Written by Jerry K. Hartman
Work of Jerry K. Hartman
283 pages (Hardcover), published by Kaufman and Greenberg
Illustrated with drawings by Joseph K. Schmidt
Language: English
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Jerry K. Hartman Readers Guide
Jerry K. Hartman Miscellaneous References
Jerry K. Hartman Covering All Basics
  • Pushover Switch
  • R.S. Switch
  • Covered Cop Transfer
  • Secret Subtraction
  • Half-Passed Turnover
  • Underturn
  • Knuckle Jog
  • Fulves Count
  • Zacharellis-AIIerton Lift
Jerry K. Hartman, Edward Marlo Pushover Switch Convincing Control variant, used as a switch/control
Also published here 12
Jerry K. Hartman R. S. Switch extension of the Side Glide
Also published here 14
Jerry K. Hartman Covered Cop Transfer secretly transfer card(s) between deck-packet, packet-deck, packet-packet
Also published here 14
Jerry K. Hartman Secret Subtraction switch of card(s) between top of deck and packet
  • Flourish Count Handling
  • Dingle Handling (p. 17)
see Card Craft reference for more extensive applications
VariationsAlso published here 15
Jerry K. Hartman, Lin Searles Half-Passed Turnover “originally based on a Paul Curry and Lin Searles concept”
Also published here 18
Jerry K. Hartman Underturn kind of wrist-turn second deal turnover as switch/reverse
Also published here 18
Jerry K. Hartman Knuckle Jog getting a break above bottom card, alternative to Buckle or Pull Down
Also published here 19
Karl Fulves Fulves Count five-as-five count, conceals fourth card in packet, positions of second and fifth card are exchanged on one count and restored on a second count, remaining cards (including concealed card) retain their original positions throughout
Jerry K. Hartman Zacharellis-AIIerton Lift end-for-end block turnover snapped off thumb
Related to 20
Jerry K. Hartman 1. Additions to Subtraction
  • Spread Switch
  • Basic Aces
  • OverAcey
  • Pickpacket
  • Divided Subtraction
  • Steal Trap
Jerry K. Hartman Spread Switch Secret Subtraction variant to switch one or a few cards on top of deck for other cards in play, occurs beneath cover card(s), quick trick application: performer removes card from deck, spectator randomly chooses card, they are mates, further applications follow
Inspired by
  • “... a clever single card selection switch explained ... over two decades ago by Harvey Rosenthal.”
Jerry K. Hartman Basic Aces three indifferent cards on table, four Aces are shown and three are lost in deck, fourth Ace is added to tabled cards and then all are shown to be Aces, see also “Divided Subtraction” (p. 30)
Tilt brief, retaining the Tilt-break beneath card as it is inserted, see also p. 74
Jerry K. Hartman Over Acey similar to previous trick, but other three Aces are isolated in a packet and then shown to have changed into indifferent cards and the three indifferent cards with the fourth Ace are the Aces
Jerry K. Hartman Secret Subtraction basic technique, switching three of four Aces for three other cards on top of deck
Jerry K. Hartman Pickpacket card is named and removed, many three-card piles are made, spectator chooses any pile and chosen pile contains other three mates of selection, "an alternate method for 'Pick a Packet' " (see reference)
Inspired by 28
Jerry K. Hartman Divided Subtraction Spread Switch variant where cover card may change orientation (face up or face down), trick application similar in effect to “Basic Aces” (p. 25)
Jerry K. Hartman Steal Trap switch card(s) in a sandwich using Secret Subtraction methodology, trick application: spectator chooses two cards, performer sandwiches them between two red Aces and sandwiched cards are shown to be the black Aces
Jerry K. Hartman 2. Switchcraft
  • Free Fall Switch
  • Choice Change
  • Free Fall Change
  • Strip-out Subtraction
Edward Marlo Visual Retention Switch card is switched for top card of deck as it is dropped onto table or tossed into other hand, may be done with multiple cards as well, may be set up and executed without aid of right hand, may be used to switch out and control a card after being selected
Jerry K. Hartman Free Fall Switch application of Visual Retention Switch (above), done with cards face up, offers a couple handlings and a quick card location, see handling tip on p. 38
Inspired by
  • "Tony Kardyro's Change Supreme as a starting point..."
