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48 pages (Stapled), published by DMB Publications
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Dan Buck Foreword
Dan Buck, Dave Buck Molecule 2: As a four card production, 2nd method starting with Z cut
Inspired by 5
Dan Buck, Dave Buck The Forte Flourish standing spread on table, cards are knocked over side-ways in a cascade but one selection remains standing up
  • As a production
Inspired by 12
Steve Forte Standing Spread deck is standing on edge on the table, double spread
Juan Tamariz Perpendicular Control bringing inserted card in perpendicular position, brief
Also published here 15
Dan Buck, Dave Buck Split Change Transpo "Transplit", named even card (e.g. black Eight) is visibly split in two Fours, repeated with other black Eight, tabled black Fours from first split turn out to be the black Eights
Dan Buck, Dave Buck Split Change Snap Change for visual splitting effect
Related to 17
Dan Buck, Dave Buck "Dribble This!" card control with dribble selection process, featuring a switch with a clip palm
  • Controlling a card to the Bottom: method two
  • Controlling a card to the Top: method one
  • Method two: done in the hands
Dan Buck, Dave Buck No palm card to case loading case from clip palm with packet held in same hand
Related to 28
Dan Buck, Dave Buck P. @ T.C.T. 2
Inspired by 31
James Steranko Action Reverse tabled riffle shuffle
Dan Buck, Dave Buck One Handed False Cut false one-handed triple flourish cut, corrected description
Related toAlso published here 34
Dan Buck, Dave Buck A.T.B.F. - Aces to be Found flourish one-hand cut displacement as in Business Card Prophecy, stabbing routine to find the Aces
Inspired by
  • "Y.T.B.N." (Brian Tudor, Show Off 2, video)
Dan Buck, Dave Buck West Coast Chaos: Revelation of a single card
  • As a single handed cut
  • As a production
Inspired by 44
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