Written by Karl Fulves
Work of Various
140 pages (Stapled), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Joseph K. Schmidt
Language: English
128 entries
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John Scarne Power Play two Royal Flushes, arranged in two rows by spectator and performer, the card match, no extra card or one-ahead
1 1999 1
Martin Gardner Short Armed spectator stand in front of wall with out-stretched arms, fingertips touch the wall, a bit later the arms seem shorter
1 1999 2
Karl Fulves Following Orders Ace through Five in two suits are removed, Follow the Leader type routine in which the cards are turned up in numerical order
Related toVariations 1 1999 3
Karl Fulves Put-Back Move Variation one card exchanged while two packets are displayed and separated
Inspired by 1 1999 3
Darren Bradley Quick Predict spectator indicates two cards that are out-jogged and removed, they match the spectator's day of birth
1 1999 5
Victor Comello Pull-Out Switch out-jogged cards are removed one by one and switched
Related to 1 1999 5
Karl Fulves Cold Cash spectator should guess which coin is heavier with closed eyes, they are the same but colder coin seems heavier
1 1999 5
Walter Rollins, Howard Wurst Han Ping Cheat classic Han Ping Ching routine with six coins and a ring, but done with coins in paper cups instead of hands
Related to 1 1999 6
Karl Fulves Thank You short gag with "Turn Me Over" on a piece of paper, "Thank You" on other side
1 1999 6
Karl Fulves A Theory of Space unknown card reversed in deck, card at small chosen number is shown and placed aside face down, when counted again, the same card is seen there as the reversed card from the beginning, tabled card is indifferent, also as a transposition
1 1999 8
Karl Fulves Super Rise Switch Handling
Related to 1 1999 8
Tom Sellers The Finder Pencil pencil moved over row of tabled cards, it moves at selection, pencil threaded through finger ring
1 1999 10
Karl Fulves The Black Sox Scandal red-black game with twelve red and eleven black cards
1 1999 11
Howard A. Adams Nu Triple Basic packet is down-under-dealt three times so that three people end up with two cards each, they all add up to nine
Also published here
  • Mindespa
1 1999 12
Karl Fulves Discoverie No. 1 on this magazine
Related to 1 1999 13
Don Nielsen Drop Ceiling cards sprung into the air, they drop on the floor, selection is then on head of performer
1 1999 14
Michael Esposito Two of You two pages in two dictionaries are chosen with number cards, top words match
1 1999 14
Neal Elias Bottom Deal take at inner right corner, best for packet, not full deck
  • Dealing the Top Card
  • Dealing the Bottom Card
  • To Bottom Deal a Card Face Up
2 2000 15
Neal Elias A Simple Effect card lost, running cut until spectator stops, then spectator names small number and card is found at that position
2 2000 18
Cutting Stop Force brief
2 2000 18
Karl Fulves Guiding Light diminishing speller with packet
Variations 2 2000 20
Herb Zarrow, Tom Burke Herb Zarrow on Tom Burke's Master Move
Related to 2 2000 21
Vernon Winiecke Safety Pin Escape safety pin linked to handkerchief, then rolled up, it is free when rolled open again, with other ideas
Inspired by 2 2000 22
Norman Osborn Double Choice two cards chosen with Charlier Cut procedure, one put back, performer can name which one spectator holds and optionally which one he put back
Inspired by 2 2000 24
T. Nelson French Kick coin taken from hand, actually lapped, also with cookie which is shot into mouth
2 2000 25
Chas. D. Willis Significator a glass moves during a tarot reading
2 2000 26
Karl Fulves Discoverie No. 2 Houdini special on PBS television, passing of Al Mann and Doug Henning
2 2000 27
Karl Fulves Formula Four four Jacks put in the pocket, named four-of-a-kind removed, one of those transposes with a Jack in the pocket
Inspired by 2 2000 28
J. W. Sarles Gambler's Cut rope restoration based on a blackjack deck switch, extra loop
