Written by Gerald Kosky
Work of Gerald Kosky
248 pages (Hardcover), published by Magic Limited
Illustrated with drawings by Mickey O'Malley
Language: English
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Gerald Kosky Dedication
Dai Vernon Introduction
Leslie P. Guest Chapter One - For the Record
Also published here
  • "M-U-M" November, 1958.
Chapter Two - Cards
Gerald Kosky Card Change double held in right hand, card stolen by left hand holding the deck while doing an upward movement
Related to 19
Gerald Kosky Computerized Deck card remains after multiple anti-faros
Also published here 21
Gerald Kosky Computer Card Riser with houlette
Gerald Kosky Kosky's Invisible Card Change "or Card Photography by Magic", Kosky Switch in context of short routine
Gerald Kosky "No Clue" automatic placement to any position in the deck, some cards cut and card at position remembered while back is turned, spectator then deals cards face-up until performer stops
Gerald Kosky A Blue Prediction spectator selects only card with blue back, cross sum force
Gerald Kosky To Believe in the Unbelievable card appears inside performer's jacket pocket, repeated with performer as magician, card appears inside his inside pocket
Gerald Kosky The Second Deal
Gerald Kosky Spin-Away Card Deal little finger shot
Gerald Kosky Fancy One-Hand Deal thumb shot
Gerald Kosky Blanks, Backs, Faces printing of nine blank cards
Brother John Hamman Hamman Count
Gerald Kosky "Tattle-Tale" several spectator select a card, cards placed inside spectators pockets and when "Tattle-Tale" card is placed inside those pockets, performer is able to name the selections
Also published here 40
Gerald Kosky The Bitter Bit - An Effective "Out" performer is placing known card next to thought of card, as out for question "What card am I thinking of?"
Gerald Kosky "A Good Card Gag" finding two cards which add up to selection
Gerald Kosky Card Gag card is seen attached to wrong card, both add up to value of selection
Gerald Kosky Psychic Touch two decks, same cards are found
Cut-Deeper Force
Gerald Kosky Applause Card Disclosure card jumps out of tabled deck when hands are clapped, air pressure
Gerald Kosky Impromptu Card Rise Gimmick strip glued on back of a card
Also published here 46
Gerald Kosky X-Change double held in right hand, card stolen by left hand holding the deck while doing an upward movement
Related to 47
Gerald Kosky Kings & Deuces two Kings transpose with two Deuces at once
Biddle Steal
Gerald Kosky Floating Asrah Card card floats in front of hand, ring as convincer
Gerald Kosky Fan-See Card Exchange card outjogged in fan transforms in other card
Gerald Kosky The Mark of Cards fully edge-marked deck, Bee cards
Gerald Kosky Presto spectator cuts deck and remembers card, then four piles are dealt and spectator looks for pile with his card, word is spelled to find selection
Gerald Kosky Predicto three piles are made, third card from top is predicted of chosen pile, with out
Also published here 57
Gerald Kosky Three and Four Alike three and four cards alike, turnover and placing on bottom of packet
Gerald Kosky "You Get It" spectator removes selection from deck, in his pocket
Also published here 59
Gerald Kosky Transpose & Follow four Aces changes to Kings one by one, followed b y a Follow the Leader sequence
Gerald Kosky More of the Pocket Princess four cards removed from pocket change into Queens as kicker
Gerald Kosky Coincidence two decks, spectator and performer place decks behind backs and turn one card over
Also published here 65
Gerald Kosky Vanish and Recovery selection is turned over in the deck and vanishes, reappearance at named number
Gerald Kosky Subtlety performer stops at selectio
Gerald Kosky Jack Spade and the F.B.I. story trick, card sandwiched between tow face down cards in the deck, travels between to face-up Aces, as a climax deck vanishes
Gerald Kosky 21 Plus or Minus
Gerald Kosky Vernon's F.C.M.F. out for Five Card Mental Force
Inspired byAlso published here 71
Gerald Kosky Ne Exchange 'You Do As I Do' using a riffle force
Gerald Kosky "Brain-Wave for Experts"
Gerald Kosky The Never Failing Card card appears face up which leads to selection
Gerald Kosky The Obedient Joker Joker with different back is placed in the deck, card turns over and is found next to selection
Gerald Kosky Kosky's Control handling after spectator peek
Chapter Three - Card Spelling
Gerald Kosky Any Card Spell
Gerald Kosky Psychic Spell card is selected by riffling through the deck, two short cards
Gerald Kosky I Spell Your Card card is selected by riffling through the deck, two short cards
Gerald Kosky Tricky Mentalist six cards set-up
Chapter Four - Poker & Bridge Deals
Gerald Kosky Poker Run-Up System two, three or four card stack four four to seven players, overhand shuffle
Also published here 85
Gerald Kosky Joker's Wild! five hands are dealt and performer removes five Jokers from wallet, everybody can swap a card with a joker, performer ends up with winning hand, Himber wallet
Gerald Kosky Double-Cut Poker Run-Up stacking four Kings for five hands, using double undercut
Also published here 87
Gerald Kosky Anyone for Bridge? stacking bridge hands with NDO and faro shuffles
Also published here 88
Chapter Five - 4 Aces Effects
Gerald Kosky Topsy-Turvy Cutting of Aces Aces cut from a deck shuffled face up into face down
Gerald Kosky One At a Time Aces same external structure as Marlo's Bluff Ace Assembly
Related to 92
Gerald Kosky Vanishing Aces aces to spectators pocket, duplicates
Also published here 94
Gerald Kosky, Jay Ose Your Favorite Ace named Ace is found
Chapter Six - Coins
Gerald Kosky Kosky's Coin Vanish coin placed on outstretched and vertical palm, held with thumb of other hand
Gerald Kosky Another Coin Vanish dropping coin in outside pocket, choreography
Gerald Kosky The Hop Ping Koyne Trick Han Ping Chien with two coins, brief routine
Also published here 100
Gerald Kosky Fake Han Ping Chein coins through table, using extra coins
Allan Shaw Allan Shaw's "Clink" Performer removes handful of change from pocket, one coin is removed and signed and rest is placed back inside the pocket. Coin vanishes and appears with a clink inside the pocket.
