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John Bannon Foreword
John Bannon Acknowledgements
Fractal Card Magic (2008)
John Bannon The Royal Scam several Aces of Spades do some twisting phases, then some change to a Royal Flush, rainbow back finish
Inspired by
  • Cascade (Roy Walton, 2016)
  • "Queens Out Of Control" (Gerry Griffin, 2004, online video)
  • "The Sympathetic Cards" (Magic Ronnay, 1970s, Emerson & West)
John Bannon Duplicity ungaffed Twisted Sister type transposition, rest shown blank
Inspired by 14
Six. Impossible. Things. (2009)
John Bannon Counterpunch selection lost, Aces are found and used to find selection, but selection was an Ace so the wrong three Aces vanish instead, sucker
Also published here 25
John Bannon The Christ-Cross Force In-the-Hands Criss Cross
Also published here 26
John Bannon, Simon Aronson CC Meets HOH Head Over Heels variation, controls card to second from the top reversed
Also published here 26
John Bannon Low Tech Turnover
Also published here 30
John Bannon 4 Faces North no table, four Aces remain turned over at the end
Also published here 31
Tenkai Ishida Tenkai Revolve
William Goodwin, Larry Jennings The Goodwin/Jennings Display
John Bannon Watching the Detectives three Aces placed aside, two Jacks and the fourth Ace are placed in different part of the deck, suddenly the placed-aside Aces are shown to be the Jacks sandwiching the selected Ace
Also published here 34
John Bannon PDFB Switch "Packet Discrepant Fat Block Switch"
Also published here 35
John Bannon New Jax sandwiched card transposes with another card, happens in deck
Also published here 38
John Bannon Bluff Switch Move as sandwich with card is cut into deck
Also published here 38
John Benzais Benzais Spin Cut
John Bannon Full Circle reproduction of three Aces after previous routine
Also published here 42
John Bannon Origami Poker Revisited tapestry folding, Royal Flush finish
Also published here 44
John Bannon Riverboat Poker openly recited overhand shuffling formula, combined with Gardner/Marlo deal
Also published here 46
John Bannon The Einstein Overkill combined with Ace revelation
Also published here 53
Open and Notorious (2009)
John Bannon Opening the Open Prediction
Also published here 59
John Bannon Fifty-One Fat Chances cut-deeper force approach
Also published here 61
John Bannon Que Será Será three mates used to predict the card
Also published here 65
John Bannon Discrepancy City Display showing four cards as four-of-a-kind even though there are only three and one indifferent
John Bannon View To A 'Skill two phase Miraskill with outcome predicted
Also published here 69
Biddle Overcount
Mega 'Wave (2010)
John Bannon Mega 'Wave four face-up Queens and four face-down wrapped cards, any Queen named, it reverses in the first packet, then is shown reversed, odd-backed with three Jokers à la B'Wave in the banded packet, then Queen itself becomes blank
Inspired by
  • Omega series, Stephen Tucker
Related to
OPEC Count Out-Of-Position Elmsley Count
John Bannon Fractal Re-Call eight cards removed from deck, four of them transform into four Aces of Spades, other four into four different Aces, then first group into Royal Flush
Inspired byVariations 91
John Bannon The Covered Slug Switch bit like Hamman Count with slip cut from the deck
Inspired by
  • Bruce Bernstein thought cards across routine from Linking Ring Card Corner (ca. 1990/91)
John Bannon Five Identical Aces with in-the-hands Mexican Turnover, see also p. 293
John Bannon Short Attention Scam nine Aces of Spades shown, five change into a Royal Flush and the other four have rainbow backs
Inspired by 99
John Bannon Over-Hamman Shuffle overhand shuffle Hamman Count
Also published here
  • "Call of the Wild" (John Bannon, 1993)
John Bannon Mag-7 blank cards change into duplicates of a Queen of Spades, ungaffed
Inspired by 105
John Bannon Fractal Jacks eight-card packet used, Jacks put on top, dealt for two players, performer gets Jacks, in second repeat spectator gets Jacks and performer Aces
Inspired by 109
John Bannon Wicked! (Transposition) selection jumps from between black Queens to red Queens and back
Inspired by 114
Bullet Party (2011)
John Bannon Bullet Party Ace of Spades and three Jokers, various transformations, ends examinable
Also published here 121
John Bannon "Triple Play" Display Sequence combination of Elmsley and Flushtration count to show both sides of four cards
Also published here 123
John Bannon Bullet Catcher performer reverses four cards in the deck out-jogged with cuts, they're the Aces
Also published here 131
John Bannon Culling Ruse up-jogging the Aces, then multiple shift
Also published here 133
John Bannon Drop Target Aces three Aces lost, last Ace is about to be lost but remaining packet in the hand turns out to be all four Aces, Lennart Green off-beat Ace trick
