Written by Alexander de Cova
Work of Alexander de Cova
20 pages (Spiralbound), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Alexander de Cova
Language: English
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Alexander de Cova Vorwort
Alexander de Cova Chinese Money Mystery
Related toAlso published here 4
Alexander de Cova, John Cornelius Der Durchschuß fan steal, "Durchschuss"
Also published here 7
Alexander de Cova Ordered Card to Wallet deck in new pack order with Joker reversed in place of selection, selection to wallet
Also published here 9
Alexander de Cova Glaces II deck in glass, four cards appear at face of deck on at a time with silk cover
Inspired byAlso published here 12
Karl Germain Flash Card Change deck in glass, silk cover
Alexander de Cova Becherspiele cup load with ball, dropping small ball inside while reaching over cup
Also published here 15
Alexander de Cova Purist Transposition blank cards signed by two spectator, transposition between cards in glass and wallet
Also published here 16
José Carroll, Alexander de Cova Card Steal from Glass to behind wallet
Also published here 17
Alexander de Cova Wallet Extraction Switch as card is removed from wallet
Also published here 18
Alexander de Cova Gambler's Change with bills or wallet, as monte climax
Also published here 19
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