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Illustrated with drawings by Joneile Emery
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Jerry MacGregor Acknowledgements
Jerry MacGregor What Are We Doing?
Part I: Reasons
Jerry MacGregor 1. Stepping into the Real World Ten Tips for the Real World
  • 1. A Routine, Not Tricks
  • 2. Establish a Character
  • 3. Keep Your Magic Visual
  • 4. Have a Direct Opener
  • 5. Choose Winning Effects
  • 6. Involve the Audience's Emotions
  • 7. Keep It Simple
  • 8. Build Toward a Climax
  • 9. Have a Clear Ending
  • 10. Help Them Like You
Jerry MacGregor 2. Learning to Entertain My Five Magic Truths
  • 1. The Audience Must Like Me
  • 2. I Always Use Ordinary Props
  • 3. I Work Standing Up
  • 4. I Have to Like It
  • 5. I've Got to Fool Them Badly
Also published here
  • The Restaurant Magician's Handbook (Jim Pace & Jerry MacGregor, 1996)
Jerry MacGregor 3. The Meaning of Your Magic Does Your Magic Have Meaning?
  • 1. Have a Strategy
  • 2. Establish Your Personality
  • 3. Choose Words Carefully
  • 4. Reveal Your Wonder
  • 5. Practice Your Timing
  • 6. Create Excitement
  • 7. Demonstrate Relaxation
  • 8. Practice Everything
Jerry MacGregor 4. Magic Words Five Questions to Ask Yourself
  • 1. What Do I Say?
  • 2. How Do I Say It?
  • 3. How Can I Use Words Effectively?
  • 4. Do I Have to Be Funny?
  • 5. What Do I Not Say?
Jerry MacGregor 5. Hocus Pocus and Sim Sala Bim Using Words to Your Advantage
  • 1. The Introduction
  • 2. The Conclusion
  • 3. The Transition
Jerry MacGregor 6. The Magician on Stage Using Nonverbal Clues to Your Advantage
  • 1. Create a Visual Picture
  • 2. Descriptive Hands and Face
  • 3. Purposeful Movement
  • 4. Clear Blocking
  • 5. Open Up
  • 6. Create Comfort
  • 7. Use Speed
  • 8. Close the Gap
  • 9. Dress in Character
  • 10. Clean Up
Jerry MacGregor 7. Selecting Tricks for the Real World My Ten Criteria for Selecting Effects
  • 1. Read Widely
  • 2. Make Sure It Grabs Your
  • 3. Choose Visual Effects
  • 4. Prefer Direct Effects
  • 5. Prefer Normal Props
  • 6. Prefer Practical Applications
  • 7. Use Audience Participation
  • 8. Think "Simple"
  • 9. Know Your Audience
  • 10. Know Your Limits
Jerry MacGregor 8. Preparation and Practice Ten Steps in Getting Ready to Perform
  • 1. Walk Through It
  • 2. Envision It
  • 3. Get Comfortable with It
  • 4. Have Someone Evaluate It
  • 5. Repeat It
  • 6. Set the Timing
  • 7. Look for Naturalness
  • 8. Focus on Misdirection
  • 9. Check Your Reaction
  • 10. Study the Situation
Jerry MacGregor 9. Routining Your Show Moving From Rehearsal to Performance
  • 1. The Notation of the "Show"
  • 2. The Beginning: Start Fast
  • 3. The Middle: Use Variety
  • 4. The End: A Slam-Bang Finish
  • 5. Crescendos
  • 6. The Themed Act
  • 7. The Basic Five
  • 8. Tricks as Tools
  • 9. Varied Venues
  • 10. What Do People Like?
