Written by W. F. "Rufus" Steele
Work of Paul Rosini
68 pages (Stapled), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings
Language: English
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W. F. "Rufus" Steele Foreword
John Braun Paul Rosini
Paul Rosini The Life Saver Trick name of selection appears printed on life saver candy, index of five candies to allow free choice among five cards
Paul Rosini Was It There? one of five cards named, it vanishes from the five-card packet, it appears face-up in the deck, repeat with another card which reappears in the pocket
Related to 9
Buckle Count onto table
Paul Rosini Saliva Substitute sponge at bottom of coat
Paul Rosini Somewhere in the Deck one of nine cards is thought of, it travels to pocket
Related to 11
Paul Rosini Hold My Wrist coin vanishes while spectator holds both wrists of the performer, reappears on spectator's shoulder
Paul Rosini A Card in Flight card travels from ten-card packet to another ten-card packet, one-behind structure
Related to 14
Paul Rosini The Card Under the Hand left hand flat on table with spectator's hand onto it, performer wants to find card one-handed with right hand but fails, card appears under left hand
Paul Rosini You Put It In spectator pushes card into deck (after top change), then air-pressure turnover
Paul Rosini Change in Hand card changes in spectator's hand, stabbing presentation
Related to 17
Paul Rosini The Fair Count count-down to named number, count repeated because of skepticism of audience, selection found reversed
VariationsAlso published here 18
Paul Rosini Two Decks - Red and Blue red-backed selection mixed into red packet and put in spectators pocket, same with blue-backed selection, then all cards transpose except selections
Paul Rosini Impossible daring out-of-hand selection in another room
Paul Rosini Reflection using spectator's glasses as impromptu shiner
Edward Marlo Poker Prediction and a Principle spectator shuffles, yet Aces are dealt out
Also published here 22
Edward Marlo Bottom Deal Stacking Bottom Deal Count, while cards are counted, they are set via bottom deal
Also published here 23
Bill Simon The Card That Went to Pieces spectator tears index corner off a card, performer tears rest of card into pieces by accident, rolls them up and rubber-bands them, the vanish except rubber band, card minus corner is restored reversed in center
Automatic Glide corner missing
Paul Rosini Coin and Pencil coin vanishes and reappears in left hand when tapped with pencil
Also published here 26
Paul Rosini Card Through Handkerchief
Paul Rosini Daub daub transferred to spectator's thumb as he is brought up on stage
Dai Vernon Complete Cover deck in performer's hand, covered with handkerchief, spectator names a number between ten and twenty, performer names card at that position
Paul Rosini Indicator Card one of four random cards is thought of, they're shuffled back, Three-spot locator used to locate selection
Inspired by 29
Paul Rosini A Comedy Card Trick card appears under spectator's lapel, spectator cannot find it in deck
Paul Rosini The Card Through the Case nerve trick with cased deck
Related to 31
Paul Rosini Your Number - Your Card subtle key card location
Also published here 32
Paul Rosini Rosini's Favorite Trick unknown odd-backed card put in deck, spectator touches any card in face-up deck, it is the odd-backed one
Paul Rosini Do a Trick chosen card is spelled to
Paul Rosini The One-Armed Magician card peeked at, hand with deck instantly put behind back, performer names card and it is shown reversed, performer one-handed, intro and description by Jack Chanin
Paul Rosini One-Hand Peek Reverse to second position from top, best done behind the back
Second-from-Top Glimpse second card reversed
Paul Rosini The Coin Star described by Al Leech
Paul LePaul Ace Delusion Ace of Hearts poses as Diamonds, spectators see through this, then it really is the Diamond, sucker
Related to 39
Paul Rosini Skidoo counting procedure used to force a card, using sum of digits of year on a coin and value of cards, forced 23rd card
Paul Rosini A Sure Thing
Paul Rosini The Best Prediction card at named number is openly corner crimped, then counted to again and removed, it matches prediction
Related toVariations 42
Charles "Chic" Schoke Prediction Variation card at named number is openly corner crimped, then counted to again and removed, it matches prediction
Inspired by 43
Paul Rosini The Cigarette Trick
Paul Rosini Impressive Card index of cards appears on previously empty piece of paper, kind of stamp in shoe
Paul Rosini The Peek Trick spectator peeks a card, performer asks whether she really saw one as misdirection to control it, another is peeked, second found, changes in first
Paul Rosini Aceo-Changeo worked from top of deck
Paul Rosini A Card Turns Over complicated method with reverse fan and pencil dotted card on the face
Paul Rosini Follow Your Card card travels from top to center of deck reversed
Theo "Okito" Bamberg Okito Card Control (and a Trick) display pass, as top, center and bottom cards are shown, with trick in which wrong card changes into selection
Theo "Okito" Bamberg Springing with Break
Paul Rosini Kings and Queens Kings and Queens behind back, performer brings forward a set of each suit, then again behind back and performer brings forward all Kings or Queens as requested, then performer separates them again after a shuffle
Paul Rosini Double Reverse spectator and performer each chose selection from half the deck, they end up reversed
Related toVariations 53
Paul Rosini Purely Mental spectator thinks of a card and writes it down, performer also writes one down, they match
Paul Rosini While I Turn My Back spectator remembers card and its position, then counts to it again, eventually found
Inspired by 55
Harry Blackstone Easy Enigma two cards chosen and returned into ribbon-spread are found
Paul Rosini The Ten of Diamonds nine cards removed and listed on a piece of paper, one of them freely chosen, performer stabs a card into the deck to find it
Paul Rosini With a Short Card performer fails to find card behind his back, it is then found in inside coat pocket
Paul Rosini Aces Running Wild Aces lost after dealing, assembling and re-dealing procedure, they end up on top
Paul Rosini Secret Writing performer writes the name of a card on the face of another card, that predicted card turns over in the deck
Paul Rosini A Guess That Is Right card counted to after selection and addition procedure, it is predicted
Variations 60
Paul Rosini Repeating a Good Guess card counted to after selection and addition procedure, it is predicted, variation
Inspired by 61
Arthur H. Buckley The Homing Aces performer cuts to the four Aces, followed by an Assembly, switch already during production sequence
Also published here
  • Linking Ring, April 1949
Hindu Shuffle stock control
Arthur H. Buckley Buckley's Throw Cut deck in right hand, top half thrown up and caught in left hand, cut is made at a break
Arthur H. Buckley The Double Lift without turnover, get-ready by pushing off and pulling back
Arthur H. Buckley The Palm
Paul Rosini Tap cards dealt in 4x4 square, spectator removes a bunch of cards and deals other cards in square formation as performer taps on the cards, value on last tap matches number of removed cards
Related toAlso published here 66
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