Jerry K. Hartman Choice Change Joker and Ace of Spades are shown, spectator chooses which one should change into his selection and it does, then performer makes it change back and other one changes into selection
Inspired by 37
Jerry K. Hartman Free Fall Change single face-up card on top of deck visibly changes into another as it is slapped onto table by right fingers or other object that right hand holds, see handling tip on p. 38 at end of “Choice Change” description
Jerry K. Hartman Strip-Out Subtraction Vernon Strip-out variant, all out-jogged cards are switched out after being extracted from deck
Related to 41
Jerry K. Hartman 3. Natural Forces
  • Fitted Force
  • Push Up Mock Force
  • Delayed Hindu Shuffle Force
  • Fastidious Force
  • Moving Indicator
  • A-D Indicator Force No. 2
  • Flipover Force
  • Secret Simon
Jerry K. Hartman Fitted Force spectator says stop as packets are cut from tabled deck into performer’s hand and card is forced
Also published here
  • Precursor #48, p. 24
Jerry K. Hartman Push Up Force see reference (1st method)
Also published here 45
Gary Ouellet Touch Force see also p. 47 for an in-the-hands application
Also published here 46
Jerry K. Hartman Push Up Mock Force spectator cuts packet off top and jogs it on deck, performer lifts up packet to show its bottom card, card is forced and controlled to top (or predetermined position near top),
"combines elements of the Push Up Force (see reference on p. 45, 2nd method there) and the Mock Pass"
Jerry K. Hartman Delayed Hindu Shuffle Force subtle nuance added to standard Hindu Force
Jerry K. Hartman Fastidious Force riffle force handling where break and force card are above the stopped-at point,
"incorporates the mechanics of the Drop Force (used in reference) into a riffle selection"
Inspired by 49
Jerry K. Hartman Moving Indicator stabbing force, trick application: spectator inserts three cards into deck one at a time and each one is inserted directly next to its mate
Also published here 51
Jerry K. Hartman A-D Indicator Force No. 2 Simon Prophecy Move family, an in-the-hands force of the top and bottom cards via an indicator card, applied to Simple Simon as well (see Aronson reference)
Related to 53
Jerry K. Hartman Flipover Force number is named and counted down from top, card arrived at is forced, basic application of selection at named number
Jerry K. Hartman Secret Simon
  • Kardyro’s Simple Simon (see reference): under-the-spread force of top card (see also application on p. 280, in context of "Dynamic Duo")
  • Bill Miesel’s improved handling (p. 57)
Secret Simon combines elements of both, two handlings, can be used as key card placement
Inspired by
  • Simple Simon Move and Effects (Tony Kardyro, 1966)
Jerry K. Hartman 4. Double Podge
  • Hindu Hop
  • Riffle Transfer
  • Reverse Finger Refinements
  • One Below Break
  • Strip Cut Shuffle
  • Packet Palm
  • Blow Away Change
  • Twinkey
Jerry K. Hartman Hindu Hop packet is popped face up in middle of deck during series of Hindu shuffles (face card is the production), can be used as a stop force
  • handling so only a single card is produced face up (p. 64)
Inspired by 62
Jerry K. Hartman Riffle Transfer transfer of break from left thumb (following a thumb count) to inner right corner
Jerry K. Hartman, Edward Marlo Reverse Fingered Refinements three “follow-throughs” for the KM Move switch (with back-to-back cards) to motivate the illogicality
Jerry K. Hartman One Below Break obtain break one card below out-jog(s)
Also published here 68
Jerry K. Hartman Strip Cut Shuffle full-deck false riffle shuffle, interlacing big blocks
Also published here 69
Jerry K. Hartman Packet Palm palm card(s) from a small packet in action of turning it over
Also published here 71
Jerry K. Hartman Blow Away Change card face up on deck changes when performer blows on it, clearly explained here because description in Card Craft (see reference) was a bit confusing,
trick applications (p. 73):
  • two selections, top card is turned face up and changes into first selection, then into second selection, then changes back into original card
  • three selections, first appears on top, changes into second and then changes into third
Also published here 72
