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Woody Aragón Sonata for Shimpei
Shimpei Katsuragawa Introduction
Shimpei Katsuragawa The Pinky Count detailed discussion
  • Hand Position
  • Ways of Counting
  • Multiple Break Pinky Count
  • Pinky Count from a small packet
  • Cover for the Pinky Count
  • When to use the Pinky Count
Shimpei Katsuragawa Estimation Etude running the scale routine, ends with Ace cutting
Related to 15
Shimpei Katsuragawa Piano Production deck spread, performer places both hands on the spread as if playing a chord at the piano, four cards are pulled out with the fingers, they are the Aces
Related to 23
Table Spread with Angle Jog
Shimpei Katsuragawa Reunited 3&3, reds and blacks are alternated and packet torn in half, cards separate and order matches
Shimpei Katsuragawa Music, Magic and the Ballet of the Hands on using music in (close-up) performances
  • Advantages
  • Disadvantages
  • Three Musical Levels
Shimpei Katsuragawa Hofsimple piles dropped onto table, one chosen and counted as seven cards, spectator cuts deck into four piles with a Sevens on top of each
Shimpei Katsuragawa Piles Number Force piles dropped onto table until told to stop, one chosen and counted as force number of cards
Cut Force with break
Shimpei Katsuragawa Midas Monte monte with Ace and three indifferent cards, all change to Aces as kicker
Variations 49
Shimpei Katsuragawa Vivace Switch tabled cards scooped up with hand that holds deck
Shimpei Katsuragawa Midas Monte II monte with Ace and three indifferent cards, all change to Aces as kicker, variation with poker chip or coin as additional prop
Inspired by 55
Shimpei Katsuragawa Murphy's Monte four Kings used for monte routine, one exchanged with a Queen as the money card, then all change to Aces
Mexican Turnover
Shimpei Katsuragawa Happy Birthday Monte variation in which a layout of letter cards ends up spelling "HAPPY BIRTHDAY"
Shimpei Katsuragawa Naked Ambition four cards signed in double-blank deck, they come to top multiple times, bent cards phase, then they are buried in four quarters and come back to top in the spectators's hands
Inspired byVariations 65
Shimpei Katsuragawa Multiple Tabled Spread Control four cards inserted into tabled spread at different positions, three dummy cards inserted
Edward Marlo, Yuic-hi Katakura Scoop-Up Addition Handling as transformation of top four cards
Related toAlso published here
  • Double Shock DVD
Shimpei Katsuragawa Multiple Pop-Up Card Finale four bent cards come to the top one by one
Inspired by 70
Shimpei Katsuragawa Royal Ambition variation with regular deck instead of double-blank cards, four cards signed with large round stickers, they come to top multiple times, bent cards phase, then they are buried in four quarters and come back to top in the spectators's hands
Inspired by 75
Shimpei Katsuragawa So close, but so far: Close-up Magic on Stage
Shimpei Katsuragawa The Other Half Variation spectator progressively discards small pack of torn cards, left with matching halves
Inspired by 80
Shimpei Katsuragawa Crimpromptu modified breather crimp
Related to 83
Shimpei Katsuragawa Crimpossible Location stop trick with fair handling, breather crimp
Stud Bottom Deal brief, from small packet
Shimpei Katsuragawa In the Pocket two cards put in different pockets, then two cards are named, they turn out to be the pocketed cards
Dave Rumfelt Breast Pocket Extraction card comes from deck
Shimpei Katsuragawa Two in a Million Ace through Ten of Hearts and Spades are put down in pairs in ten piles on the table by performer and spectator, poker chips put on two piles, only those pairs match, in second phase alls ten values match, Uno cards as option
Inspired by 101
Shimpei Katsuragawa Spread Production card extracted during ribbon spread turnover
Related to 111
Shimpei Katsuragawa Plucky Seven card chosen, the mate of chosen suit is plugged from tabled spread, then the other two cards of the same value as well
Shimpei Katsuragawa Hindu False Shuffle Hunter false shuffle adapted to Hindu shuffle
Related to 121
Shimpei Katsuragawa Blindreader performer blindfolded, three spectators cut off packets and remember bottom cards, they are divined, including cards in the packets
Shimpei Katsuragawa Vivaldi double-blank deck shown, four Aces are printed first faces then backs, whole deck is printed into rainbow deck
Shimpei Katsuragawa Deck Ditch card ditched from between the hands onto deck
Shimpei Katsuragawa La Campanella deck shuffled face-up/face-down, all Spades produced one by one, then other suits as well
Father Cyprian Flip-Flop Change
Shimpei Katsuragawa, Ben Daggers Drop Shuffle Handling false shuffle, packets dropped onto table, simplified
Inspired by
  • "The Drop Shuffle" (upcoming book "The Elusive Illusive", Ben Daggers)
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