Written by Tom Batchelor
Work of Tom Batchelor
52 pages (Stapled), published by Magic, Inc.
Illustrated with drawings
Language: English
32 entries
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Tom Batchelor The Unfinished Shuffle Control selection tossed into incomplete faro shuffle with cards standing on their side, cards pushed together and jog established
Tom Batchelor The Fan Control bottom card of one-handed right-hand fan slid to the bottom as that half is squared onto the half in left-hand dealing position
Variations 8
Tom Batchelor The Clip-Cut Control Pass cover pass or "display pass" with top-card cover
Inspired by 11
Tom Batchelor The Glimpse of a Peek step fan, then the inner corner is bent open behind fan
Tom Batchelor The Fan Shot card sticks out of fan, it is flicked with other hand or shaken out with hand holding the fan
Tom Batchelor The Transfer Force spectator says stop during deal, card is them palm-transferred onto tabled dealt pile
Tom Batchelor The Search first card located, second card turns over in deck
Tom Batchelor The Removal Reversal center KM move from spread
Tom Batchelor The Turnover Surprise card appears face up on tabled ribbon spread as it is turned over
Tom Batchelor It's About Time card travels to under the performer's wrist watch (not folded)
Tom Batchelor The Second Discovery of America gag card with map of America on one side and miniature of selection on other side
Tom Batchelor The Card Prayer cards riffle shuffled with side shuffle, selection is stuck between hands in prayer position
Tom Batchelor On the Cut deck cut from hand onto table, card appears face-up in front of deck, Kelly/Ovette type set-up
Tom Batchelor The Card Finders six piles made, one pile chosen, selection appears reversed in it
Tom Batchelor The All Finger Cut flourish cut in which a tabled deck is cut into six packets, packets between all pairs of fingers between both hands
Tom Batchelor The Shakedown deck held in incomplete faro position, it is shaken, all cards on one side slip out except selection
Tom Batchelor Revolving Revelation
  • Phase 1: reversed card pivots out between two halves
  • Phase 2: à la Cervon's Pivot Revelation
Related to 33
Tom Batchelor Stand-Up Pivot Revelation similar to Cervon's Pivot Revelation without table
Related to 35
Tom Batchelor Without a Shuffle, Cut or Deal black Aces put on top and bottom of deck, two cards chosen and lost, without any more handling they are found with the Hofzinser Toss, Aces are still on top and bottom
Tom Batchelor The In-Line Control unusual cull handling with top section of spread held in right-hand end grip
Tom Batchelor The Folded Card selection is found folded in half in center of deck
Tom Batchelor The Riffle Shuffle Fold tabled, in half
Related toVariations 39
Tom Batchelor Three Card Location first two cards are found folded in half in the deck one by one, third card folded in quarters in matchbox
Tom Batchelor Half Fold mercury fold, only in half
Tom Batchelor Card to Mouth brief
Tom Batchelor Strangers in Our Midst four cards with different rainbow backs produced from deck, they are all duplicates of selection, variations:
  • Smuggler's Deck
  • In the Midst of Strangers
Tom Batchelor Through Thick and Thin block of twelve glued cards, thick card introduced as transformed selection, thick card used to find the Aces
Tom Batchelor The Way Out intro to outs
Tom Batchelor The Timed Out performer can locate the selection faster than spectator
Tom Batchelor Your Card - My Card Out wrong card found, spectator stops dealing and wrong card is placed there, deck assembled and spread, above and blow the card are spectator's and performer's selection
Tom Batchelor Losing Control spectator's card is removed but keeps showing up
Tom Batchelor The Progression of Strangers routine with several gag cards, tree of hearts
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