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Written by Nathan Kranzo
Work of Nathan Kranzo
13 pages (Stapled), published by Radio Free Atlantis Production
Illustrated with drawings by Rose Rings
Language: English
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Nathan Kranzo The Big Push deck is sprung face up and stopped at a blank card, blank is tabled and this is repeated three more times, on last time the blank is changed into an Ace and other three tabled cards are now Aces
Inspired by
  • "Springing the Aces" (Steve Forte, Channel One, Volume II, Issue #6, December 2000)
Steve Forte Spring Street Aces Revelation springing deck and stopping at specific card
Baltazar Fuentes Gravity Color Change face-up card on deck instantly changes when deck is turned, uncredited
Nathan Kranzo Check Please corner torn from check made out for $5.50, corner visually changed into half dollar, rest of check changed into $5 bill
Nathan Kranzo Cap Pocket or #@%$# Revisited signed card appears folded and clipped in pen cap of pen that is in inner breast jacket pocket
Nathan Kranzo Breath Freshener Gag quick visual effect where pack of breath mints changes into breath freshener spray, gimmick
Nathan Kranzo Hot Coin borrowed coin is squeezed and smoke is seen escaping from fist, coin is bent, uses thumbtip
Nathan Kranzo Low Tide three coins appear from lighter flame
Nathan Kranzo Coins Thru Pocket three coins penetrate out from breast pocket
Geoffrey Latta False take from fan of coins coin really slid behind others, brief, uncredited
Sleeving technique coin dropped from sleeve into hand
Nathan Kranzo Too Much Coffee coffee stirrer stirs in a cup on its own and stops on your command, to end, the stirrer appears behind ear and then the cup vanishes, thumbtip
Nathan Kranzo Tornado Straw straw is poked through bottom of cup, cup is restored, thumbtip
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