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Al Smith Perdup spectator cuts off cards, he stabs a card in the deck between two cards that add up to the number of cut-off cards
Inspired by 2
Larry Jennings Business Card Prophecy Move Handling
Al Smith Kings & Witch sandwiched unknown card is cut into deck, it turns out to be later selection, using Business Card Prophecy Move
Al Smith Ten-Two standard transposition with duplicate, position of each card is indicated by a coin of the same value
Related to 5
Al Smith Royal Steal card placed in clear plastic envelope is sandwiched, it vanishes and appears in deck
Inspired by 6
Frederick Braue Braue Reversal
Al Smith Audition Aces Aces produced, then they vanish on top of the deck one by one, Vernon Fooled Houdini sequence, then Aces reappear, one Ace in pocket transposes with one Ace in the deck, duplicate
Related to 9
Al Smith Reaper Jacks, Queens, Kings and Aces lost and then dealt out in a deal, one group to each of four spectators, faro
Al Smith Damon
Inspired by 13
Al Smith Overcount in Pairs taking a single card at one point
Al Smith Jumping Jokers with jokers
Also published here 15
Al Smith Asque two cards used to catch selection during dribbling action on the table
Inspired by
  • "Gone Fishing" (Roger Curzon, Second Lecture Notes)
Also published here
Al Smith Asque Again sandwich catch, dribble
Inspired by 18
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