Written by Andi Gladwin
Work of Various
68 pages (E-book), published by Underground Collective
Illustrated with photographs
Language: English
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Andi Gladwin Introduction
Luke Dancy Under Control card left out-jogged, controlled to bottom, without spreading
Inspired by 6
Kostya Kimlat Sweet Cherry Living stem of two cherries is fused together
John Bodine BVA named four-of-a-kind removed, then named suit turns over, then all turn over
Jamie Badman 21 Forever spectator makes decisions to choose hands for performer and himself, performer wins
Jamie Badman, Colin Miller Underground Change turnover change variation in which the tabled card is switched for the second card in the deck
Also published here 19
Jack Parker Meester Tweester four Jokers tabled, four Queens used for twisting, then Queen packet changes to Jokers in stages, Queens found on table
Tyler Wilson Cherry Bomb cherry drawn on card, knot tied in its drawn stem in the performer's mouth
Inspired byVariations 24
John Bodine Just One Rubber & Get Your Knot Off rubber band torn and knotted, knot pulled off and band is restored
Colin Miller Three Card Location Too three spectators cut off a packet, remember their card and shuffle, cards located, last one divined
Inspired by 33
Andi Gladwin Full Mental Racket four Eights and Twos are removed, they are counted and Ten cards are seen, they then become Ace through Eight of Clubs
Inspired by 36
Kostya Kimlat Wings eaten and restored chicken wing
Jack Parker Two Minds Without a Single Thought spectator removes group of cards, two groups are made from those, top cards are mates
Rob James E.J. Sandwich Aces on table, spectator signs a card which vanishes from top of deck, it is found between the Aces
Inspired by
  • "Highland Fling" (Jerry Sadowitz, The Crimp #58)
Edward Marlo Count Cop & Transfer
Luke Dancy Cheetah's Cellphones ideas with cellphones
  • Voice recorders
    • Let the selection free, Luke!
    • The sensitive phone
    • Further ideas
  • Camera phones
Robert Moreland Ascanio Spread Finesse ending in one-line display
Robert Moreland Nightmare Queens eat three other cards, then Queens vanish and other cards remain
Andi Gladwin Whiplash two cards by spectators and one by performer are removed and held between the hands of performer and spectator, only one card remains and other two are reversed in deck
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Andi Gladwin Small Packet One Handed Multiple Top Palm
Andi Gladwin Whispers from the Underground
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