Written by Ray Goulet
Work of Frank Thompson
10 pages (Stapled), published by The Magic Art Book Co.
Illustrated with drawings by Guy VanDuser
Language: English
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Ray Goulet Preface
Frank Thompson Cold Deck effect summary
  • The Set Up of the Deck
Frank Thompson Phase 1 - The Flash Ace Opener four Aces cut to one by one, with variations on p. 6
Variations 1
Frank Thompson Bottom Slip Cut in-jogged bottom card
Frank Thompson Phase 2 Aces put on top, overhand stacking for five players, with variations on p. 6
Frank Thompson Phase 3 Royal Flush deal after spectator shuffles (some) cards, with variations on p. 7
Frank Thompson Phase 4: 4 packet shuffle - Frank Thompson's method with variations on p. 9
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