Written by Alexander de Cova
Work of Alexander de Cova
309 pages (Hardcover), published by DeCovaMagic
Illustrated with photographs
Language: German
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Alexander de Cova Ein paar Worte zuvor
Kapitel I: Salonzauberei
Alexander de Cova Der Geldschein im Seil borrowed bill travels inside a rope, using Joshua Jay corner concept
Inspired byAlso published here 13
Gaëtan Bloom Intercessor Subtlety switching matching corner back in at the end
Also published here 13
Alexander de Cova Parabloxx paper box used to take props from it, at the end a final load it taken out that fills it completely, solution to Fulves's problem
  • Weitere Ideen
Inspired byAlso published here 16
Alexander de Cova Knock Out II spectator and performer exchange two cards from two decks and place them in their inside jacket pocket, they match
Inspired by
  • "Knock Out" (Ken Brooke, The Gen, Vol. 17 No. 6)
Related toAlso published here
Ken Brooke Fake Inside Pocket attached inside pocket that pendulums back when loosened
Also published here 19
Alexander de Cova Uhr in Zwieback borrowed watch travels into box of Zwieback bread
Also published here 23
Alexander de Cova Spieglein an der Wand card chosen and put in glass, it matches prediction
Inspired by
  • Ian Adair routine in Magigram
Also published here
Alexander de Cova Haeggis signed card lost in deck, glass covered with tube (ghost tube), silk and rubber bands vanish, tube lifted and folded card traveled into glass with silk over top of glass held with rubber band
Inspired byAlso published here 33
Alexander de Cova Meine Ghosttube home-made ghost tube
Also published here 33
Alexander de Cova Eine lupenreine Sache ring to envelope, leather nail care set instead of classic loading wallet
Also published here 38
Alexander de Cova Schüttelkästchen Handhabung handling for rattle box to vanish ring
Kapitel II: Close-up
Alexander de Cova Bällchen two sponge balls become one large and many small balls, Goshman Growing Sponge Ball
Also published here 47
Alexander de Cova Sponge Ball Vanish in Clear Bag several sponge balls vanish in transparent plastic bag, using back-of-hand gimmick
Also published here 50
Alexander de Cova Boxed signed bill vanishes and reappears inside lighter that is inside a rubber-banded pack of cigarettes
Also published here 52
Alexander de Cova Der schnellste Ring in Kuvert quick loading method for envelope, wallet, or other things, involving lapping via Revolve Vanish and apparent removal from inside pocket
Also published here 58
Tony Slydini Revolve Vanish
Alexander de Cova Das Bermudadreieck coin through card or business card into spectator's hand
Inspired byAlso published here 62
Der Pinch Vanish
Alexander de Cova Killer-Kiwi bill in kiwi
  • Für Table-Hopper
  • Die Table-Hopping Sequenz
  • Die Meridian-Technik (Mark Elsdon)
Inspired by
  • Carl Cloutier's Bill in Kiwi
Also published here
Alexander de Cova Der Austauschgriff switch for kiwi, ball, or similar
Also published here 66
Alexander de Cova Cashing the Cheque paper transforms into bill in flash
Inspired byAlso published here 72
Alexander de Cova Tuch in Apfel mal anders signed silk vanishes from rolled-up paper and appears inside apple
Also published here 75
Alexander de Cova Dice-Opener routine with four dice, jumbo dice finale
Kapitel III: Kartenzauberei
Alexander de Cova Inner Sanctum bill travels to inside of a playing card
Inspired by 89
Alan Shaxon, Alexander de Cova Der Austausch nach Alan Shaxon
Alexander de Cova Die dicke Berta thick wide card by glueing two card together slightly off
  • Herrstellung
  • Eine andere Präparation
  • Das Prinzip
Also published here 98
Alexander de Cova Anwendung mit Zarrow-Shuffle using wide card for Zarrow shuffle
  • Der Zarrow mit dem Gimmick
Also published here 99