Jerry K. Hartman Twinkey two spectators turn cards face up from bottom of deck to top and note card they stop at before turning cards back down, key cards are set above both
Jerry K. Hartman 5. Swap Exchange
  • Coloratoura
  • Crossing Cards
  • Chron-Illogical
  • Chroma Roamers
  • Take-Off On Departure
  • Which and Switch
Jerry K. Hartman Coloratoura small packet of red cards and small packet of black cards, red card is placed into black packet and given to spectator and performer takes red packet, spectator’s packet becomes all red and performer has black packet with the red card in it
Also published here 78
Jerry K. Hartman Crossing Cards packet of Diamonds and packet of Clubs, card chosen in each, packets are each rubber-banded, chosen cards transpose
Inspired byRelated toAlso published here 80
Jerry K. Hartman Biddle bottom deal bottom card of packet in end grip is drawn out instead of top card
Also published here 81
Jerry K. Hartman Small-packet force spectator says stop as performer peels singly through packet
Jerry K. Hartman Chron-Illogical two mystery cards are interlaced between three Aces, two cards are signed by spectator and lost in deck, interlaced cards are shown to be the signed cards
Inspired byAlso published here 83
Jerry K. Hartman Drop Switch brief
Jerry K. Hartman Addition of Cards cards added from top of deck to bottom of packet, see p. 85 for added finesse
Jerry K. Hartman Chroma Roamers packet of Diamonds and packet of Clubs, card selected from each packet and returned, selections transpose into opposite packet, updated handling of reference
Inspired by 85
Jerry K. Hartman Take-Off On Departure selection vanishes from between two Jokers and appears face up in deck
Inspired by 87
Edward Marlo ATFUS used to apparently take a face up card from top of deck beneath right hand’s cards
Jerry K. Hartman Sandwich vanish face-down card between face-up Jokers instantly vanishes as they are dropped singly to the table
Jerry K. Hartman Which and Switch three selections face down on table, three Jokers are placed onto each selection and removed and then performer can name them, then the three Jokers change into the selections and the three tabled cards are Jokers
  • simplified handling
  • alternate ending: the three tabled cards do not become Jokers, they become blank
Inspired by 90
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Rhumba Count see also application on p. 264
Flushtration Count
Jerry K. Hartman 6. Four Scores
  • The Fourth Ace Trick
  • Uppearance
  • Eclectic Collectors
  • Transcollectors
  • Pair Shapes
  • A Thunderful Ace Trick
Jerry K. Hartman The Fourth Ace Trick following an Ace Assembly, the three Aces are placed with an indifferent card and the Ace of Spades with three indifferent cards, then Ace of Spades transposes with card to join other Aces
Jerry K. Hartman Uppearance following a Twisting the Aces routine, any Ace named rises out of the packet face up
One-hand pinky card rise
Jerry K. Hartman Packet reversal done with body swing
Jerry K. Hartman Eclectic Collectors the Aces, separated from the deck, trap one selection at a time until all three selections are between them
Inspired byVariations 102
Jerry K. Hartman Multiple selection control one at a time spectators stop performer as he Swing-Cuts thin packets through deck and look at the card they stop at
Related to 103
Jerry K. Hartman Transcollectors three unknown cards are alternated facedown between Aces, three cards are selected and lost in deck, the three cards between the Aces are shown to be the cards just selected
Also published here 105
Edward Marlo ATFUS
Dai Vernon, Jerry K. Hartman Tilt consecutive Tilts beneath multiple cards, each time allowing one card above Tilt break to drop onto inserted card
Jerry K. Hartman Pair Shapes spectator buries Kings face up in deck, each one is directly next to its suited Queen
Inspired by 108
Top-of-deck addition working from in-jog, no break
Jerry K. Hartman A Thunderful Ace Trick Aces produced one at a time, fourth one appearing on table with the others
Inspired by 111
Neal Elias Elias pop-out production card pops out face up in middle of deck
Related toAlso published here 111
Neal Elias Elias card production card flops face up out of deck, see also Card Craft reference on p. 111
