Written by Alexander de Cova
Work of Alexander de Cova
27 pages (E-book), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with photographs and drawings by Alexander de Cova
Language: English
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Alexander de Cova A Few Words Before
Alexander de Cova Two Switch Boxes for switching decks or other items
  • The cigar switch box
  • The deck of cards switch box
Alexander de Cova Jump off knot knot visibly jumps off rope, elbow fold
Also published here 5
Alexander de Cova The Baby Egg Bag with soap and washrag
Alexander de Cova A Rope Move switch choreography for routines with extra piece
  • Additional handling tip
Alexander de Cova, Jan Torell Flash Card to Silk jumbo card (or sign, menu, ...) visually transforms into silk, ends clean
Also published here 7
Alexander de Cova My Gumball Machine many sponge balls disappear from hand, gimmick
Also published here 8
Alexander de Cova Utility Coin Switch
Also published here 9
Alexander de Cova Linking Pin Finale idea for climax, many pins link into a chain inside purse, updated handling
Also published here 9
Alexander de Cova Blank Check Transpo signed piece of paper to marker pen, finger tip
bill to marker pen, finger tip
Inspired by 10
Alexander de Cova Visible Ball to Silk ball visually changes to silk
Also published here 11
Alexander de Cova Super Simple Miser’s Dream coin production gimmick and sound gimmick in bucket
Also published here 12
Alexander de Cova Cups & Balls Loading Technique topit tunnel used to get final load into other hand without going into pocket
Also published here 13
Alexander de Cova Load Setup non-pocket final loading idea
Alexander de Cova A Novel Ball Vanish ball drops into other hand secretly as it reaches toward the wand under the arm
Alexander de Cova Another Vanish ball on left fingers, right hand puts cup over ball and drags it onto table, steal
Also published here 16
Alexander de Cova Another Idea for the Load lemon net appears under one cup first
Alexander de Cova The Chopstick Vanish sponge ball put in other hand with chop sticks
Also published here 17
Alexander de Cova Tossing Technique item tossed in air vanishes, secretly put in other hand behind back
  • Retrieving
Also published here 18
Alexander de Cova Another Bar Stunt lighter vanishes, sleeving technique
Alexander de Cova Two Crazy Ideas final load after torn and restored newspaper, big fake fish or hot-water bottle
Alexander de Cova Jumbo Coin Vanish
Also published here 21
Alexander de Cova Thumbtip Silk Vanish silk vanish handling with thumb tip
Also published here 21
Alexander de Cova Thumbtip Table Load table edge, showing hands empty
Also published here 22
Alexander de Cova Easy Slotmachine
Also published here 23
Alexander de Cova Master Silks Routine further improvement, extra corners
Also published here 25
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