Gerald Kosky Coin of the Realm two in the hand one in the pocket, Silver coin climax
Gerald Kosky How to Make Change coin changes to small purse containing coins with same amount, catapult sleeving
Gerald Kosky Penetrating Coins three pennies and three crowns assemble in one hand, through table type
Chapter Seven - Mental Effects
Gerald Kosky, Jack Vosburgh The Plot's The Thing Instruction game, divination of removed items or murder
  • Plot #1... The Big Robbery
  • Plot #2... It's Murder
Inspired byAlso published here 110
Gerald Kosky Authors using Authors game cards, chosen author can be spelled
Also published here 114
Gerald Kosky Calling Cards name written on one of a handful of business cards, cards are turned over and spectator mentally spells name while performer taps cards, spectator stops at last letter and ends up on card with name on it
Gerald Kosky Torn Billet sticking center piece on shirt sleeve
Gerald Kosky "The Total Is!" eight disks with numbers on each side, spectator can turn them while performer's back is turned and then cover three chips, performer names numbers covered
Inspired by 119
Gerald Kosky Crime Detector several jobs are correctly assigned, Pseudo Psychometry with murder game plot
Gerald Kosky Match Folder Gimac matchbook to switch small objects
Gerald Kosky The Sub - Conscious
Gerald Kosky A Few Psychometry Ideas
Gerald Kosky The Medium Knows coding card to medium using pips of a ten
Gerald Kosky Question of Charms back-count force with charm bracelet
Inspired by 130
Gerald Kosky To Lie or, Tell the Truth? four rings in a box, two are removed and by asking one question performer knows which rings are selected, one has to lie
Gerald Kosky Tele-Mental one of five thought of card starts to move by itself
Inspired byAlso published here 133
Gerald Kosky Travel divination of chosen ships and cost of travel using charts and three spectators
Gerald Kosky Travel Agent cards with names of travel destinations, people write their names under it and tear cards in halves, performer takes parts with the names and can allocate the correct destinations
Also published here 137
Gerald Kosky Mentalist Question Cards spectators gets stack of cards with questions, selected question is divined
Gerald Kosky, Walter B. Gibson Tricky Mentalist - Without Cards apparently twenty selections and their positions are remembered, using business cards and words
Inspired by 142
Gerald Kosky Psychic Memory calculator cards / age cards, using four cards and fifteen randomly named objects
Gerald Kosky The Dual Surprise with "this is it" written on face, and different colored back
Gerald Kosky "I Predict" names of horses are named and written on ten blank cards, chosen one is predicted
Inspired by
  • Gerald Kosky's "Pieces of Ten" in "Genii", 1947.
Gerald Kosky Total Prediction add-a-number prediction, prediction written on back of card where numbers are added
Gerald Kosky Offbeat Prediction cards are cut face-up and face-down, prediction of two cards
Gerald Kosky The Perfect Prediction disguised method to force a forcing card of a Svengali deck
Gerald Kosky Another Prediction cut deeper Force, all cards are face-down but one
Gerald Kosky Four Messages six blank cards, display to hide four messages
Gerald Kosky Impromptu Ultra Spirit Message using business cards
Inspired byAlso published here 159
Gerald Kosky Surprise Prediction prediction on slip of paper
Gerald Kosky Jaysonism Plus based in a Eddie Joseph trick, thought of number to select card, cards dealt from top to bottom and performer stops at correct card
Also published here 161
Chapter Eight - E.S.P. Tests
Gerald Kosky Silent E.S.P. Test charts with names, spectator looks at a name and performer divines it, location method
Inspired by
  • a routine (?) by Tom Seller's in "The Gen".