Also published here 112
Jerry K. Hartman Uppercut Ace turns up face up after a quick cut/turnover sequence
Also published here 113
Jerry K. Hartman Tabled card production lower card of double is separated on table, producing it in plain sight (with misdirection)
Jerry K. Hartman 7. The Witchcraft of Discoveries
  • One Trap Mind
  • Crock Count
  • Just in Case
  • Trap, Shackle, and Cop
  • Wallopalooza
  • Two Time Doozer
  • Good Lookers
  • Gawking Hawk
Jerry K. Hartman One Trap Mind selection mixed together with four other cards and all five sandwiched between Jokers and placed into deck, other cards leave sandwich leaving only selection between Jokers
Inspired by 116
Jerry K. Hartman Extended Jordan Count with seven cards
Jerry K. Hartman Crock Count card at number effects
  • I. Cards turned over from bottom to top until named number
  • II. Similar to I., but two cards are randomly cut to and their total values dictate the number
Jerry K. Hartman Top block turnover apparently bottom card turned end for end to top
Jerry K. Hartman Cut Deeper Control Cut Deeper procedure done by performer to bring selection from middle to top, see p. 120 for additional applications:
  • selection in middle, three cards are randomly cut to (“your card could be any of these…”) and selection controlled to top
  • selection controlled to determined number from bottom
Jerry K. Hartman Just In Case selection inserted into cased deck and spectator holds it, performer pulls case from spectator’s grip and selection remains in his hand
Jerry K. Hartman Card case load card loaded from bottom of deck to outside of card case
Mike Rogers Card through case cased deck is pulled free of spectator’s grip, leaving only his selection in his hand
Jerry K. Hartman Trap, Shackle, and Cop top two cards of deck turned face up, spectator notes card from middle, top two cards are thrust through deck and trap card
Jerry K. Hartman Bluff Force
Inspired by 124
Jerry K. Hartman Wallopalooza two card transposition between selection and Joker in the box, box is flicked out of the deck
Inspired by 126
Jerry K. Hartman Center Swing Cut
Also published here 126
Bruce Elliott Elliott Change
Jerry K. Hartman Card case load card loaded from top of deck beneath case
Doug Edwards Card production in spread card case flicked out from middle of deck, leaving reversed card protruding from deck, see Doug Edwards reference on p. 126
Jerry K. Hartman Two Time Doozer two selections, Joker changes into each selection when rubbed against Ace of Spades
Also published here 130
Jerry K. Hartman Good Lookers four Queens change into Kings, sandwich selection between them and change back to Queens
Also published here 132
Edward Marlo Face-Up Switch
Dai Vernon Through-the-Fist Reversal
Jerry K. Hartman Gawking Hawk card is selected and tabled unseen by performer, he uses the Kings “as a distraction” and is able to name selection, then Kings are added to selection and turned face up and selection is gone
Inspired by 135
Jerry K. Hartman Unload on deck bottom card of face-up packet loaded below top card of deck
Jerry K. Hartman Select Switch cards loaded on top while card is pushed forward on bottom half
Also published here 136
Jerry K. Hartman Center glimpse
Jerry K. Hartman, Brother John Hamman Simplified Undercount
Jerry K. Hartman 8. Guiles and Deals
  • Quartered and Drawn
  • Class Cut
  • Cutting Edge
  • High Hopes
  • Hand Me Down II
  • Piker Poker
  • Reversal of Fortune
  • Kid Stuffed
Jerry K. Hartman Quartered And Drawn spectator cuts deck in four piles and top cards are shown to be indifferent, bottom card of each pile are Aces
VariationsAlso published here
  • (Jerry K. Hartman, The Crimp, February 1993)
Jerry K. Hartman Class Cut spectator cuts off four piles, top card of each is an Ace, extension of Harry Riser subtlety
Inspired byRelated to 143
Jerry K. Hartman Cutting Edge spectator fairly cuts deck into four piles, performer picks up top card of each and turns them over one at a time to reveal the Aces
Inspired by 146
Jerry K. Hartman High Hopes two versions:
  • I. Spectator chooses one of five dealt-out hands and thinks of best Poker hand he can make by discarding four cards, cards are re-dealt and the thought-of hand is dealt to the same position
