second and compiled edition from GrupoKaps used, first edition ca. 1990
Written by Gabi Pareras
Work of Gabi Pareras
61 pages (E-book), published by GrupoKaps
Illustrated with drawings
Language: Spanish
12 entries
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Gabi Pareras Ases Evanescentes - Nuevo Movimiento para Ases MacDonals three different choreographies to vanish Aces and show backs of cards, Mac Donalds Aces
Also published here 3
Gabi Pareras Ases Flash - El Múltiple Destello Ases come to the top, four selection vanish one by one and end up face up in the deck with Aces sandwiched , transposition of selection and Aces
  • Preparación
  • Aparición Flash
  • Reordenando
  • Nuevo Flash
  • Atrapadas
  • Transposición
Variations 16
Ben Harris, Gabi Pareras Aparición Flash four ace production, while dribbling cards on the table, no credit
Related to 17
Frank Garcia Pirouette Double Lift no credit
Gabi Pareras As Padre - El Último Reencuentro
  • Preparación
  • Fase Expositiva
  • 1a Transposición
  • 2a Transposición
  • 3a Transposición
Inspired byRelated to 33
Frederick Braue Braue Reversal no credit
Frederick Braue Braue Addition no credit
Gabi Pareras As Padre - El Último Reencuentro - 2a Parte introduction to technical variations
  • Sobre el cambio por adición
Gabi Pareras Extraccción de los Ases jogging Aces out of the deck and turning deck over, maintaining break on bottom/top of the deck, while turning the deck over
Arturo de Ascanio, Gabi Pareras A) Cluebreo por Pelaje Ascanio Spread variation, pealing, followed by addition / switch of two out of four cards
John Carney B) Metodo del Libro versa switch, no credit
Gabi Pareras Las Transposiciónes handling variations for the transposition phases
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