Jerry MacGregor 10. The Biggest Secret in Magic Focusing Your Act
  • 1. The Big Goal
  • 2. The Little Goals
  • 3. The Biggest Secret
Part II: Routines
Jerry MacGregor 11. Grab-Them-by-the-Throat Openers
Carey Heim Bottle Opener bottle production from silk à la Bob Read
Bob Wallace Two-Step Aces spectator shuffles deck, performer shows shuffled deck, shuffles once, then Aces are shown on top
Steve Mayhew The Sweet Smell of Success flash paper transforms into real flower (carnation)
VariationsAlso published here 146
Jerry MacGregor The Logic Cup coffee mug as chop cup, routine with balls, silk, bill, newspaper
Jim Pace Jim's Close-Up Miser miser's dream routine for close-up, starts with "flash paper to coin"
Mark Benthimer Arnold bullet produced from dollar bill, then small silk streamer, then it changes into a hundred dollar bill
Steve Taylor Rush Lintball short sponge ball opening routine, producing two balls, one travels into hand of spectator, growing ball
Steve Taylor Various Business Tips & Opinions
Steve Taylor Shrinking Nickel on spectator's hand with Raven
Carey Heim The Fantastic Bird Production body load production for close-up
Jerry MacGregor Opening Prediction card chosen matches prediction, then all other cards shown to be one-way force deck of a different card
Alignment Move Switch
Jerry MacGregor MacGregor's Vanishing Wine Glass pendulum pull
Also published here
  • The Restaurant Magician's Handbook (Jim Pace & Jerry MacGregor, 1996)
Jerry MacGregor 12. Fool-Their-Pants-off Middle Routines
Richard W. Levin Watch Out coin put in silk, it vanishes, sucker repeat in which spectators see the false transfer but it reappears in silk, watch appears in silk as finale
Also published here 182
George Olson The Pill Box coins from hand to box one by one, then all at once
John Greene John's Photography routine for Hull's Mental Photography
Inspired by 192
John Greene On Personality
Toby Wessel Pick a Key, Any Key borrowed signed key changes to copper coin, then the coin vanishes on top of deck and reappears as the key next to selection, then key vanishes in trouser folds, ring flight finale
Jerry MacGregor Star Ring borrowed finger ring vanishes and appears on performer's fourth finger, threaded onto rope and back on finger, threaded onto spoon and back on finger
Jim Pace The Tearable Trick torn and restored napkin in spectator's hand, does not work for performer
Jerry MacGregor Coincident five phases of copper and silver transposition between hands and pocket, also spectator's hand, using two double-sided coins
Bob Wallace Four-Ace Follow Up Aces lost and found, brief
Cut Multiple Shift from in-jog, brief
Jerry MacGregor Quick Aces Aces lost, spectator chooses any card, that many cards counted down and all Aces are found there
Edward Marlo Simple Shift
George Olson Short-Changed with glued bill gaff
Carey Heim E-Z Watch Steal watch steal during sponge ball routine with squeaker
Jerry MacGregor 13. Leave-Them-with-Their-Mouths-Open Mental Magic
Mark Allen Thought Suggestion named number predicted on business card that was placed under a napkin or mat
Robert Cassidy Close-Up Mentalism intro to collection of different routines, see following entries
Robert Cassidy The Black Lipstick #1 die in film can, number is divined
Inspired by
  • Principia Mentalia
Robert Cassidy DyCypher 2 die in brass box, number divined three time, uses Chazpo's DyCypher2 prop
Robert Cassidy The Black Lipstick #2 black smear on first name
Related to 239
Robert Cassidy Psychokinetic Powers key bending, then pen falls off edge
Robert Cassidy The Name/Place Routine name and place are written on two pieces of paper, both are divined even though one has been destroyed, simplified version
Inspired by 243
Robert Cassidy Perfect Voodoo figure drawn on bill that is penetrated with pen, using John Cornelius's Perfect Pen
Robert Cassidy Bob's Tips on performing close-up mentalism
Jerry MacGregor The Walk-Around Mentalist
  • Phase 1: postcard selected and predicted
  • Phase 2: two spectators take five cards each, exchange one, all cards lost in deck, performer finds the selections
  • Phase 3: card prediction
Jerry MacGregor 14. Haymaker Closers
Kirk Charles Decked card lost, four cards shown that are supposed to tell suit, value, .. of selection, all shown as selection, then change to Aces
Also published here
  • lecture notes "Tricked and Tricked Again"
Rick Anderson The Ultimate Floating Bill
Tony Eng Stealing Time watch steal during finger chopper routine
Jim Pace Six Card Climax
Jerry MacGregor The Other Scotch and Soda card under glass with repeat
Jim Pace Coin Fantasy matrix followed by production of a total of thirteen coins
Related to 291
Carey Heim Impossible Closer wrong card torn, pieces change into correct card which is restored
Inspired by 297
Jerry MacGregor Finis
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