Written by Tyler Wilson

Work of Tyler Wilson

194 pages (Hardcover), published by Cherry Villain

Language: English

(79 entries)


Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
John Guastaferro Forewarned 7
Tyler Wilson Nitro 10
Tyler Wilson Triumph presentation idea Variations 11
Tyler Wilson Shoplift featuring a push off technique 17
Tyler Wilson Pick-up Line aces pushed in different positions come to top 18
Tyler Wilson Pinky Count - Credit Information 20
Tyler Wilson Stripjoint outjogged card is stripped/pivoted out 21
Tyler Wilson Ground Control reverse spread methodology 24
Tyler Wilson Convince Me version with outjogged cardInspired by 25
Tyler Wilson Convincing Control - Credit Information 27
Tyler Wilson iPod Shuffle in-the-hands false shuffle for Triumph 28
Tyler Wilson Collectors Application 30
Tyler Wilson Occam's Edge openly edgemarked card vanishes, appears, travels, ...
- Base Line Vanish
- Single Handedly
- Emerge
- Move It Or Lose It
- This Little Pigment
- Shrinkage
- Tiger Bomb
Also published here 33
Tyler Wilson Move it or Lose it openly edgemarked card travels visibly up in the deck 36
Tyler Wilson This Little Pigment two cards with open edgemarks of different colors change places, one on table on in deck 36
Tyler Wilson Shrinkage card is openly edgemarked for its full length, the mark visibly shrinks and transforms into shorter mark 38
Tyler Wilson Inspected Gadget signed selection appears folded in envelope that's put out at beginningAlso published here 41
Tyler Wilson Card to Box Commentary rants 41
Tyler Wilson Bank Shot suggestion for Bank Night 44
Tyler Wilson Schlorange unknown card is stuck to shirt, signed selection appears on deck, transforms into named four of a kind, shirt-card is signed card 49
Paul Cummins, Ken Krenzel, Ronald A. Wohl (Ravelli) Mechanical Reverse Variation 50
Paul LePaul A Useful Acquitment spreading deck with palmed card between the hands 52
Tyler Wilson Side Steal Color Change finesse 53
Jason Alford, Tyler Wilson Modified Angled After-Burner 54
Tony Miller Zipper Switch card is stuck in waistband and pulled through zipper and switched 56
Tyler Wilson Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia selection is spelled to, four Aces found, off-beat presentationVariations 59
Troy Hooser Slip Stream under-spread transfer of bottom card to near top 60
Tyler Wilson Sweeotch card folded up and in mouth turns inside out, then transposes with card in spectator's handInspired by 64
Tyler Wilson Armpit Holdout 65
Bernard Bilis, Tyler Wilson Bilis Switch Handling one of two 66
Larry Jennings Triple Discovery Loading Sequence Inspired by 69
Tyler Wilson Top Change Credits 71
Tyler Wilson SloMoFo jokers on top sink down in stages to sandwich selection 72
Tyler Wilson +Three adding a production of three matesInspired by 74
Tyler Wilson Tilt Credits 77
Tyler Wilson, David Acer, Simon Lovell Slacker spectator and performer each have a card selected from half deck, they find the other's cardsInspired byRelated to 79
Unknown Breather Crimp 80
Tyler Wilson, Andi Gladwin One-Handed Top Palm Handling 81
S. W. Erdnase Erdnase Break 82
Bill Simon, Tyler Wilson In-the-hands Chinese Cut Related to 83
Tyler Wilson One-hand Palm Credits 84
Tyler Wilson Running Man ungaffed handling for Doc Eason's "Anniversary Waltz" 85
Tyler Wilson, Roy Walton Trigger Action Half Pass 88
Theodore Annemann, Henry Christ Alignment Move 88
Theodore DeLand, Tyler Wilson Two Card Monte Move Handling 89
Unknown Deck Unload 90
Tyler Wilson Fusion Plot Credits 91
Tyler Wilson Winona Ryder Trick multiple selection routine in which all selections transform into straight in suit of last selection as kicker 93
Tyler Wilson Center Alignment Move 95
Tyler Wilson, Frederick Braue Braue Reversal Variation 97
Ross Bertram Rolling Technique to split double on table 99
Tyler Wilson Slip Cut Handling Related to 99
Doug Conn Double Play pop-out for double card 100
Ronald A. Wohl (Ravelli) Ravelli Pop-Out 101
Unknown Bottom Slip Cut 101
Dai Vernon Tilt brief 102
Ben Harris Floating Ambitious Card card visibly rises via tilt 102
Edward Marlo, Tyler Wilson More Deuce Sandwiches: 1st Method - Technical Variation "grandpappy of all sandwich loads" 103
Al Leech Sandwich Switch sandwiched double card 104
Jack Parker Twin Burner double color change, based on Jason Alford's "Angled After-Burner!" 105
Tyler Wilson Rub-a-Dub Vanish credit information on this and the Rub 'N Tug Vanish 111
Tyler Wilson Visual Lies initialed coin travels from hand between two tabled coins ala Signed Card 115
Tyler Wilson Transfer secret transfer while recapping a pen 117
Tyler Wilson, Brother John Hamman Coin Displacement applying Singed-Card-Switch to coins 118
Tyler Wilson A.K.A. 47 rubber band and borrowed ring linkAlso published here 121
Tyler Wilson Splash roulette routine with three coffee creamers, two empty and one full 128
Tyler Wilson Nine & Three spectator thinks of copper or silver coin, performer knows it, repeated, last phase is Dai Vernon's "The Challenge" with coinsInspired by 132
Don Morris Copper/Silver Toss 133
Brian Roberts, Curtis Kam Rotating Throw Switch with copper/silver coin 134
Tyler Wilson *69 selection is divined and transforms into named card, memorized deck 141
Tyler Wilson Jiscemah named triumph, with finesse, memorized deckInspired by 146
David Regal Isolated Force 149
Roy Walton, Tyler Wilson Spread Half Pass Variation without spread 149
Tyler Wilson 36 Wheeler flip book animation on Bicycle League Backs with roulette presentation, named number appears on back of chosen card, memorized deck 155
Dai Vernon Scallop Short 157
Tyler Wilson Oscar The Grouch deck with celebrity-names on backs, some transformations on both sides of one of those cards, back changes to named name 164
Tyler Wilson Secret Turnover as card is taken from top of deck 167
Unknown Spread Side Steal 168
Tyler Wilson Happy Ending writing appears on edges, first PERFECT then name of selection, credit information 172