Written by Al Baker
Work of Al Baker
39 pages (Paperback), published by Max Holden
Illustrated with drawings by Clayton Rawson
Language: English
19 entries
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Al Baker To My Friends, Professional and Amateur
Also published here 4
Al Baker A Glass Vanish with liquid
Also published here 5
Al Baker Gee!! deck vanish, with handkerchief, unload in pocket
VariationsAlso published here 7
Al Baker Undercover drawing duplication, mirror (!)
Also published here 9
Al Baker Another 4 Ace Trick! more stand up, one packet in a glass
VariationsAlso published here 11
Al Baker Your Pulse Tells spectator's index finger finds card, thick card ("click")
Also published here 14
Al Baker A Card and A Number - 2nd Method same method, with short cards to mark positions
Inspired byAlso published here 16
Al Baker Baker's Bill Switch
Also published here 18
Al Baker Unsight and Unseen finding two chosen cards in pocket, short pack
VariationsAlso published here 20
Al Baker Sex Appeal ring moves on table, thread
Also published here 22
Al Baker Come Seven! placing three dice onto table in special configuration so different sides add up to seven, spectator cannot duplicate it
Also published here 24
Al Baker Lost and Found divided deck, one riffle shuffle by spectator
Also published here 25
Al Baker Something from Nothing interesting loading principle from table
Also published here 27
Al Baker Pass the Salt using salt, one card of three
Also published here 29
Al Baker Button Button! thread-penetration, using mini-drawer box
Also published here 30
Al Baker The Name Is - ! one billet, using a leather book
Also published here 32
Al Baker Me and the Missus coding card to assistent, stacked pack
Also published here 34
Al Baker A Novel Escape
Also published here 36
Al Baker The Milky Way glass of milk vanishes from paper, reappears in hat
Also published here 38
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