  • II. Similar to I., but spectator keeps original hand, cards are re-dealt and card that spectator wanted to keep in his hand vanishes leaving only four, it is found in the newly dealt hand together with the other four cards he thought of to complete it, see also p. 155 for slight variation
see p. 155 for “real time” deck setup
Related to 148
Jerry K. Hartman Pick Up Switch tabled packet picked up beneath deck and re-tabled is switched, used to switch five cards for four, see handling on p. 155 for equal quantity switch
Jerry K. Hartman Hand Me Down II five spectators each choose card from a five-card hand and the five they choose make a Royal Flush
Also published here 156
Jerry K. Hartman Hamman Count switch
Jerry K. Hartman Piker Poker spectator plays “Cut High Card” against performer and wins, performer changes spectator’s to a lower card and his own to a higher card to win
Inspired by 160
Cross-Cut Force
Jerry K. Hartman Reversal of Fortune Aces are produces one at a time and then pocketed, five packets are made and an Ace is found reversed on bottom of each with Joker beneath fifth one, cards in pocket are now Twos, magician vs. gambler presentation
Inspired by 161
Jerry K. Hartman Card production deck is cut and Ace appears face up on one half as it passes below other
Jerry K. Hartman, Al Leech Leech pick-up not credited to Leech, top card of deck loaded beneath packet as it is flipped face up on top and lifted away, see also p. 168 and p. 177
Jerry K. Hartman Kid Stuffed “kid outsmarted by gambler” presentation, three phases of gambler openly placing Kings on bottom and dealing two hands with exposed Bottom Deal but whether hands are swapped or not gambler always ends up with Kings, finally the kid gets the Kings and gambler’s hand is shown to have Aces
Inspired by 166
Jerry K. Hartman Reverse Undercut cards moved from bottom to top in context of deck being cut and openly reversing cut
Frederick Braue Braue Secret Addition
Jerry K. Hartman 9. Mind Readings
  • Thoughtamatic
  • Order Sorter
  • Pile Drivers
  • Peer Pairs
  • Changing Hands
  • Out of Earthbounds
  • All for One
  • Fore-Ordered
  • Count Crazed
  • Made to Order
  • Think in Synch
  • Twainwave
Jerry K. Hartman Thoughtamatic spectator thinks of one of two cards, performer places one aside and is left with the correct one, this is repeated, for third phase spectator thinks of one and he chooses which one to eliminate and is correct
Inspired by 172
Frederick Braue Braue Reversal
Jerry K. Hartman Order Sorter Ace and Ten of Diamonds are shown, performer gives eight cards for spectator to randomly arrange, they are placed between the Ace and Ten and dealt out showing they are the Diamonds in sequential order
Inspired by 175
Jerry K. Hartman Out-jog lift to obtain break
Jerry K. Hartman Pile Drivers six piles are formed with a Spade spot card on top of each that corresponds to number of cards in pile, spectator mixes up Spades and some piles and Spades are eliminated, spectator deals remaining Spades onto the remaining piles and the values match up with the piles they are dealt onto
Inspired byAlso published here 176
Jerry K. Hartman Peer Pairs performer and spectator alternately select a few cards from their own Ace-Ten set, performer always going first, their selections’ values match
Variations 179
Half Elmsley Count two cards are counted and then both hands turn their pair of cards face up
Pivot double turnover double pivoted around heel of thumb
Jerry K. Hartman Changing Hands performer and spectator have Poker hands and each keep one card and swap the other four with each other, performer’s single card together with spectator’s four are all same color, spectator’s card with performer’s four make up a Straight Flush
Inspired by 185
Jerry K. Hartman Out of Earthbounds six red and six black mixed, performer removes cards that spectator stops him on until two piles are formed, colors are separated
Inspired by 187
Jerry K. Hartman All For One spectator chooses twelve cards he thinks are the Court cards, from those he chooses four he thinks are the Kings, from those he chooses the two he thinks are black, finally he decides which one is the King of Spades and is shown to be correct
