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Bob Farmer Introduction credit information
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  • Michael Breggar's "Flat Dice" (marketed item)
2022 1
Bob Farmer Any Card At Any Hummer piles made on the table, one card chosen and cards assembled, from one pile the spectator chooses four cards, they are added up and the is found at that sum
2022 2
Bob Farmer The Hummer Addition Principle discussion
Related to 2022 5
Bob Hummer Lite-Ning Addition spectator removes an Ace or a Two face down, then a Three or a Four and so on, total of added values is divined
Also published here 2022 8
Bob Farmer Another Any Card At Any Hummer number is generated by adding the card values on four double-blank cards that have cards written on both sides
  • The Blomberg Layout Procedure (Tomas Blomberg)
2022 9
Bob Farmer Sunken Key Procedure tabled spread instead of cutting deck into three piles
Inspired by
  • "The Sunken Key Again" (Geoffrey Scalbert, Abracadabra, Vol. 12 No. 310, 5. Jan. 1952)
2022 10
Bob Farmer Touch Force Handling
Also published here 2022 11
George Sands An Oddity paper slips with numbers on each side are arranged by the spectator
Also published here 2022 16
Bob Fillman Marking by Paper Grain can be differentiated by feel inside envelope
2022 17
Shigeo Futagawa Shigeo Futagawa Prediction four cards with numbers on both sides are mixed, total predicted
Also published here
  • Fractal Music, Hypercards & More (Martin Gardner, 1991, p. 223)
2022 18
Bob Farmer Stunumbers variation, some small numbers added, total predicted, using number cards
Inspired by 2022 20
Bob Farmer E.S.P. Hummer four cards with symbols with numerical values on both sides are in envelopes
  • Phase One (chosen symbol in envelope is divined)
  • Phase Two (total of four sides predicted)
Inspired by 2022 22
Bob Farmer Hummer Sins And Virtues seven cards with numbers on both sides (and virtues and sins), a total is added up and used to locate a sentence in a book which has been predicted
2022 28
Bob Farmer Astrologic Hummer six double-sided zodiac sign cards with lucky cards
  • Phase One (value sum of the lucky cards in a random arrangement is divined)
  • Phase Two (value sum is predicted this time)
  • Phase Three (another value sum is predicted in an astrology book)
Related to
  • "Optional Oracle" (Norm Houghton, Abra #839)
2022 32
Tomas Blomberg The Blomberg Variation
  • Phase Three Alternative
  • The Deck of Cards Ending (lucky card is cut to)
Inspired by 2022 39
Juan Tamariz Temptation number arrived at via numbered paper pieces, spectator arrives at "lust" in a list of sins
Also published here
  • "Temptation" (Juan Tamariz, Verbal Magic, 2008)
2022 40
Bob Farmer Hummer Addition Principle Conclusions
2022 41
Bob Farmer Hummer Subtraction Principle
2022 41
Bob Hummer Hummer's Poker Chip Mystery six poker chips with numbers on each side, spectator can turn them while performer's back is turned and then cover three chips, performer names numbers covered
Also published here 2022 42
Bob Farmer Naming the Hummer Principles
Related to 2022 43
Bob Farmer Inspired By Hummer list of effects using the Hummer Addition/Subtraction Principle
  • The Total Is! 1976 (The Magic of Gerald Kosky)
  • The New Math Miracle 1978 (Larry Becker, World of Super Mentalism)
  • Numeral-oh-gee 1979 (Amazing Randi, Apocalypse)
  • Stunumbers 1983 (Shigeo Futagawa, Self-Working Number Magic)
  • Stargazer 1986 (David Britland, Psychomancy)
  • Prediction 1991 (Shigeo Futagawa)
  • A Sense Of Freedom 1992 (Peter Duffie, Ulterior Motifs)
  • Numb...bers 1994 (Peter Duffie, Cards In Principle)
  • Bird Watcher 1997 (Tenyo)
  • Card Conspiracy 2003 (Peter Duffie, Robert Robertson)
  • Speed Dating 2011 (Michael Weber, Tim Trono)
  • Real Secrets Jelly Bean Estimator 2012 (Michael Weber, Tim Trono)
  • Lotto Envelopes 2012 (Michał Kociołek)
  • Papa’s Theatre 2013 (Gaëtan Bloom, Full Bloom Volume One)
  • Doubling Down 2015 (Steve Beam, Semi-Auotomatic Card Tricks Vol. 9)
  • Card At Any Sum 2017 (Ryan Schlutz, False Anchors)
  • Lucky You 2019 (Michał Kociołek, Plots & Methods)
  • Flat Dice 2019 (Michael Breggar)
  • RNG 2020 (Ryan Schlutz, False Anchors Volume Four)
2022 44
Bob Farmer Thank Yous
2022 50
Bob Farmer Hummer Ching I Ching, divination of hidden number, then I Ching reading prediction as magic square
  • Phase One: Chinese Numerology Divination of a Total
  • Phase Two: Predicting the Future
Addendum #1 2022 1
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