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Written by Ken Simmons
Work of Ken Simmons
10 pages (Stapled), published by B.S. Publications
Illustrated with drawings by Robert LaRue
Language: English
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Ken Simmons Introduction
Ken Simmons Spectator Really Cuts to and Turns Over the Aces spectator cuts off four packets while performer holds deck
  • Adding to the Effect (having Kings at bottoms of each packet as kicker)
Ken Simmons Pick-Up Force spectator cuts (hopefully) into break
Also published here 3
Ken Simmons Nothing Short of a Miracle card peeked at, wrong card given between spectator's fingers who wiggles it, nothing happens, then it changes, spectator holds a double (optional sticky substance, see p. 10)
Variations 6
Edward Marlo Marlo Pivot Move double held in left-hand dealing position, it is pivoted away from the hand
Also published here
  • New Tops, June 1981, p. 7
Edward Marlo Miracle Change No. 3 into "Master Palm", with sleeving ditch
VariationsAlso published here 8
Ken Simmons Double Turnover Handling same as Stuart Gordon Turnover
Also published here 9
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