Written by George McBride
Work of George McBride, Various
154 pages (Hardcover), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Deric Blamton
Language: English
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Gordon Bruce Foreword
George McBride Introduction
George McBride Dedication to Roy Walton
George McBride Royal Exchange
Inspired by 15
George McBride Impossible card and its position in ten-card packet remembered, it vanishes and reappears in assembled deck when spelling out "Impossible"
Behind Fan Addition fan held in right hand, left hand with deck adjusts it and adds card behind it
Bobby Bernard False Swing Cut with tap
George McBride Transmutation 2 spectator holds two black Aces, they are taken and put between two red Jacks and travel to top multiple times one by one and given back, then performer has the black Aces and spectator the red ones
Inspired by
  • "Transmutation" (George McBride, 1995, Peter Duffie's e-book "Best of Osmosis")
George McBride Push Thru Aces
George McBride Hofatwist combo
Inspired by 26
George McBride Calling Card cards dealt face down from face-up deck, spectator says stop, that card is taken face down and vanished
George McBride Computer Cards count-spell of a thought-of cards from
Inspired by 32
George McBride Thought Processor card and its position thought of from nine-card packet, located with anti-faros
Related to 34
George McBride Cummins and Goings Kings and selection transpose
Inspired by 36
Jack Parker Tumble Gem Switch Switched as cards are flipped over, uses a slide-under motion with Block Pushoff, mechanics similar to Jordan Count
Also published here 36
George McBride High Rise elevator with Ace through Four, as finale Five through Eight show up as well
George McBride Harry's Game spectator cuts to the Threes, with counting procedure
George McBride One for Henry two cards chosen, spectator makes up card with suit of one and value of other, spectator chooses five unknown cards that are pocketed, performer removes all except one which turns out to be selection
William Goodwin Taken Bi Force variation of Max Holden's Cross Cut Force to force two selections, using dribble
Also published here 48
George McBride Memorology card and its position remembered, another number named, position subtracted to find it
Related to 49
George McBride Estimation Countdown with 1-0-1 set-up to count down to last Ace in case of mis-cut
Bluff Spacing Fan Control
George McBride Ickle Pickle Aces
George McBride Two-Card Bluff Switching Procedure
George McBride RDP Klektors collector cards dropped on deck and instantly spread
Riffle Selection bluff pass riffle force
Edward Marlo ATFUS
Edward Marlo Cover Up Cut
George McBride Collecting Box two cards vanish from top of deck and reappear in card case sandwiched between Ace through Three of Spades
George McBride Card Vanish on Deck out-jogged
Inspired by
  • Sandwiches, Tony Chang, Download
George McBride Card Case Load
George McBride Collecting Point four Aces collect three Jacks to match selection
Syd Segal Optional additional ending three selections are replaced in deck, the four-of-a-kind then changes into the three selections
Related to 68
George McBride Petalies routine with twelve court cards
George McBride Polygraph puzzling placement
George McBride Back to Back
Inspired by 76
Harry Lorayne HaLo Cut
Francis Carlyle, Douglas Dexter Paddle Move
Gordon Bruce Backfire Move bottom card reversed to top
Related to 78
George McBride Lucky 21 two cards put above and below a lucky card change into a blackjack hand, the lucky card becomes a previously signed selection
George McBride Quasi Thirds
Inspired by
  • "Tricky Thirds" (Mickey MacDougall, Card Mastery, 1944)
George McBride Snappy Dunbury wrong card captured with sandwich cards of which one is the selection (sucker element), sandwich cards transform and find selection
Inspired by
  • "Done" (Chris Mayhew, free trick via Murphy's Magic, Jan 20, 2018)
Related to
Richard Kaufman Radical Change
George McBride Under Cover Placement Automatic Placement combined with sunken key, faro
  • Note (sandwich effect)
George McBride Green Triumph using The Real Green shuffle by Lennart Green
George McBride Drop Aces Aces distributed in deck and pushed in, they suddenly appear face up on face of deck
Inspired by
  • "Drop Pass" (Gordon Bruce, Mojo, Vol. 1 No. 5, 2007)
George McBride Multiple Shift Variation bluff shift handling
Inspired by 94
George McBride Vernannemann a Four is put reversed in deck, spectator cuts to a card, it matches, other two Fours show up as well
Inspired by
  • "The Message Card" (Dai Vernon, Dominic Twose's Impromptu Secrets)
Roy Walton All Lies from 1980s correspondence
Andrew Galloway Spectator Cuts to the Aces bluff turnover on packets
Gordon Bruce Card Through Handkerchief using imp pass, from 1974 lecture
Gordon Bruce Finish for the Card through Handkerchief handkerchief is pushed into breast pocket, then it is shown that there is no pocket, "it's healed up"
Peter Duffie Power Trip Twisting, then Aces change to Kings, Kings dealt onto four quarters of the deck, then turned over and they changed back to Aces, then Assembly
  • A Crips Twist
  • Sudden Change to a Four-King Trick!
  • The Aces Return
  • The Assembly
  • The Kings Return to Take a Bow
Inspired byVariationsAlso published here 112
Dai Vernon Reverse Count Switch here credited to Vernon, sometimes Kaps or Ascanio
Also published here 121
Steven Hamilton Re-Uprising first Ace rises, then Ace and Two together, then Ace to Three
Inspired by 123
Dave Robertson Re-Spectator Makes Good wrong card found, spectator cuts deck in three piles, same value than selection is on top and wrong card changes into selection
Inspired by 128
Dave Robertson, Derek Dingle Over and Under Switch Handling
Inspired by 129
Iain Girdwood Iggy's Multiple Shift bluff shift handling using top card cover pass
Related to
  • "E. Good's Multiple Shaft" (Jerry Sadowitz, Aug. 1994, The Crimp #27)
Richard James Stranger color-changing back of sandwiched card
Inspired byAlso published here 137
Trevor Lewis, Ken Krenzel Monte Plus Plus Switch
Lawrence Frame Spellbound Climax after spellbound routine, coin changes to coat button, and coin is now found attached to coat
Also published here 144
Alex Proctor Newsbook Prediction page numbers on a double page from a newspaper used to calculate a page number for a book, top line predicted
Related to 147
Terry Rooney, Deric Blamton Diamond Heist ending to four Ace assembly in which a run of Diamonds shows up
Related to 149
Val Le-Val New Wave Oil and Water using cards with letters O and W on them, separation occurs one card at a time, slow-motion
Also published here 152
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