Also published here 135
Drop Sleight
Wesley James Load-Up Move
John Bannon Four Shadow Aces
Also published here 141
Edward Marlo Bold Substitution Laydown under the headline "Ace Additions"
Also published here 142
John Bannon Flipside Assembly Ace packet suddenly has all indifferent cards and twelve-card packet with the remaining three Aces becomes the four Aces
Also published here 148
John Bannon Le Temps Style Packet Switch
Also published here 151
John Bannon Big Fat Bluff Aces Ace assembly lay-down, Aces vanish, then the leader packet is shown to consist of four Kings, then Aces are on top of all four packets
Also published here 154
John Bannon The JB-Siva Vanish
Also published here 155
John Bannon The Bullet Catcher Routine routine of previous effects
Also published here 159
John Bannon Box Jumper selection in deck transposes with card in card case
Also published here 161
Edward Marlo, John Bannon The Flexible Switchout as Control in the deck, spread switch
Also published here 162
John Benzais Spin Cut
John Bannon The "Fallout" Move in-the-hand slip cut in which top card drops on table, as production move
Also published here 167
John Bannon Fat City Revisited first sandwich in the deck, then whole deck travels between isolated sandwich cards, leaving selection behind
Also published here 169
John Bannon Emoticon Mule :) set-up handling for Roy Walton's effect
Also published here 174
John Bannon Poker Pairadox Redux
Also published here 175
John Bannon Question Zero one of five cards thought of (highest card gambit), cards lost, spectator locates selection
Also published here 182
Lift Shuffle
Neal Elias The Elias Multiple Shift
Also published here 186
John Bannon Crocodile False Cut in-the-hands, three packets, face-up/face-down cutting
Also published here 189
John Bannon Flytrap False Cut in-the-hands, three packets
Also published here 192
Triabolical (2011)
Liam Montier, John Bannon B'rainiac named Ace is reversed in dollar-wrapped four-card packet, other three blank and named Ace odd-backed, then blank cards change to other Aces with rainbow backs
Also published here 197
John Bannon Bullet Party Display Count combination of Elmsley and Flushtration count to show both sides of four cards
Also published here 200
John Bannon Short Attention Spin three blank-faced cards and an Ace, Ace vanishes and appears, blank cards become other Aces with rainbow backs
Also published here 206
Liam Montier Montinator 5.0 using four cards openly marked on the back for pseudo monte type routine with transformations
Also published here 210
One Off
John Bannon Aces Over Easy performer stops four times during over overhand shuffle, Aces shown at bottom of packets, Aces lost, they are shown reversed in center
Inspired by
  • "LJ Double-Undercut Aces" (Larry Jennings)
Also published here
John Bannon One of the Better Losers ten hand deal for Texas Hold 'em, Aces stacked, another player receives Royal Flush
Inspired by
  • "Pocket Rockets" (John Bannon, 2005)
Also published here
  • Hold 'Em Magic, Tom Frame, 2011
John Bannon Cull de Stack cull-placement procedure with strip-out
Also published here 225
All In (Magic Magazine, February 2012)
John Bannon Chronic spectator remembers a card and its position, deck cut, some cards counted off and that packet used to locate selection with reverse faro elimination, "One plus One equals Two" location
Simon Aronson Bluff Oracle always ends with bottom card
Inspired byVariations 234
John Bannon Buf'd bottom and top card of the deck transpose, deck turns over, one card lost, other transposes, four-of-a-kind shows up matching one of the cards
Inspired by 237
Bottom Tilt
John Bannon Origami Poker Revisited tapestry folding, Royal Flush finish
Related to 244
John Bannon Ion Man one of three imaginary coins is chosen and flipped, coin and heads/tails predicted
Inspired by 253
John Bannon, Rajneesh Madhok Bannon at the Sidebar
John Bannon Spin Doctor Aces turn over, then one Ace becomes a blank card and the Ace appears back with the other three, rainbow back finish
Inspired byRelated toAlso published here
  • "Spin Doctor" (DVD, 2008)
John Bannon Spin Cycle ungaffed twisting with revelation of a selection
David Solomon The Power of Poker
Also published here 278
John Bannon The Bannon Triumph "a/k/a Play it Straight Triumph"
ordered suit reversed & distributed as finale
Also published here 285
John Bannon Fractal Re-Call (Remix) eight cards removed from deck, four of them transform into four Aces of Spades, other four into four different Aces, then first group into Royal Flush
Inspired by 289
The Veeser Switch
John Bannon Origami Prediction tapestry folding with multi-stage prediction (as in shuffle-bored)
Inspired by 298
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