Written by Karl Fulves

Work of Karl Fulves

47 pages (Stapled), published by The Gutenberg Press
Illustrated with drawings by Joseph K. Schmidt.
Language: English

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Jack Avis Introduction 3
Karl Fulves Foreward 4
Karl Fulves A Telephone Mystery medium is called and names selection when order of deck is read out, distant key 5
Karl Fulves Cards And A Number... counting selection procedureVariations 5
Karl Fulves This Is A Poker Hand? four aces are stacked from a shuffled deck 6
Karl Fulves Plunger Cull for alternative techniques see referenceVariations 6
Karl Fulves 6-Card Mental Test one of six, off-beat method 8
Karl Fulves Another Oracle spectator cuts off some cards, anti-faro procedure until one card remains, it's odd backedInspired byRelated to 10
Karl Fulves Impromptu ESP multiple out spelling location with small packet, for correction of procedure see referenceRelated to 11
Karl Fulves Technicolor Thought Related to 12
Karl Fulves Essential Erdnase demonstrating card control by controlling and producing 4s, aces as kickerRelated to 13
Karl Fulves Optical Aces card vanishes from sandwich under hat, travels into sandwich in deckRelated toVariations 15
Unknown Unload 16
Karl Fulves Klondike Notes two card location with Klondike ShuffleRelated to 17
Karl Fulves Double Express top and bottom card of deck transpose, for odd-backed handling see referenceRelated toVariations 19
Karl Fulves Sliding Seconds taking two cards from top of deck, one is a double with push-off technique 19
Karl Fulves Aces To Win packet trick with gambling presentationRelated to 20
Karl Fulves A Card Is Found card is stabbed next to selection in pocket, duplicate 22
Karl Fulves The Composite 23
Karl Fulves M2 Control Ovette Master Move as placement, see also Note 3 of referenceRelated to 24
Karl Fulves Smyth Myth Selection Procedure 25
Karl Fulves The Non-Slip Cut - Basic Technique spectator removes block from center, a card is held back there 25
Karl Fulves Controlled Cut controlling card twenty-six apart from a key, non-slip cut 26
Karl Fulves Ace-Dice-Ace position of selection is found via mathematical procedure involving dice, non-slip cut 27
Karl Fulves Faroincidence reversed card is at same position as selection when dealt from two packets in unison, faro, non-slip cut, "The shuffled deck is handed to you behind your back. With the cards out of sight, reverse the 25th and 26th cards from the top." Good luck! 27
Karl Fulves Note 3 application to stripper deckInspired by 28
Karl Fulves In The Sleeve card openly placed in performer's sleeve turns out to be later selectionVariations 29
Karl Fulves Sleeve Extraction card is apparently removed from sleeve but actually comes from center of deck 29
Karl Fulves It Stretches card is shown to be extra long, spectator can push it through deck, using wax gimmickRelated toVariations 30
Karl Fulves Chance? Fate? two card location, key card 31
Karl Fulves Mutus Nomen - The Odd-Even Technique 32
Karl Fulves The English Equivalent Mutus Nomen, faroRelated toVariations 34
Karl Fulves The Running Cull sorting deck in thirteen quartets, several run throughsRelated to 35
Karl Fulves Juxtasecond blank card transposes with signed card, double facer 37
Karl Fulves Big Deal gag, spectator cannot square his selection in the deck because it's larger than the other cards 38
Karl Fulves Future Minus odd backed card underneath cardboard, another card signed is put underneath as well, they become one signed odd-backed cardVariations 39
Karl Fulves Five Into Four Five of diamonds is cut in fourth and puzzled together so a center section is missing, face changes to Four of diamondsRelated toVariations 42
Karl Fulves No Sliding sliding block revelationVariations 44
Karl Fulves It's A Trap first selection appears between sandwich cards, transforms into second selectionRelated to 45
Karl Fulves Sandwich Load 46
Karl Fulves Alignment Sandwich Switch 47