second edition from GrupoKaps used, first edition 1990
Written by Gabi Pareras
Work of Gabi Pareras
48 pages (E-book), published by GrupoKaps
Illustrated with drawings
Language: Spanish
14 entries
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Marko Prólogo
Dai Vernon El Triunfo de Dai Vernon
Also published here 11
Dai Vernon Triumph False Shuffle
Gabi Pareras Triunfo Versión with and without selection
Variations 15
Turnover turnover of packet, after spread on table
Gabi Pareras Triple Triunfo red black separated deck, two cards are selected and end up reversed in other colored half
Variations 18
Gabi Pareras Triunfo Blanco all cards but selection turn into blank cards as kicker
Gabi Pareras, Frank Garcia El rey de los Tahures cards dealt from face up face down shuffled deck, with triumph finale
Inspired by 25
Frank Garcia, John Scarne Soñé que jugaba al póker based on Scarne's Drunk Poker Deal, cards dealt from face up face down shuffled deck
Also published here 27
Gabi Pareras Ases Triunfales
  • 1" fase: El Volteo
  • 2° fase: Finalidad
Gabi Pareras Asamblea Triunfal de Ases Aces appear after triumph, one card is a ten which indicates position of fourth Ace, followed by Assembly, with jumbo cards
  • Ia Fase
  • 2a Fase
Also published here 37
Gabi Pareras La Baraja de Abuelo presentation for slop shuffle triumph
Gabi Pareras El Triunfo del Periódico cheek to cheek
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