Second 1946 edition used
Written by Al Baker
Work of Al Baker
135 pages (Hardcover), published by Carl Waring Jones
Illustrated with photographs and drawings by Harlan Tarbell
Language: English
86 entries
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Elmer P. Ransom Foreword
Also published here ix
Al Baker Introduction
Also published here xi
Chapter One: Cards
Al Baker A Lesson in Magic three cards, they travel back in second phase
Also published here 1
Al Baker Palm Replacement context of cards across
Also published here 2
Al Baker Undercount from left-hand dealing position into right hand one on top of the next, double push
Also published here 3
Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser Bottom Palm no credit
Also published here 5
Al Baker The Magician at Home thread, on the floor/carpet
Also published here 8
Al Baker Red-Black Transposition envelopes
Also published here 9
Al Baker One Deck Do as I Do
Also published here 12
Al Baker The Torn and Restored Paper Napkin
Also published here 13
Al Baker The Half Card and Cigarette Trick
Also published here 14
Al Baker Cigarette Switch in the hands
Also published here 16
Al Baker The Ambitious Card - Two Novel Methods two phases
Related toAlso published here 17
Alexander Herrmann, Al Baker Herrmann's Vanish of a Fan of Cards pull
Also published here 18
Al Baker "Roughing" It recipe & comments
Also published here 20
Al Baker Outguessing the Spectator thought-of Numbers, two spectator, roughed deck
Also published here 20
Al Baker Improved Card Code for Two Persons verbal and nonverbal
Also published here 22
Al Baker The Walking and Jumping Card thread
Also published here 24
Al Baker The Flapless Envelope Switch "Baker Method"
Related toVariationsAlso published here 26
Al Baker The Knife Dial to find a card in the spread
Related toAlso published here 28
Al Baker Slipping the Cut - Table Method "Baker Improvement"
Draw Shift variation
VariationsAlso published here 29
Al Baker The Swinging Rising Cards "The Baker Method for Club Work"
with hanging houlette
Also published here 31
Al Baker Poker Face short card, cards found as they are riffled before the spectators' eyes
Related toAlso published here 34
Scallop Short Card
Also published here 34
Al Baker Miniature Card in Balloon
Also published here 35
Chapter Two: Coins and Bills
Al Baker The Magical Filtration of Four Half Dollars
  • 1. Passage of the First Coin
  • 2. Passage of the Second Coin
  • 3. Passage of the Third Coin
  • 4. Passage of the Fourth Coin
Related toAlso published here 37
Al Baker Baker Steal
Also published here 38
Al Baker The Stack of Quarters
Also published here 40
Al Baker The Rising Coin - Baker Method coin dropped in glass, rises out and drops out, thread
Also published here 42
Al Baker Bending a Half Dollar
Also published here 44
Al Baker A Dinner Table Trick coin through tablecloth
Also published here 45
Al Baker A Knotty Problem into handkerchief held by spectator in which spectator tied a knot
Also published here 45
Al Baker Dollar Bill and Cigarette
Also published here 47
Al Baker Cigarette Switch in-the-hands
Also published here 49
Al Baker The Erectile Dollar Bill lengthwise folded bill moves to stand upright, thread attached to thumb tip
VariationsAlso published here 50
Al Baker The Dollar Bill Switch in envelope
Also published here 52
Al Baker Envelopes and Coin in paper and three envelopes
Related toAlso published here 54
Chapter Three: Silks
Al Baker The Twentieth Century Silk Trick - Baker Method with dye tube and paper cornucopia
Also published here 56
Al Baker Phantom Tube - Baker Presentation
Also published here 59
Al Baker Spirits At Work thread, unknotting with short knot sequence
Also published here 60
Al Baker A Silk Force colored silks
Also published here 63
Al Baker The Knot that just Won't
VariationsAlso published here 64
Al Baker The Sympathetic Silks "Streamline Version", four silks
Also published here 66
Al Baker The Count counting four silks separately while two are knotted
Also published here 67
Al Baker False Knot for two Silks knotting two silks together
Also published here 69
Chapter Four: Ropes
Al Baker Give a Magician enough Rope and... "A Stage Version of the Popular Cut and Restored Rope Effect"
Also published here 72
Al Baker A Rope Interlude thread, unknotting rope
Also published here 74
Chapter Five: Mind Reading
Al Baker Cooperative Conjuring with (forcing) dice, between ten and thirty
Also published here 76
Al Baker ACME Mindreading Effect name of card written on paper, impression
Also published here 77
Al Baker Seeing Through Solid Matter numbers written on slate which is wrapped up, assistant can name total and numbers
Also published here 79
Al Baker A Super-Superprediction person names card which magician has transfered to another deck, roughed
Also published here 81
Al Baker Concentration spectator crimps his card without knowing
Also published here 84
Al Baker Al Baker Number Force with cards, waxed or roughed
Also published here 85
Al Baker The Baker Slate Easel for appearing writing
Also published here 87
Al Baker Any Telephone Book Test number adding
Also published here 89
Al Baker The Number and Book Test numbers on billets in changing bag
Also published here 90
Chapter Six: Mnemonics
Al Baker The Saturday Evening Post Feat using memory, magazine test
  • First Method
  • Second Method
Also published here 92
Al Baker Phenomenal Memory
Also published here 96
Al Baker An Impossible Count spectators cut off packet and put in pocket, performer knows number, memorized deck
Related toAlso published here 98
Al Baker The Celebrity Feat stooge codes celebrity name with playing cards
Also published here 100
Al Baker The Polish Psychic number coded through name over phone
Also published here 101
Al Baker Living and Dead Test Plus with assistent, number total, code
Also published here 102
Al Baker A Miracle of Memory using real memory, about thirteen cards are removed
VariationsAlso published here 104
Al Baker The Pairs Re-Paired - New Baker Method using memory, for credit information see reference
Related toVariationsAlso published here 107
Chapter Seven: The Linking Rings
Al Baker Linking Rings Opening starting with eight ring chain, thread and really linked rings
Related toAlso published here 109
Al Baker The Linking Rings "The Baker Opening Routine and Some Novel Moves"
  • The Addition of the Key Ring
  • 1. With the Key Ring, Regular Single Ring, and Small Ring
  • 2. With the Set of Three and a Regular Ring
  • 3. With Two Singles and the Key Ring
  • 4. With Two Single Rings
  • 5. To Apparently Link a Solid Single Ring on a Chain of Three
Also published here 110
Al Baker Thread Links without key, several methods in the routine
Also published here 111
Al Baker The Addition of the Key Ring using jacket
Also published here 113
Chapter Eight: Specialties
Al Baker Levitation of a Glass of Liquid clings to silk, thread
Also published here 120
Al Baker The Naomi Goldfish Bowl Production
Also published here 122
Al Baker Ink Filtration - Baker Method from pitcher to glass on table
Also published here 124
Al Baker Welded Flash Paper
Also published here 126
Al Baker The Glass Penetration penetrating a sheet of glass, standard prop with finessed handling
Also published here 127
Al Baker The Flying Match Head
Also published here 129
Al Baker Kiddie Party Slate name of two children appears on slates, preshow, flap slate contruction
Also published here 129
Al Baker The Quick and the Dead "With the Baker Pellet Switch"
living and dead test with reading of dead name, finger tip
Related toAlso published here 132
Al Baker Baker Pellet Switch
Also published here 133
Al Baker The Cut and Restored Necktie using change bag
VariationsAlso published here 134
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