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John Bannon Introduction
John Bannon Bullet Party Ace of Spades and three Jokers, various transformations, ends examinable
Also published here 8
John Bannon "Triple Play" Display Sequence combination of Elmsley and Flushtration count to show both sides of four cards
Also published here 11
John Bannon Bullet Catcher performer reverses four cards in the deck out-jogged with cuts, they're the Aces
Related toAlso published here 26
John Bannon Culling Ruse up-jogging the Aces, then multiple shift
Related toAlso published here 30
John Bannon Drop Target Aces three Aces lost, last Ace is about to be lost but remaining packet in the hand turns out to be all four Aces, Lennart Green off-beat Ace trick
Also published here 32
Drop Sleight
Wesley James Load-Up Move
John Bannon Four Shadow Aces
Inspired by
  • "Royal Road Trip" (R. Paul Wilson, The Celtic Cabal, Peter Duffie, e-book, 2009)
Also published here
Edward Marlo Bold Substitution Laydown
Also published here 43
John Bannon Flipside Assembly Ace packet suddenly has all indifferent cards and twelve-card packet with the remaining three Aces becomes the four Aces
Inspired by
  • "TS Aces" (Steve Reynolds, Seek 52 DVD, 2009)
Also published here
John Bannon Le Temps Style Packet Switch
Also published here 57
John Bannon Big Fat Bluff Aces Ace assembly lay-down, Aces vanish, then the leader packet is shown to consist of four Kings, then Aces are on top of all four packets
Inspired by
  • "Monk's Assembly" (Steve Reynolds, Seek 52 DVD, 2009)
Also published here
John Bannon The JB-Siva Vanish
Also published here 63
John Bannon The Bullet Catcher Routine routine of previous effects
Also published here 70
John Bannon Box Jumper selection in deck transposes with card in card case
Inspired byAlso published here 74
Edward Marlo, John Bannon The Flexible Switchout as Control in the deck, spread switch
Related toAlso published here 75
John Benzais Spin Cut
John Bannon The "Fallout" Move in-the-hand slip cut in which top card drops on table, as production move
Also published here 83
John Bannon Fat City Revisited first sandwich in the deck, then whole deck travels between isolated sandwich cards, leaving selection behind
Inspired byAlso published here 86
John Bannon Emoticon Mule :) set-up handling for Roy Walton's effect
Inspired byAlso published here 94
John Bannon Poker Pairadox Redux
Inspired byAlso published here 96
John Bannon Question Zero one of five cards thought of (highest card gambit), cards lost, spectator locates selection
Also published here 106
Lift Shuffle
Neal Elias The Elias Multiple Shift
Also published here 112
John Bannon Crocodile False Cut in-the-hands, three packets, face-up/face-down cutting
Also published here 118
John Bannon Flytrap False Cut in-the-hands, three packets
Also published here 122
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