Written by Karl Fulves

Work of Karl Fulves

19 pages (Stapled), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Karl Fulves.
Language: English

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Karl Fulves Introduction 2
Karl Fulves Another Oracle as a 2-deck Do As I Do coincidenceInspired by 3
Karl Fulves Essential Erdnase idea of applying block transfer shuffleInspired by 3
Karl Fulves Optical I card travels from sandwich underneath hat to sandwich in deckInspired by 3
Karl Fulves Optical II card travels from sandwich underneath hat to sandwich in deck, sandwich cards also transposeInspired by 4
Karl Fulves Simulated Placedown convincer when tabled cards are secretly face up under cover card 5
Karl Fulves Klondike Notes substituting faro for Klondike shuffle and the other way around, e.g. in referencesRelated to 5
Karl Fulves Non-Slip Cut blank card in center changes into later selection, faro placement 5
Karl Fulves The Running Cull idea in which spectator rearranges order of cards for performerRelated to 7
Karl Fulves Ultra Mentalia spectator removes three-of-a-kind from sixteen-card packet with a reversed card, reversed card turns out to be 4th matching card, faro, see also Problem (B) of referenceRelated to 8
Karl Fulves The Reverse Riffle Shuffle binary cull with unsolved problems 9
Karl Fulves No Sliding four aces produced, fifth ace produced, previous aces are now kings, extensionInspired by 10
Karl Fulves It's A Trap red 3s find selection, but selection is a red 3, sandwich cards change to black 3sRelated to 11
Karl Fulves Future Minus prediction is placed between sandwich cards, selection as well, they turn out to be the same
- A Variation in Handling
Inspired by 12
Karl Fulves Double Express bottom and top card transpose, with odd-backed cardInspired by 14
Karl Fulves It Stretches tipInspired by 15
Karl Fulves The English Equivalent additionalInspired by 16
Karl Fulves Technicolor Thought divided deck location, then set-up for "No Mirror"Related to 16
Karl Fulves Note note on culling and motivation to spread through deck 17
Karl Fulves One Finger Double push-off with apparently a single fingerRelated toVariations 18
Karl Fulves Plunger Cull injog shuffle cull, two alternativesInspired by 18
Karl Fulves Plunger Principle credit information 19
Karl Fulves One Way Transpositions notes on unequal or odd-backed transpositions 19
Karl Fulves Technicolor Shuffle cutting to red cards, secret strip out condition 19
Karl Fulves, Milton Kort Important! correctionRelated to 19