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Written by Bill Wisch
Work of Bill Wisch
18 pages (Loose-leave collection), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings
Language: English
15 entries
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Bill Wisch Introduction
Variations on "Coins thru the table"
Bill Wisch 6 Coins three coins in each hand, the ones in chosen hand travel through the table
Bill Wisch Multiple Lap sound covered by picking up coins with both hands simultaneously
Bill Wisch 5 Coins two coins in one hand and three in the other, the ones in one hand travel through the table
Bill Wisch 2 Coins one coin in each hand, one travels through the table
Bill Wisch Bicep Bounce Lap coin drops from fist on biceps of same arm and into lap
Bill Wisch 1 Coin
Bill Wisch No Nonsense Knot method for setting up a slip knot
Bill Wisch Ring On! borrowed finger ring travels onto gold chain while spectator's hold end
Inspired by 7
Bill Wisch The Key-Returned key revolved by itself while balanced on fingertip
Bill Wisch Transit Spheres - Plus four marbles travel from one hand to the other, one then changes into larger crystal ball
Bill Wisch Using the elbow as a servante
  • Loading the Elbow Crease
  • Acquitment of the object
Related to 13
Bill Wisch Pecuniary Paste-boards Aces are lost and found again, a coin appears under each card
Bill Wisch Quick Quarter & Half half dollar changes into quarter and back, travels to pocket, quarter is found under performer's watch, "quarter to half gimmick" (folding)
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