Gerald Kosky Touch E.S.P. divining reversed ESP card behind back
Gerald Kosky E.S.P. cards placed inside envelopes are divined
Chapter Nine - Magazine and Book Tests
Gerald Kosky Easy Magazine Test forcing a number using stapled magazine
Gerald Kosky 1089 - Plus using a variation of the 1089-force for a book test
Gerald Kosky Mystery Magazine - Book Test using mystery magazines
Also published here 171
Gerald Kosky Book Test A La Kosky six books, duplicates with different cover ruse
Chapter Ten - Psychic-Type Tests
Gerald Kosky The Dream prediction of chosen pile, chosen word and relation of black cards in a pile to red cards in another pile
Gerald Kosky Strike-Out card with five diseases written on it is handed to spectator, one is selected and card placed inside envelope, name of disease vanishes
Gerald Kosky Tape Recorder Prediction prediction on tape of a number, a card and the relation between black and red objects (Miraskill)
Gerald Kosky Up In Flames five pieces of paper, spectator selects one and writes "Up in flames" on it, when touched by match its the only one that burns
Also published here 183
Gerald Kosky The Spirit Writes writing appears on card with famous person on it, Hypnotic card box
Also published here 184
Chapter Eleven - Over the Telephone Tests
Gerald Kosky Over-The-Phone - Basic Code magazine test with medium on telephone
Gerald Kosky Comprehensive Telephone Code counting method
Gerald Kosky Telephone Telepathy
Gerald Kosky Telepathy Made Easy assistant in other room while card is selected
Gerald Kosky Phone-Ey Intuition person is called during show to name a number, predicted card is found at that position
Chapter Twelve - Miscellaneous
Gerald Kosky Piff-Paff-Poof Variation
Gerald Kosky Mass Hypnotism pseudo hypnotism act, audience is apparently hypnotised, things written on slates are different, scarfs are not knotted and cards are different then remembered
Gerald Kosky Sholim Ali Kim mathematical problem, camels divided to sons, using jewels
Inspired by 196
Gerald Kosky Cassette Speaking instruction and divination on cassette
Gerald Kosky Super Money Passbook check changes to money, using switching folder / Jacob's Ladder
  • Instructions for Making the Folder
Gerald Kosky I Like Girls! variation of the Marconick Die, different numbers from die can be shown then card is opened to show domino and pin up girl, movable spots
Gerald Kosky Thanks to John Hamilton pile of blank cards, two words written on two cards and cards shuffled, spectator cuts deck behind back and cards with written words end up in same position
Inspired by
  • John Hamilton's "A Mini Miracle" in "The Linking Ring", October 1965.
Gerald Kosky Calendar Magic Square natural magic squares using a calendar, 3x3
Gerald Kosky How Many? Two in the hand with three dice, one blank die as climax
Also published here 211
Gerald Kosky Beans three beans are eaten and reproduced from mouth, then vanish and appear again
Also published here 214
Gerald Kosky My Name's Mine stack of business cards, one signed by spectator changes places with one signed by performer
Related to 215
Gerald Kosky "Nuts to You" miniature card found in walnut
Also published here 216
Gerald Kosky Color-I-Tus colors appear on blank cards and vanish again, coin appears to be bendable
Inspired by
  • Nixon's "Chinese Coin Mystery"
Also published here
Gerald Kosky Gypsy Ring Two in the Hand using a ring and three different jewels, as a climax jewels are on ring
Also published here 221
Gerald Kosky The Cat's Meow card with picture on cat, cat meows to answer question and revealing selection
Gerald Kosky The Lucky Key using a Himber wallet
Gerald Kosky Swindle trick with ring on block puzzle, impossible object
Also published here 229
Gerald Kosky Fair Exchange stack of business cards, one signed by spectator changes places with one signed by performer
Related to 230
Gerald Kosky Impromptu Magnetic Cup magnet in aluminium foil, cover for glass
Gerald Kosky Matchaskill Miraskill using matches with different colored heads
Also published here 234
Gerald Kosky Dollar Bill in Lemon dollar bill torn in half, half travels into lemon
Also published here 238
Gerald Kosky "I've Got Your Number!" numbers written on paper, psychological force of one
Gerald Kosky Constant Zodiac stack of zodiac cards is cut, four people take 12 cards and all have every Zodiac without duplicate
Gerald Kosky The Great Substituion bill under handkerchief transposes with bill inside bill tube
Gerald Kosky Novel Production silks, flags etc. produced from newspaper
Chapter Thirteen - Acknowledgements
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