mates
VariationsAlso published here
  • in "The Linking Ring" June 1988. P. 91.
Jerry K. Hartman, Justin Branch Londonderry Pairs Royal Marriage variation
Jerry K. Hartman Pair Pressure
Inspired by 546
Jerry K. Hartman, Philip T. Goldstein Rhine Testing ten ESP cards in envelopes are sorted in pairs by spectator
Inspired by 549
Mixed Tricks
Jerry K. Hartman Knocked for a Loop card reverses when pushed through deck
Related to 556
Jerry K. Hartman Quick Count magician divines card at a certain position in deck
Also published here 558
Jerry K. Hartman Boss Cross King and Queen, one card turns over several times
Also published here
  • in "The Linking Ring" July 1980. P. 81.
Jerry K. Hartman Oddspell performer spells to cards, but when the spectator tries, he always ends up with the joker
Inspired by 561
Jerry K. Hartman A Spelluva Trick magician receives shuffled deck and immediately names a card and spells to it
Also published here 563
Jerry K. Hartman Ahead of the Pack multi-phased Ambitious Card
Also published here 565
Jerry K. Hartman A la Card Cannibal Cards, card placed between Jacks disappears only center piece of card remains
Also published here 569
Jerry K. Hartman Lord's Preyers
Jerry K. Hartman Flatfoot, Floozie and the Boy-Boy Hotel Mystery
Inspired byAlso published here 576
Jerry K. Hartman Mini Ha Ha card shrinks to miniature card
Also published here 579
Jerry K. Hartman Truth Detector
Also published here 584
Jerry K. Hartman Between Tricks Queens progressively appear between two red Aces as the Kings are tapped on the Aces
Also published here 586
Jerry K. Hartman Observation Power
Also published here 589
Jerry K. Hartman Mio Deo four Aces are placed on four Twos on table so that suits match, Ace with same suit as selection transforms into selection
Also published here 593
Jerry K. Hartman Thirtween Two prediction cards placed into the deck, total value of the two cards equal to number of cards between them, the cards between them shown to be Ace to King of Hearts
Also published here 595
Jerry K. Hartman Read All Over Color Changing deck
Also published here 597
Edward Marlo In Lieu of the Hindu Shuffle all alike for full deck
Also published here 598
Jerry K. Hartman Order Restored one suit is reversed in deck and orders itself, updated ungaffed method
Related toVariations 600
Jerry K. Hartman Order in the Sort Blow Change as packet switch
Variations 603
Gaffed Craft
Jerry K. Hartman Horse of a Different Color cards penetrate packet of Jokers, Jokers end up to all have stickers on the pack
Inspired by 606
Jerry K. Hartman Second Blush Blue jokers change to red, then change back
Also published here 610
Jerry K. Hartman Boggle Switch Quick 3 Way variation
Inspired byAlso published here 613
Jerry K. Hartman In Staple Condition business card becomes stapled to selection
Inspired byAlso published here 616
Jerry K. Hartman Fasten-ation small card appears stapled on selection
Also published here 618
Jerry K. Hartman Whole in One torn in half and restored, signed
Also published here 622
Jerry K. Hartman Lo and Be-holed hole punched in card vanishes
Also published here 626
Jerry K. Hartman Middle Joint signed card fuses with card from different deck
Variations 628
Jerry K. Hartman Order Restored II one suit is reversed in deck and orders itself
Related to 631
Jerry K. Hartman Holiday Special spectator deals fourteen cards at random from deck, cards have letters on them which form a message, other cards are blank
Jerry K. Hartman Alpha Beta Cy Alpha-Beta-Cent, alphabet cards show name of selection when dealt
Inspired by 636
Jerry K. Hartman Figmental II one of twelve cards is divined by placing it on the table
Related toAlso published here
  • "Figmental II" in "Precursor" April 1986. P. 3.
Jerry K. Hartman Thinker's Whim
Inspired by 641
Jerry K. Hartman Foreseeing is Deceiving using a pencil
Jerry K. Hartman X-tacy one of ten cards is chosen, it has a point on the back while other cards are marked with an X
Jerry K. Hartman Image Maker blank card changes to selection, in steps, selection is found blank as kicker
Related to 646
Jerry K. Hartman Ghost Right blank card stabbed into deck between two cards, the names of the two cards appear written on the blank face
Also published here 649
Jerry K. Hartman Write On not really prediction
VariationsAlso published here 651
Jerry K. Hartman Across Purposes II with envelopes and ten duplicates
Also published here 654
Jerry K. Hartman A Well Designed Prediction spectator marks card, marking, pen color and card are predicted
Inspired byVariations 657
Jerry K. Hartman Hot Spell thought of card is mentally spelled, duplicates
Related to 662
Jerry K. Hartman Standout spectator finds four Aces one by one, then show that Aces have blank backs
Inspired by
  • Father Cyprian's "My friend the Gambler" in "You Are Magic Lecture Notes Nr. 2"
Related to
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