Alexander de Cova Poker-A-Ma re-deal stacking, with dealing shoe, three phases
Also published here 101
Alexander de Cova Stab in the Dark mate of free selection is stabbed by performer
Inspired byAlso published here 107
Alexander de Cova Horror-Kartentrick packet cut off and cased, performer divines number of cards blindfolded
Inspired byAlso published here 109
Alexander de Cova Das HOPA-Gimmick two cards travel into wallet, Larsen/Wright/Sellers stab forcing gaff for two cards
Also published here 111
Alexander de Cova Hofzinser in meiner Tasche signed card to wallet, incorporating letter cards that spell HOFZINSER and a picture of Hofzinser
Inspired by
  • Chip Kleiman & Peter Duffie routine in "Hooked on Cards"
Also published here
Dai Vernon Das Stehlen und der Transfer
Alexander de Cova Not Blind But Silly every second card marked on face
Inspired byAlso published here 118
Alexander de Cova Das Al-Koran-Spiel mal ganz anders 1-0-1 force principle used on backs, with names on backs
Also published here 120
Alexander de Cova Gedanken zur Faltkarte thoughts on the "folded card to container" effect
  • Das Markieren der Karte
  • Das Intercessor Gimmick
  • Jay Sankeys Unterschriften-Duplikat
  • Das Guy Hollingworth Konzept
  • Mögliche Techniken
  • Austauschmethoden
  • Ein Dämon
  • Was ist eigentlich der Effekt?
  • Die Sache mit der Bildseite
  • Nichts fällt gerne alleine
Also published here 122
Alexander de Cova Pringles folded card to Pringles tube
Also published here 131
Alexander de Cova Die Faltung mit der Kartenschachtel card fold into quarters while putting deck in case and putting rubber bands around it
Also published here 133
Alexander de Cova LAGER Switch folded card in acrylic box turns out to be later signed selection, featuring switch of folded card while unfolding it
Also published here 138
Alexander de Cova Die PICASSO-Karte odd-backed, presentation for previous routine/switch, folded card in acrylic box turns out to be later signed selection
Also published here 143
Kapitel IV: Mentalmagie
Alexander de Cova, Jan Becker Becker Mental named city and chosen emotion (from eight cards) are divined and predicted
Also published here 149
Alexander de Cova, Ralf "Braco" Wichmann Die Annemann-Force nach Braco equivoque force from even number of objects
Also published here 150
Alexander de Cova Totally Stoned five white and one black stone
Inspired by
  • "Kurotsuke" (Max Maven, VideoMind 1, 1997)
Also published here
Alexander de Cova Ballydesmond Polka instruction game with glasses and whiskey
Also published here 157
Alexander de Cova Die Al Koran Zeitungsvorhersage binary tearing and counting
Inspired byAlso published here 170
Alexander de Cova 7 Keys to Baldpate
Also published here 179
Alexander de Cova PATEO Force with People
Also published here 180
Alexander de Cova Der Bibel-Buchtest bible book test, number range force and multiple out prediction
Also published here 182
Alexander de Cova Traveller city and number predicted, Koran's newspaper force for one-ahead
Also published here 185
Alexander de Cova Wallet & Envelope Handling window wallet used for loading
Also published here 188
Alexander de Cova Der springende Punkt design duplication with x-ray blank deck
Inspired by
  • Patrik Kuffs DVD
Also published here
Alexander de Cova Die Geistertafeln name appears on slate from scrambled letters
Inspired byAlso published here 197
Alexander de Cova Doppelschreiber-Kreide double-writing chalk into two colors
Also published here 202
Alexander de Cova Calendarium combined with message on back of chosen card à la Brainwave
Inspired byRelated to 204
Kapitel V: Kleinigkeiten
Alexander de Cova Tipp zur Leitkarte using double-backer as key card
Related toAlso published here 211
Alexander de Cova LePaul-Kuvert-Raffinesse on loading envelope with slit
Also published here 212