Related to 3 2000 29
T. Nelson Night Watch pocket watch is on fingers, two bracelets are put over it and watch becomes invisible, then another watch appears
3 2000 31
Karl Fulves Kronos Effect ten-card packet cut and arranged via counting procedure by spectator, the position of one card in the packet has been predicted
3 2000 33
Karl Fulves Chatter drink visibly vanishes when chattering teeth are thrown in
3 2000 33
Moe's Move A Card reprint of ad
Also published here
  • Linking Ring, July 1932
3 2000 34
Karl Fulves More Moe card counting in one half and fishing
Related to 3 2000 34
Karl Fulves Glass of Spirits two glasses stacked and covered with paper tube, several swizzle sticks thrown into top glass, chosen color penetrates into bottom glass
3 2000 35
Gary Rand Quicksand small ball sinks into paper cup filled with rice, then rises up again when shaken, thread
3 2000 36
Tony Bartolotta A Small Seance three ages (numbers) are divined on blank cardboards, one year off by two, ashes from burned card form the number two
Related to 3 2000 37
Roy Walton Theory Z Two four-card packet given to spectator, it is shuffled and one card arrived at with counting procedure, predicted
Inspired by 3 2000 39
Martin Gardner Pencil Magnet pencil in paper cup, pencil is held and cup remains suspended
Related to 3 2000 39
Frank Thompson Add On Move Aces up-jogged, put on top, three cards switched out
3 2000 40
Karl Fulves Discoverie No. 3 Hayward Circer, Dover publications, Slydini and misdirection
3 2000 42
Martin Gardner Thot Card To Pocket card thought of from red-backed deck, same card vanishes from blue deck and travels to pocket
4 2000 43
Karl Fulves X-Eyes distorted writing on paper or two index fingers becomes a prediction or revelation when put near the eyes and eyes are thrown out of focus
4 2000 44
L. Vosburgh Lyons Left To Right spectator remembers a card near the top, performer peeks at top card, names it and puts it aside one by one, spectator slaps on pile when his card was named, yet selection is produced from other pile
Inspired by 4 2000 45
Karl Fulves, J. W. Sarles, Joseph K. Schmidt Thumb Nailed rope through spectator's thumb
4 2000 46
Harry Kaye Augurs Well four slips of paper, four spectators write some word on it, they are divined, center tears
4 2000 48
Karl Fulves In The Code one card from two four-of-a-kind sets chosen, it travels into the wallet, Matsuyama Force
Related toVariations 4 2000 50
Joseph K. Schmidt Spring Peek during springing flourish, dated 1939
Related to 4 2000 51
Jack Avis Colour Match II ten-card sequence of spectator matches cards dealt out by performer from bottom of deck in its red-black sequence
Inspired by 4 2000 52
Vernon Winiecke Transpo Coins coin inside spectator's fist visually transposes with coin on top of his fist
Inspired by
  • "Pennys Thru Table" (Tony Kardyro)
Related to
4 2000 53
Chas. D. Willis Sealed Mystery ropes tied to both wrists of performer, then ropes tied together behind back, plastic ring is put onto ring behind screen
Related to 4 2000 54
Karl Fulves Discoverie No. 4 amateurs vs. professionals
4 2000 56
Sam Schwartz Remote Viewing 5x5 layout, spectator moves around according to fixed rules and ends on force card
Inspired byRelated toVariations 5 2001 57
Lin Searles One Way Secret for deck with obvious one-way pattern, turning only two suits over
Related to 5 2001 59
James G. Thompson Jr. Matching Matches match pushed into fist, comes out the other way
5 2001 60
Brian Shapp Confetti confetti changes into $100 bill
5 2001 61
Aldo Colombini 4'Wave
Inspired byRelated toVariations 5 2001 62
Karl Fulves Knot Mental spectator ties one to four knots into a rope which is hanged over performer's shoulder who divines the number of knots
5 2001 63
Martin Gardner, Joseph K. Schmidt Turnaround Knot silk held by both ends, performer turns around full circle and then a knot is seen in the middle of the handkerchief, with alternate handling by Schmidt
