Written by Nick Diffatte
Work of Nick Diffatte
187 pages (Hardcover), published by Squash Publishing
Illustrated with photographs and drawings by Vernon James
Language: English
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Mac King Foreword (Complete with Footnotes)
Nick Diffatte Preface (Without Footnotes)
Nick Diffatte Play Money monopoly bill visually changes into real bill
Nick Diffatte, Tyler Erickson School of Hard Knots knot taken off rope, rope cut into three unequal pieces that become equal, tied into one long rope, knots come off and rope is restored and examined
Inspired by
  • "Professor's Math" (Aldo Colombini)
Nick Diffatte Funny on humor on stage
Nick Diffatte Balloon Mammal animal chosen from deck of blank cards with animals written on them, it is predicted inside mess of balloon animal
Nick Diffatte, Tyler Erickson You've Got Fail envelope brought out, any card named, envelope torn open but card not shown, another card chosen and found, then card in envelope shown as originally named card
Tyler Erickson Face-Out Classic Force cards spread with faces towards spectator until he says stop
Dai Vernon Vernon Replacement
Nick Diffatte How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb on failing and taking risks
Nick Diffatte Party Blower party blow-out stuck in ear unrolls, apparently blowing through ear
Inspired by 61
Nick Diffatte The Key To Freedom performer handcuffed to spectator, key found from bunch of keys in glass
Nick Diffatte Openers
Nick Diffatte, Brett Cakerice Tea Bag card peeked at, tea bag found in case, tea bag in cup of tea changed into folded playing card attached to the string
  • Alternative Handling (with psychological riffle force)
Nick Diffatte Psychological Riffle Force brief, short card
Nick Diffatte Cheap Notebooks on taking notes
Nick Diffatte Schtick of Gum spectator takes piece of wrapped gum from pack, it's real chewing gum while in other wrappers money bills are found
Nick Diffatte Nest of Office Supplies signed card to nest of envelopes
Nick Diffatte Trends are Traps
Nick Diffatte Full Contact giant contact lens removed from standard case and then inserted into eye
Inspired by
  • "Sight Savers" (Tom Mullica, marketed)
Nick Diffatte Bad Shows
Nick Diffatte Sealer Boy method for resealing any mylar package like potato chips
Nick Diffatte Double Date coin in cardboard coin holder, any date named, it is predicted on the coin (holder)
Related to 135
Nick Diffatte 15 Crayons to Pocket a crayon is signed and put in the crayon box, all other crayons travel to pocket
Inspired by 141
Nick Diffatte As a Force forcing a crayon from box of crayons
Nick Diffatte MisMatch paper match is torn and restored mis-made with its head in the middle
  • Alternative Restoration
Inspired by
  • "Clockwise Cigarette Restoration" (Tom Mullica, Show-Time at the Tom-Foolery, 1992)
Nick Diffatte If You Want Meat, Go to a Butcher on working with professionals in areas one has no expertise in
Nick Diffatte Habit Forming strips of white and black tissue paper strips are torn up for guessing game, they restore into a hat
Inspired by
  • "Nun None!" (Michael Mode, marketed)
  • Cecil Lyle paper Hat Tear
Nick Diffatte Writing
Nick Diffatte Dye Another Day routine ends with a silk in two colors, stopped in middle of the transformation, using only one dye tube
Inspired by 173
Nick Diffatte Looking Outside of Magic
Nick Diffatte Acknowledgements
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