Alexander de Cova Mein Zettelaustausch
  • Der "McCova Billet Switch"
Also published here 214
Alexander de Cova Purse Switch switching purse as it is closed
Also published here 218
Alexander de Cova Free-Cut-Addition crossing hands
Also published here 221
Alexander de Cova Lapping-Servante cloth back to keep on legs between the knees
  • Wie man die Servante in Position bringt
  • Das Prinzip der Servante
  • Das Lappen mehrerer Münzen
  • Clean-up
Alexander de Cova Reverse Take unusual thumb-tip transfer principle
  • Ein Austausch
Also published here 228
Alexander de Cova Ladung mit der Pouch final load choreography with pouch
Also published here 231
Alexander de Cova Tipp zum Daumenschreiber tip
Also published here 234
Alexander de Cova Daumenspitzen-Halter holder for thumb tip
Also published here 235
Alexander de Cova Billardball-Finessen sequences and displays with shell
  • Alternatives Display
Also published here 236
Alexander de Cova Karte im Schuh
  • 1. Variante - Unpräpariert
  • 2. Variante - Präpariert
Also published here 239
Alexander de Cova LePaul Spread Pass handling finesses
Also published here 241
Alexander de Cova Der Federgag giant metal spring is shaken out of non-working ballpoint pen
Also published here 244
Alexander de Cova Boxing Boston coins penetrate from box to inside handkerchief-covered glass
Fred Robinson Robinson Vanish coin drops back into other hand
Related toAlso published here 250
Kapitel VI: Bastelarbeit
Alexander de Cova Flamethrower Match large flame appears on lighted match, match given out, tube with gas
Inspired by
  • "Flamethrower Match" (John Kennedy)
Also published here
Alexander de Cova Abstractor-Gimmick card placed inside cased deck can easily be accessed and removed when pocketing case
Inspired by
  • Extractor, marketed by Alakazam Magic
Also published here
Alexander de Cova Das unsichtbare Topit "The invisible Topit"
  • Schritt 1: Der Taschenschlitz
  • Schritt 2: Der Beutel
  • Schritt 3: Die Abdeckung
Also published here 264
Alexander de Cova Shaxon-Umschlag II with stack of envelopes à la Alan Shaxon
Also published here 269
Alexander de Cova Shaxon-Peek-Device Alan Shaxon style envelope for peeking
Also published here 272
Alexander de Cova Fensterkuvert-Alternative peeking with envelope
Also published here 279
Alexander de Cova Eine Anwendung premonition, missing card is additionally predicted on a letter
Also published here 280
Alexander de Cova Die Feinheit mit dem Buch peek envelope is put in center of book, x-ray book with hole through pages
Also published here 281
Alexander de Cova Bill in Edding 2015 new finesse
Inspired by 283
Kapitel VII: Etwas Theorie
Alexander de Cova Stegreifzauberei on impromptu magic
  • Stegreifzauberei - Was ist es wirklich?
  • Variante I - Mit Nichts
  • Variante II - Mit Hilfsmitteln
  • Variante III - Präparierte Umgebung
  • Variante IV - Der Commando Act
  • Prinzipien, die man beherrschen sollte
    • Forcieren
    • Handfertigkeit
  • Meine Lieblings-Stegreiftricks
Also published here 287
Alexander de Cova Die 30er-Regel on the principle that the spectator has to decide on which hand to watch as soon as they are more than 30 cm apart
Related toAlso published here 294
Alexander de Cova Ehrgeizig bleibt ehrgeizig on climaxes for the ambitious card plot
Alexander de Cova Streetmagic
  • Charakter
    • Kostüm
  • Requisiten
    • Der Tisch
    • Die Pouch
  • Die Tricks
    • Stegreifzauberei
    • Opener
    • Stille Manipulation
    • Musik
    • Der Banenentrick
    • Seilroutinen
    • Das Doppelte Lottchen
    • Das Becherspiel
    • Tuchfärbung
    • Multi Pip Card
    • Slydini Tücherknoten
    • Münzentricks
  • Der Hut
    • Ein Gag zum Einsammeln
    • Mein letzter Tipp
Also published here 298
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