Related to 5 2001 64
Karl Fulves Brainstorm II two quartets, one card chosen in one of them with petal force is shown reversed in other four-of-a-kind
Inspired by 5 2001 66
Karl Fulves Double Roulette Miraskill with actual number of matches predicted
5 2001 66
Karl Fulves Quiz Show card chosen with automatic placement procedure, ten-card groups looked at one by one, selection vanished, it is found as one of the cards placed aside at the beginning
5 2001 68
John Scarne Transpo in Seconds six red and black cards are alternated and put on deck, then dealt into two piles, red and black packets transpose
5 2001 69
Joseph Dunninger Psychic Tricks on a medium called Eusapia Palladino, rising table, electromagnet
5 2001 70
Herb Zarrow Outnumbered complicated mathematical location with two packets of five cards each
Inspired by
  • Karl Fulves effect from Precursor
6 2001 71
Ronald Post Spirit Silver two nested spoons under a handkerchief on the performer's flat hand, the make a metallic sound to answer questions, one spoon vanishes at the end
Related to 6 2001 73
Karl Fulves Survivor game in which pairs of an odd number of cards are eliminated until one card remains, it is the card of the color that had an odd number of cards in the original packet
Related toVariations 6 2001 74
Don Nielsen Interval of Darkness quarter wrapped in handkerchief, it penetrates it, in handkerchief another coin is found that was previously chosen from bunch in pocket, Gypsy Switch
  • Repeat Note
6 2001 75
Don Nielsen Gypsy Switch as Load
6 2001 76
Tony Bartolotta Book Minded page number chosen by calculation with date on coin
6 2001 76
Karl Fulves Range Force with Date on Coins often nine or eighteen
6 2001 78
Karl Fulves Twist A Bit named Ace turns over, then situation reverses
6 2001 78
Lu Brent Silk Transpo two silks transpose, from hand to container
6 2001 79
Bob Ostin One Cup, One Ball normal cup
Also published here 6 2001 80
Joseph K. Schmidt Ultra Fan Force bottom card moved to other side via initial cop, fan broken at any point
  • Multiple Fan Force
Related to 6 2001 82
Karl Fulves Discoverie No. 6 on exclusive and high-priced tricks, exposure
6 2001 84
Karl Fulves Tony Bartolotta Issue intro to one-man issue
7 2002 85
Tony Bartolotta Transference spectator turns over any card in one deck, same card is reversed in another deck that is spread by spectator
7 2002 85
Arm Deck Switch deck pocketed, deck from under arm released and caught in its place
7 2002 86
Tony Bartolotta Thirty Dice die rolled, number notes, then die given a quarter turn and top number added, repeated until thirty is reached
7 2002 87
Tony Bartolotta Strictly By Chance bank night with three paper shopping bags
7 2002 88
Tony Bartolotta Sorry I'm Late showing only the climaxes of different tricks, gag for magicians
7 2002 90
Tony Bartolotta Top Ten Plus one packet with red, one with black cards, two cards exchanged with counting procedure, they transpose back
Related to 7 2002 91
Tony Bartolotta Don't Blink! coin vanishes as it is tossed up, then it is reproduced
7 2002 92
Tony Bartolotta Night Flite two cards shown and placed separately on table in preparation for a transposition, but both cards change into other cards
7 2002 94
Tony Bartolotta Post-It Pocket talking about breast pocket ditch vanish of a coin with handkerchief with magicians, performer has no pocket and sticks a post-it note on his breast to demonstrate it, coin still vanishes
Inspired by 7 2002 95
Tony Bartolotta Outworldler with tray
Related toVariations 7 2002 96
Tony Bartolotta Polygraph comedy bit with puppet
7 2002 98
Tony Bartolotta Swipe credit card slid along card case, case pops open and duplicate of selection slides out
7 2002 98
Tony Bartolotta Tattoo tattoo appears on arm when it is rubbed, revealing some information, nail scratching
7 2002 98
Tony Bartolotta Nothing Just Happens two cards chosen by two people from two decks before the show and signed on the back, in the show they are compared and found identical