Single-card Vernon Strip-out Addition using buckle
Jerry K. Hartman Fore-Ordered four spectators have a packet of Ace through Four, each mixes and deals their cards into a separate pile forming four new piles, each pile has an Ace, Two, Three and Four in it
Jerry K. Hartman, Derek Dingle Secret Subtraction – Dingle handling
Also published here 195
Jerry K. Hartman Addition of cards to packet different grip than standard and a “no-contact” element to it
Jerry K. Hartman Special Count 1 used as a displacement, also hides third card, see more details on p. 200
Jerry K. Hartman Special Count 2 used as a displacement, also hides second card, see more details on p. 200
Jerry K. Hartman Count Crazed spectator randomly arranges an Ace through Four, performer takes another Ace-Four from envelope and orders match
Jack Avis, Roy Walton Four-card Siva Count displacement, does not hide any surfaces
Jerry K. Hartman Special Count 3 displacement, does not hide any surfaces
Jerry K. Hartman Special Count 4 displacement, also hides third card
Jerry K. Hartman Special Count 5 displacement, does not hide any surfaces
Jerry K. Hartman Made to Order two four-card packets, spectator randomly arranges one, both end up in the same order
Also published here 203
Dai Vernon Vernon Strip-out deck dropped onto stripped-out cards, used as a multiple-card switch
Jerry K. Hartman Think In Synch Faro Shuffles to distribute stock throughout deck after card is looked at, groups of cards handed to spectator until he sees his card and performer knows which one it is, non-Faro alternative using Reverse-Biddles on p. 208
Jerry K. Hartman Twainwave red and blue deck, single card from each are swapped for each other unseen, card is freely named and the odd cards in each deck are shown to be the named card
Inspired byAlso published here 209
Jerry K. Hartman 10. Future Shockers
  • Fantaforesee
  • Word Wise
  • Prophet Minded
  • Show Stopper II
  • Single Minded
  • Forecased
Jerry K. Hartman Fantaforesee four cards chosen by spectator are tabled unseen, card is selected and remains in deck, the four tabled cards are shown to be the selection and its three mates
Inspired by 214
Jerry K. Hartman Vernon Transfer variant from top of deck to tabled packet
Jerry K. Hartman Word Wise cards are randomly selected and arranged by spectator to designate a specific word in a book, performer has predicted it
Jerry K. Hartman Prophet Minded two cards, variation on Marlo's Logical Prediction
Inspired byAlso published here 220
Henry Christ Henry Christ Reversal
Jerry K. Hartman Show Stopper II with odd-backed card
Inspired by 224
Jerry K. Hartman False Deal switch "empty deal" combined with the spreading of a double card to effect a Switch
Jerry K. Hartman Single Minded with odd-backed card
Jerry K. Hartman Drop Transfer from bottom of right hand's cards onto deck in left hand
Jerry K. Hartman Forecased odd card is removed from deck and placed in card case, spectator cuts to a card, it matches the odd card in case
Jerry K. Hartman Drop Force application of the Drop Force explained in reference, see "Fastidious Force (p. 49) and "Odd End" (p. 240) for other applications
Inspired by 229
Jerry K. Hartman 11. Mixed Tricks
  • Bold Over
  • Odd Choice
  • Odd End
  • One for Five
  • Know Way
  • Eight Card Solution
  • Topover
  • Duet for Three
Jerry K. Hartman Bold Over Triumph with selection
Jerry K. Hartman Block turnover top card apparently turned face up end for end, really more than half the deck
Jerry K. Hartman Double turnover end for end (similar to technique on p. 234), brief
Jerry K. Hartman Odd Choice one at a time, performer deals cards from a packet face up until spectator says stop, card stopped at is dealt face down, all cards are seen to be red, while (stopped-at) face down card is Ace of Spades
Jerry K. Hartman Reverse Eliott Change top card switched for reversed card beneath it
Jerry K. Hartman Double push-over right hand does the lift from a break, simulated left thumb push
Tony Kardyro, Edward Marlo K-M Move
Jerry K. Hartman Odd End two packets shuffled, two suits spelled out and last card is of that suit, packets themselves are all from another suit in both cases
Inspired byAlso published here 240
