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Alexander de Cova Introduction
Alexander de Cova The Premonition Concept with wrist watch face as cue sheet, card predicted in letter in envelope
Also published here 5
Alexander de Cova Tea Time small tea sieve for dump-out switch of any small item
Also published here 9
Alexander de Cova The Bavarian Beer Game instruction game with glasses and beer
Inspired byRelated toAlso published here 11
Alexander de Cova Groundhog Day 4&4, all red kicker, unusual presentation, oil & water combined with silk knotting and Groundhog Day movie presentation
Inspired byRelated toAlso published here 15
False Knot for Two Silks
Alexander de Cova De Cova’s Laws
  • 1st law—Keep it simple and clear
  • 2nd law—Read the books
  • 3rd law—Don’t focus on one topic in magic alone
  • 4th law—Learn from the musicians
  • 5th law—Let the magic be magic
  • 6th law—Motivate things
  • 7th law—Keep it visual
  • 8th law—Stay in the background
  • 9th law—Don’t believe the dealers
  • 10th law—Respect the art
Alexander de Cova Porous Plastic three coins through clear plastic bag one by one
Also published here 22
Alexander de Cova Rosediction price of rose predicted on its price tag
Also published here 25
Alexander de Cova Stab in the Dark mate of free selection is stabbed by performer
Related toAlso published here 29
Alexander de Cova Master Silks Routine further improvement, extra corners
Also published here 32
Alexander de Cova Forte-X three predictions written on blank cards, they match three chosen cards
Also published here 36
Alexander de Cova The Switch as hands descent
Also published here 39
Alexander de Cova, "Joro" Bruno Hennig Ring-o-change borrowed rings appear to transpose or be at several places at once
Also published here 42
Alexander de Cova Devil's Handkerchief Handling retrieving vanished ring
Also published here 43
Ring Switch on Stick
Also published here 45
"Joro" Bruno Hennig Ring from Ring Box Extraction
Also published here 46
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