Related to 7 2002 99
Tony Slydini Slydini's Relocation two napkin pieces put into two glasses transpose, one is signed
8 2002 101
Tony Bartolotta All About Eve revealing personal information about a spectator/guest
8 2002 103
Milbourne Christopher Written In Red named number appears on back of spectator's hand when rubbed, nail scratch
Also published here
  • Conjuror's, March 1948
8 2002 104
Karl Fulves The Force of July 4x4 layout is not a magic square, after some changes it is
8 2002 105
Bob Ostin The Paper Clip Force forcing one of six cards, using a die and a paper clip
Also published here 8 2002 106
Karl Fulves Two Tricks intro to two tricks by Tom Sellers
8 2002 108
Tom Sellers Vanishing Pencil ditched in shirt or vest
8 2002 108
Tom Sellers Card Flip both halves are jogged, bottom card of top half is flipped around with first finger from below
8 2002 108
Karl Fulves Trapped-Type Trick using Tom Sellers's "Card Flip"
8 2002 109
Karl Fulves Delayed reaction using Tom Sellers's "Card Flip"
8 2002 109
Vernon Winiecke Reverse Thinking coin in handkerchief transposes with another coin
Related to 8 2002 110
Vernon Winiecke Switch with Handkerchief
8 2002 110
Karl Fulves Riddle In Red five colors written on five pieces of paper, one chosen and wrapped in handkerchief, it becomes blank and color is written onto handkerchief
8 2002 112
Father Cyprian The Book on Spells freely chosen card is spelled out with four piles, card and mates found
  • The Cut
  • The Shuffle
Related to 9 2004 113
Aladdin Bare Hand Rice Vanish rice poured from box into hand, where it vanishes
Related to 9 2004 116
Karl Fulves Match Them Up 4x4 layout, assembled in certain way, eight matches are produced
Related toVariations 9 2004 117
Karl Fulves Text Wrap eight torn papers with words are matched up again
Inspired by 9 2004 118
J. W. Sarles Monkey's Uncle two-card revelation
9 2004 119
Reverse Ovette Master Move
9 2004 119
Martin Gardner Coin That Floats Japanese 1-yen coin floats on water, then sinks on command
  • KF note (Karl Fulves)
9 2004 120
Reinhard Müller Parity Prediction cards dealt in pairs, one chosen, sandwich with another card put into pile, dealing in pairs again, then sandwiched card is selection
Inspired by 9 2004 121
Tony Bartolotta Chin Music performer plays comb which sounds like a harmonica, it vanishes
9 2004 121
Jerry K. Hartman Deep Cut Key Cut Deeper Control as key card placement
9 2004 122
Mel Bennett Jailbird Jack number card total to the same number repeatedly in a puzzling way, puzzle adapted to playing cards
9 2004 123
Tony Bartolotta Drop Dice four dice put in cup, they penetrate cup one by one
9 2004 124
Karl Fulves Two Birthday Tricks
9 2004 126
Karl Fulves Pilgrim's Progress procedure to find out on which days Thanksgiving fell in spectator's birth year using just the day of his birthday
Related to 9 2004 126
Karl Fulves What Lies Ahead spectator's birthday used to arrive at an envelope with a prize
9 2004 126
Karl Fulves Discoverie No. 9 digital The Sphinx, history of the magazine
9 2004 128
Frank Garcia Throw Cut Aces throw-cut production of four-of-a-kind, then two more quartets show up
Inspired by
  • Al Koran routine from The Wizard
10 2005 129
Throw-Cut Production top section thrown into other hand (or onto table)
Related to 10 2005 130
Karl Fulves After Moe any red and black cards are exchanged
10 2005 132
Joseph K. Schmidt Houdini Rope rope looped around thumb and first finger, then it is magically released, Nautical Puzzles
  • Part Two
Inspired by 10 2005 133
Karl Fulves Groundhog Day premise of movie Groundhog Day used for magical presentation
10 2005 136
Dan Block False Cut flourishy
Related to 10 2005 136
Jack Avis Avis False Cut
Inspired by 10 2005 138
Karl Fulves Discoverie No. 10 on the end of various magazines from the past
10 2005 138
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