109 pages (Hardcover), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by White (陈怀宇), Yuhan Song (宋玉涵)
Language: Chinese
30 entries
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Lexiang Gao (高乐翔) Foreword (序言)
Bob (张熙禹) Introduction (前言)
White (陈怀宇), Bob (张熙禹) Non-Contact Collector (非接触式收集者) Collectors, three cards selected and lost. Kings scooped up and instantly three selections appear between them.
Larry Jennings L.J. Insertion Addition
Related to 8
Ross Bertram Scoop Addition
Related to 10
Michael Close The MC Spread Double Lift
Related to 11
Arturo de Ascanio Three-Card Ascanio Spread
Related to 11
White (陈怀宇), Bob (张熙禹) Interlaced Vanishing Collector (失而复得收集者) Three selections placed between Kings, vanish one by one. Appear in wallet or pocket.
Related to 15
Edward Marlo Any Time Face Up Switch
Arturo de Ascanio The Vertical Spread
Related to 24
Bob (张熙禹) Collect the Mystery (收集者的虫洞) Collectors combined with Mystery Card plot. Three selections appear as three mystery cards previously interlaced between Kings.
Edward Marlo Down-Jog Displacement
Related to 31
White (陈怀宇), Bob (张熙禹) Naughty Collector (调皮的收集者) Collectors combined with Elevator Plot (Robbers)
Ken Krenzel Slide Under Switch
Related to 38
White (陈怀宇), Bob (张熙禹) Ambitious Collector (有雄心的收集者) Three selections rise to the top one by one, then suddenly appear between the Collectors in a visual manner
Inspired by 43
White (陈怀宇), Bob (张熙禹) Upside-down Collector (颠倒的收集者) Four Kings used to perform small packet Triumph, before it ends with Collectors to find three selections
Neal Elias Side Jog Multiple Shift
Related to 54
Eddie Taytelbaum Taytelbaum Count
Related to 55
White (陈怀宇), Bob (张熙禹) Clumsy Collector (笨拙的收集者) Collectors done with Three Card Catch mechanics
Inspired by 59
White (陈怀宇), Bob (张熙禹) I Prefer Using Aces (4A级收集者) Four Kings used to collect three selections, then Kings change to Aces
Edward Marlo OPEC Count Out of Position Elmsley Count
Related to 71
White (陈怀宇), Bob (张熙禹) Sudden Collector (突现的收集者) Collectors, the Collector cards visually appear with a wave of the fan
Martin Gardner, John Carney Wink Change Variation
Related to 79
White (陈怀宇), Bob (张熙禹) Jazz Collector (爵士收集者) Jazz Aces combined with Collectors, end with surprise Ace production
White (陈怀宇), Bob (张熙禹) Rolling Collector (滚动的收集者) Standard Collectors, interesting setup mechanics
White (陈怀宇), Bob (张熙禹) Collector's Party (收集者的聚会) Unorthodox table Collectors, four Kings produced in flashy manner, then three selections found between them
Lift Shuffle Brief, as top stock false shuffle
Related to 100
Herb Zarrow Zarrow False Shuffle
Related to 102
Jack Carpenter The Sweep Control
Related to 103
White (陈怀宇) Postscript (后记)
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