Written by Derrick Chung
Work of Derrick Chung
50 pages (Paperback), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Sophie-Anne Vachon
Language: English
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Jared Kopf Foreword
Derrick Chung Introduction
Derrick Chung Deal With The Devil apparent false deals with small packet
  • Phase 1 - Regular Deal
  • Phase 2 - Second Deal
  • Phase 3 - Third Deal
  • Phase 4 - Greek Deal
  • Phase 5 - Bottom Deal
Inspired by 9
Derrick Chung Bushwhacked red Queens come to top of Queen packet multiple times, then packet changes to Aces
Inspired by 19
Derrick Chung Refined Zarrow Block Addition
Derrick Chung Slack Exchange Aces distributed reversed in deck change places with Jacks on top of deck
Inspired by 25
Derrick Chung Double Double Aces two cards spin out when cutting tabled deck, they are two Aces, face cards of both packets are other two Aces
Derrick Chung Cold Deck Cut Variation incorporating a slip cut displacement
Inspired byRelated to 34
Derrick Chung Double Benzais Cut Production two cards spin out
Inspired byRelated to 36
Derrick Chung The Final Countdown spectator selects one of three cards, values of other two cards are counted from remainder to find mates
Inspired by
  • "Free Choice Coincidence" (Shigeo Futagawa, The Lecture Notes of Shigeo Futagawa, 1999)
Also published here
Derrick Chung Killer Instinct card peeked at and deck shuffled by spectator, performer finds and names card, interlocking chains
Inspired byRelated to
  • "Ramjollock" (Benjamin Earl, Past Midnight DVDs)
Derrick Chung Na3C6H5O7 recipe for cheese nacho sauce
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