Written by John Carney
Work of John Carney
24 pages (Stapled), published by Catman Publications
Illustrated with drawings by Richard Kaufman, John Carney, Steve Carlson, Paul Butler, Jim Murphy
Language: English
11 entries
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John Carney Coin, Glass and Napkin coin through glass, napkin-covered glass through table
Also published here 1
Topple Vanish into glass
Also published here 1
John Carney Etherial Pack Joker shows up again and again instead of selection, deck vanishes except selection
Also published here 6
John Carney Natural Selection empty hand catches card, thread
Also published here 9
John Carney Chill Pack
Also published here 12
John Carney Poor Man's Card Manipulation three cards vanish and reappear, for close-up use
Also published here 15
John Carney Seconds on Jack Sandwich selection travels to tabled sandwich cards, repeat phase
Also published here 18
John Carney Sandwich Load and Switch palmed card is loaded into sandwich with switch
Also published here 20
Alignment Move
Dan Tong Pad Spread
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