Jerry K. Hartman Drop Transfer from right-hand end grip packet onto left hand packet
Jerry K. Hartman One for Five spectator freely randomizes a five-card packet and follows simple randomization instruction given by performer until card is designated, designated card is only black card among red cards, additional handling and presentation on p. 244 (is a "distant offshoot" of reference)
Related to 243
Jerry K. Hartman, Theodore Annemann Multiple cards Switch "in-the hands version of Hop Off the Bottom" (see reference), essentially a Jinx Switch
Related to 244
Jerry K. Hartman Know Way deck is shuffled and covered with napkin, spectator names number and performer can name the card at that position
Inspired by 245
Jerry K. Hartman Deck reversal beneath napkin, deck reversed in two parts
Jerry K. Hartman Eight Card Solution two versions:
  • two spectators each note a card from a small packet, each one follows an elimination procedure until down to one card, each spectator finds his card
  • single-spectator version (p. 249)
see also final notes in Card Craft reference for "an extended analysis of this procedure"
Inspired byRelated toAlso published here 248
Jerry K. Hartman Topover ending to Ambitious Card routine, card jumps to top of deck, magically reverses face up while on top, then finally card jumps from middle to top of deck face up
Related to 250
Jerry K. Hartman, John Bannon Duet for Three two cards transform to resemble other cards, then become two previous signed selections
Inspired by 252
Break transfer bottom card of top half of deck becomes top card of bottom half (separated by break), via side-jog
Jerry K. Hartman Quick 3-Way sequence essentially the familiar "Color Monte" sequence
Jerry K. Hartman 12. Gaffed Craft
  • One for All
  • Think Blank
  • Hot Thought
  • Prize Brain
  • Dynamic Duo
Jerry K. Hartman One For All "gaffed version of "All for One"" (see p. 190)
spectator chooses twelve cards he thinks are the Court cards, from those he chooses four he thinks are the Kings, from those he chooses the two he thinks are black, finally he decides which one is the King of Spades and is shown to be correct
Jerry K. Hartman Think Blank faces of double-blank cards in a packet print to match face of selection, then change back to blank, then selection turns blank as well on both sides leaving all the cards blank on both sides
Double Lift with packet
Shigeo Takagi, Jerry K. Hartman Double-blank display with a packet
"a modest modification of (see reference)"
Inspired by 263
Jerry K. Hartman Hot Thought two spectators think of a card from deck, one spectator "think-spells" to his card as performer removes cards from deck and card on last letter is his card, second spectator uses tiny sword to stab into deck next to his card, multiple decks needed
Related toVariations 265
Jerry K. Hartman, Dai Vernon Stabbing Force "adapted from the technique used in (see reference)"
Inspired by 269
Jerry K. Hartman Prize Brain two spectators think of a card from the deck, a second deck is dealt through face up and counted, there are only 51 cards in it and one of the spectators confirms his card was not there, the deck is turned face down and one card has odd back, it is the second spectator's card, multiple decks required
Inspired by 271
Jerry K. Hartman Deck Switch choreographed with searching pockets for another deck, see also p. 278
Jerry K. Hartman Hide card-group in fan thumb fan, technical detail
Jerry K. Hartman Dynamic Duo two phases:
  • 1. Spectator removes card from blue deck and loses it in red-backed packet, behind his back he reverses a card from the red-backed packet, the card he reversed is the blue-backed card
  • 2. Spectator thinks of card from (portion of) one deck, performer removes a card from another deck, spectator names his thought-card, it is removed, they are shown to be matching
Deck reversal as deck is brought behind spectator's back
Jerry K. Hartman, Tony Kardyro Simple Simon application of Kardyro move, see also "Secret Simon" on p. 56 and reference there
Jerry K. Hartman Alignment technique apparently two cards in play, one is a double, lower card of double is aligned with top single card (see reference), alternate handling on p. 283
Related to 282
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