Written by Chris Wardle
Work of Chris Wardle
26 pages (Stapled), published by PH Marketing Publication
Illustrated with drawings
Language: English
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Chris Wardle Introduction
Paul Hallas A Word From The Publisher
Chris Wardle Smartie Pants cards with name of sweets, one chosen, sweet predicted in paper bag, multiple out counting force (à la Red Card)
Chris Wardle Paranormal Piles three equal piles are made and cards moved around according to instructions, piles covered, performer divines number of cards in each pile
Chris Wardle The Laserdisc Prediction one of five cards chosen, it is predicted on the label of a laserdisc, credit information
Chris Wardle The Perfect Match card chosen, it is predicted inside a paper match that turns out to be a rolled up piece of paper
Chris Wardle E. S. Peasy one of four ESP symbols is named, it is predicted, four-way out prediction with double-faced card and stuck-on symbols
Tea Break divider for close-up and stand-up effects
Chris Wardle The Slick Silks three silks in glasses, spectator chooses one, it is predicted
Variations 14
Chris Wardle Great Minds Think Alike one person writes down a four-figure number, another makes calculations with years and dates (extension of Al Baker's date addition force), the numbers match
Inspired by
  • earlier version using Tarot Cards by Chris Wardle in Abracadabra
Chris Wardle The Giant Pencil Prediction three large different-colored pencils, spectator chooses one, it is predicted
Inspired by 18
Chris Wardle Odd One Out deck mixed up in a hat, spectator chooses one and puts it into an envelope, it is predicted (eventually), using double-faced deck with same card on back of each (Hofzinser)
Chris Wardle What's Your Poison? six bottles, bottle counted to
Tom Johnston Water to Wine six bottles with water, one chosen with calculation and counting procedure, it contains wine, "did not appear in the first edition of this booklet"
Also published here
  • Alchemy, Vol. 2 No. 1
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