Written by Dan Buck, Dave Buck, Randy Campbell
Work of Dan Buck, Dave Buck
39 pages (Stapled), published by DMB Publications
Illustrated with photographs
Language: English
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Dan Buck, Dave Buck Acknowledgements
Dan Buck Foreword
Dan Buck, Dave Buck TiVo Transpo out-jogged face-down card with face-up card over deck
  • Duplicate card method
  • Two like-cards method
VariationsAlso published here 6
Ben Harris Super Flip Change flipping over two cards as once with Super-Flip, brief
Related to 6
Dan Buck, Dave Buck Out-Jogged Wrist Turn Switch one-handed
Also published here 7
Dan Buck, Dave Buck Watch hand waved over deck and the Aces appear on deck, between fingers and under watch
Also published here 10
Dan Buck, Dave Buck The D.M.B. Spread Control out-jogged card switched as in-the-hands spread is lowered
  • Second Method: Continuous Spread method
Also published here 14
Dan Buck, Dave Buck Shuffled Aces Freeman Display, during in-the-hands riffle shuffle
Also published here 18
Dan Buck, Dave Buck Transpositionings black Aces appear around selection and are given to spectator, black Aces appear again, spectator holds red Aces
  • Simplified Version
Inspired by 22
Hiroyuki Sakai Duck Change brief
Also published here 24
Looy Simonoff Flippant brief
Dan Buck, Dave Buck Bottom Deal Daley black Ace tabled, spectator stops at a red Ace, tabled card is also red Ace now, black Aces on bottom of two piles
Dan Buck, Dave Buck Card to Mouth spectator pushed card flush, then card is seen dangling from the mouth by corner
Also published here 28
Dan Buck, Dave Buck Extended Floop double card spun out of center with top half in right-hand end grip
Also published here 28
Dan Buck, Dave Buck Card Across card pushed into one half visually appears out-jogged from other half
Also published here 30
Dan Buck, Dave Buck Thriceinator triple false cut on table
Inspired by 32
Dan Buck, Dave Buck Lay Down and Spread'em starts with Top Shot
T. G. Murphy Reverse Mid-Air Triple Cut or The T. G. Murphy Deck Flip deck flips over in left hand
  • History and Credits
  • The Basics
  • Methods for Practice
Related to 36
T. G. Murphy T. G.'s Triple Flip Lift Deck Flip application
T. G. Murphy Ace Production Aces fly out of deck as block during Deck Flip
T. G. Murphy As a substitute for the "Blackjack Bury" Deck Flip application
Inspired by
  • "Blackjack Bury" (T. G. Murphy, Imagication, p. 55)
T. G. Murphy A thought for reversing the bottom card as well as turning the deck over Deck Flip application
Inspired by 39
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